Thoughts on Events the Week of November 9

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Two key election results: First, of course, Biden sent Trump packing with a landslide victory. How do I know it was a landslide? Because it was the same exact electoral college margin as the last election, which Trump himself called a landslide. In this particular case, he was right.

But more important in the long run is that, despite the hysterics promulgated by Trump, his minions, sycophants and journalists, and that the Postmaster General trying to sabotage the office he manages, the election went off just as elections should.

Many people adjusted their voting behavior due to the virus. More people voted early, by mail in, drop off or in person. Poll workers showed up and bravely did their duties. Ballots were carefully counted. There was no fraud, of course, and voter suppression was minimal and unsuccessful. People paid no attention to Russia or China or Iran and voted based on what they saw and heard from the candidates.

No knuckle dragging mouth breathers shot up polling places with K-47s. We should all, well, most of us, be proud and relieved.

Kipling: If you can keep your head while others around you are losing theirs…. you are the president-elect. Biden gave a presser this week and was inundated with questions from worried journalists about Trump’s refusal to concede the election. Biden was the calmest person in the room. “Patience,” he counseled. We need this in a president.

A modest, simple, but brilliant proposal: I’m sick and tired of bad apple police persons using our black citizens for target practice. Channeling President Trump, the punishment cannot be worse than the crime, and it is worse if, for example, police pull a person over for a traffic violation and then shoot him. This is nuts.

 If I were chief of police, this would be my rule: Police officers may not shoot any person suspected of any crime except a capital crime, above the waist unless he or she is brandishing a weapon. And by weapon, I mean firearm. Knives and clubs are not that big a threat.

If a suspect is acting in a threatening manner, or trying to run away, shoot them in the leg or let them run away. We are not going to shoot people over non-capital offenses under any circumstances.

Body cameras must be on at all times during all stops. If your body camera is off when a shot is fired, you will have no limited immunity whatsoever.

There, that ought to do it.

Worst state: Every state, even the five worst state candidates, behaved better than the federal government this week, so no award. And, I’m reserving judgement on adding another state of the list of worst candidates until January 20 so I can observe how states behave between Trump’s defeat and when he is tossed out on the curb.

Football Thoughts – Week 9

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College Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners beat the breaks off the Kansas Jayhawks 62 to nine. This is as it should be. Kansas is truly awful and will be for a while. But the way OU won was impressive. I may have been too critical too soon. (What can I say? I’m a spoiled Chinaman.) The team has gotten a few players back recently and it is showing on both sides of the ball.

I’m off defensive coordinator Grinch’s case for now. The defense played with spirit and effort. As important, I’m seeing a plan for the defense evolving here. I’ve seen new, young faces in the defense, and they belong to taller, heavier players.

Things are lining up such that with a little luck, OU could be playing for the conference championship. Oklahoma State beat Kansas State, which was helpful but not definitive. OU plays OSU in two weeks, which should tell us a lot more.

Notre Dame got a break and played their one hard game against Clemson when Trevor Lawrence was out and won the game.

OU moved up to #18 in the rankings. There are still four Big XII teams in the top 25, two of which – Oklahoma State and Iowa State are ahead of us. Texas is at 21, but we’ve already played and beaten (I just love writing that) them.

It’s odd seeing some of the teams ranked ahead of OU, such as Marshall and Coastal Carolina, but they won their early games. and we did not.

The Pac 12 began football play a week or two after the Big 10. I feel the same way about the Pac 12 as the Big 10. If the presidents want the revenue, ok, but the teams should not be in the rankings. It’s unequitable.

NFL: My erstwhile favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, put up a decent fight, but lost in their usual fashion to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Technically, these losers could still win the NFC East, because all the other teams in the conference are as bad as the Cowboys this year (the Giants beat the Redskins this weekend). But it isn’t going to happen. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

In the family feud between Belichick and Brady, the coach came out looking rather good this week. The Patriots beat the Jets, though just barely, 30-27, when Cam Newton drove them to a last-minute field goal. It’s pretty clear, though, that the Pats have some rebuilding to do, particularly on defense.

Meanwhile, Brady and the Bucs got clobbered by the Saints 38-3, with Brady having an uncharacteristically very bad, horrible, terrible day.

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Panthers, though not by much, 33-31. The Chiefs keep winning, but not looking as immortal as last year.

The comparison and contrast between Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray was not on full display again this week, because it was Cleveland’s bye-week and Mayfield was idle.

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals lost to Miami 34-31 on what was easily the most entertaining game of the week. It was a shootout between two gifted, young quarterbacks: Murray and Miami’s rookie Tua Tagovailoa. Tua won this round in what I am sure will be a years-long rivalry at the top level, but in fairness to Murray, he led the Cardinals down for a field goal to tie the game at the end, but the kicker missed it.

It was clear that Murray disagreed with the coach’s decision to go for the kick rather than 4th and one. I can’t fault Kingsbury for kicking. It was a close call. But it does show the flaw in the coach because he had gone on fourth down several times previously in the game but choked on this one, showing too little faith in his quarterback.

Thoughts on Events the Week of November 2

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The election: It certainly wasn’t a blue tsunami, nor even a blue wave. In fact, other than ridding the White House of its most despicable and unqualified occupant in history, very little changed. This is unfortunate because our system needs serious reform, and because the results of the election could portend more years of governmental dysfunction instead. I have no idea in which direction post-Trump politics may tilt, but if the Republicans maintain control of the Senate, theirs will be the reaction to watch.

It’s hard to imagine that the Republican Party will, based on the results, feel much incentive to abandon its obstructionist tactics. Moscow Mitch will apparently still be ruining the Senate, and remember, having been denied a second term today means Trump could run again in four years. (Spoiler alert: ain’t gonna happen.)

We can only hope that at least some Republican Senators will take their oath of office more seriously going forward. It will be interesting to see if their loyalty continues when Trump starts facing serious legal issues when he leaves office.

I do not feel as euphoric about Trump’s defeat as I hoped I would. It’s distressing to realize that almost half the people I come in contact with are xenophobic, misogynist, religiously intolerant, racist bigots. (Maybe more since I live in Arizona, which, even after this election is just pinker, not really purple.)

Trying to find a rosier big picture, I see two winners from this election: the rest of the world and America. I say this because the rest of the world has been holding its breath and crossing its fingers hoping we would come to our senses about Trump and we have, at least for now. And America won by accepting Kamala Harris, a bi-racial daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, suggesting we have made at least some progress.

One thing I must admit about myself at this juncture, and of which I am not proud, is that I have let Trump take up too much space in my life. I need to change this. I do not want to risk my health over Trump any more than I already have.

I contemplated shutting down my blog after the election, but I can’t do this just yet because I am still too curious what is going to happen in the near future. But I do intend to reduce my blogging and focus my thoughts more broadly.

Worst state: This designation is not terribly important at this moment in time. I suppose the cup should go to whichever state follows Trump down the rabbit hole of resistance the most. Early candidates include Texas because Ted Cruz, South Carolina because Lindsay Graham, and Kansas because Mike Pompeo. Let’s lump them all together this week.

Also, I have decided to remove Arizona, my own personal residence, from the list of worst state candidates. This is not because Arizona elected another Democratic Senator and threw out an undeserving incumbent, nor that it may swing to
Biden, though I’ll believe it when I see it. No, it’s because Arizona has enlightened election laws, including for easy registration, early voting, and vote by mail, which were vividly on display this election.

So, I’ll select another state to replace Arizona next week. I’m still leaning toward Wisconsin. In order to be a worst state, it’s not enough to be blood red (there are many competent red states), the state has got to be crazily red, which the current list of  worst state candidates –  Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina and Alabama exemplifies.

Thoughts on Events the Week of October 26

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The Supremes: Amy Coney Barrett was elevated to the Court faster than Hamlet’s uncle married Hamlet’s mother after he killed Hamlet’s father. As Horatio said to Hamlet about this too-rapid sequence of events, “Indeed, my lord, it did come hard upon.”

Make no mistake, though unseemly, even despicable, Barret’s confirmation was not unconstitutional. What was unconstitutional, was Moscow Mitch’s denying a hearing to President Obama’s nominee to another Supreme Court seat a year earlier.

Should Biden win the presidency, and should Democrats win the Senate, Moscow Mitch and the Republicans must pay for this abuse of the Constitution, and I mean severely. As far as I am concerned, Republican Senators deserve everything the Democrats give them, and then some…so long as it is Constitutional.

Final Election Result Due Dates, by State:  As part of his efforts to corrupt our election and suppress the count, President Trump insists that the winner must be called on Election night. This is utter nonsense. No rule or law requires any state to certify its count on election night.

Formal certification requirement dates by state range from earliest (Delaware on 11/5) to latest (California on 12/11). The rest fall somewhere in between, with most clustered near the end of November. Certification dates for some significant states include Pennsylvania (11/11); Florida (11/17); Georgia (11/20); Michigan and Minnesota (11/24); Wisconsin (12/1); and Texas (12/3).

In fact, no results from any state are, or ever have been, official on election day. What we get are projections based on tv networks’ algorithms, or final, but not yet official, counts from states who finish their counts on election night.

That said, it is possible that there may be enough wide-margin projections sufficient for the networks to declare a winner on November 3. Wouldn’t I love to see that, because it will mean that Democrats will almost certainly have taken the Senate as well. I’m giddy with anticipation.

Another thought to consider: Florida is a state that allows early votes to be counted as they come in, and Florida is on the east coast, so it may be that the state will have its projection ready election night. If Biden wins Florida, it’s hard to see him losing the election.

Black Lives Matter…for target practice: Police have shot more of our black citizens heartlessly and unnecessarily. I will blog a solution to this next week as we are waiting for election results.

Halloween: This year in this country we are seeing such a horror show that I didn’t even notice it was Halloween until a sweet and thoughtful friend and neighbor brought me some candy and a card. I didn’t even think to send a card to my granddaughter. Shame on me.

Worst state: I was wrong. One worst state has tried egregiously to suppress its vote: Texas. Governor Abbott, a smarmy pig part if ever there was one (sorry, Walter) issued an executive order that there can only be one drop off box in each county. (As a point of reference, Prescott, AZ has added six additional boxes.)  

This is such a blatant attempt at voter suppression that I was sure the Texas courts would nullify this rule, but it didn’t. This is Texas, after all. So, Texas deserves and gets the worst state cup this week, and this is why I think people who are expecting Texas to go for Biden are kidding themselves. The same for Arizonans.

Thoughts on Events the Week of October 19

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Presidential debate: The second, and thankfully the last, face-to-face-debate between soon-to-be President Biden and soon-to-be-unemployed President Trump took place. This debate was in some ways similar and in other ways very different than the first one.

The debate was different in that President Trump stayed relatively calm. Of course, he was helped in this because the Debate Commission changed the rules and muted the mic of each candidate when it was time for the other to speak, which made it impossible for Trump to butt in incessantly on Biden as he did in the first debate.

It was the same in that almost every word that came out of Trump’s mouth was a lie. In fact, by my count, Trump lies appreciably more in this debate than the previous one. He’s hoping some voters may be fooled by his lies, and he knows that his base doesn’t care if he does.

Covid-19: Just as scientists predicted, the virus has begun surging, with a capital “S,” as the weather, and the patience of stupid people, is cooling. Spikes are particularly large in Midwestern (cough, red) states, which were somewhat spared during previous outbreaks except in nursing homes and packing plants. I don’t know about you, but I’m staying out of packing plants, and the Midwest, for a while.

To be sure, more than just Midwestern states are experiencing surges. In fact, as of this writing, 37 states are seeing record cases.

Trump campaigns in Arizona: Trump made two appearances here – in Prescott and Tucson – to infect or indirectly contribute to the infection of many of his base. I was surprised Trump stopped in Prescott, the reddest town in the state. He is surely going to carry Prescott, if not the whole state.

Worst state: Surprisingly, none of the worst states are among those most egregiously attempting to suppress their vote, so I am going to do as the FBI should have done and not call out any state this close to the (cough, Comey sucks) election.

As previously mentioned, I am considering removing Arizona from the worst state list and replacing it with another. A primary reason for this is not because Republican Senator McSally is about to lose to Democrat Kelly, or that even President Trump is on thin ice here (though I’ll believe he will lose Arizona when I see it).

No, it’s because Arizona has admirably clean and fair early voting laws and practices. In fact, Arizona began counting early mail-in, drop-off and in-person votes on October 20, so we should know results here relatively early on election night.

There are a few worthy worst state candidates to replace Arizona, but I’m leaning toward Wisconsin, whose state Supreme Court partisanship might make the Supreme Court blush, and Senator Johnson is an embarrassment to democracy, but I will reserve final decisions until after the election.

Thoughts on Events the Week of October 12

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Trump’s campaign strategy: The president’s unsurprising near-end-of-campaign strategy is to hurl, even for him, particularly vile, vulgar, vicious personal attacks on, well, just about everybody:

Democratic leaders, of course, particularly female ones, such as House Speaker Pelosi (who terrifies him), and Michigan Governor Whitmer; but also members of his own administration, including his Attorney General, his Secretary of State and his Treasury Secretary; the scientists struggling with Covid-19, whom he called a disaster and idiots; and the media, of course, notably including Kristen Welker, who will be the moderator of the final presidential debate.

Trump gave the impression of a wounded wild animal lashing out in fear and anger, but in actuality he’s just being himself, which is about the same thing.

The debate: Since Trump was unwilling to agree to stop talking over Biden, the second presidential debate was canceled when the debate commission planned to turn off mics when one or the other candidate is talking. It was ultimately replaced by separate town hall meetings organized by the respective campaigns, to which I paid scant attention.

Another debate is scheduled for this week, and the debate commission announced plans to turn off each opponents’ mic during the others’ two-minute answer period, then open them both up thereafter. Trump won’t be able to control himself for 90 minutes of this format, even with a pocket full of Valium.

The (less than) Supremes: The Senate held hearings on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, to which I paid no attention at all. It’s Kabuki Theater, and an insult to the Constitution and the American people.

The nominee will almost surely be confirmed, unlike President Obama’s nominee, who did not even get a hearing. The way things are going there may not be a credible Supreme Court thanks in large measure to Moscow Mitch.

Another kidnapping plot: Apparently inspired by the alleged plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer, some Trump supporter threatened and plotted to kidnap Wichita, KS’s mayor over his city’s mask mandate. Where do you think these knuckle dragging mouth breathers come up with these notions? Don’t answer; it’s a rhetorical question.

Worst state: Kansas, obviously. I feel bad about this. My baby sister lives in Kansas and I’m sure it pains her that her state wins the worst state cup so frequently, even though she agrees with my conclusions. She’s more disgusted with Trump than I am.

Thoughts on Events the Week of October 5

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I’m running very late with my blogs about last week, because one of my daughters came to visit, the first of my daughters I have seen in person in months. I reordered my priorities to spend time with her and my son-in-law. Admittedly, this is not my best work. Sorry, not sorry.

Covid-19 News – There was a lot of turmoil and disinformation flowing around the virus this week. These items deserve a mention:

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the next debate would be virtual. Ostensibly, this was in consideration of the Covid-19 risk, but really it was because they needed to get control of Trump’s mic so they could stop him from talking over Biden.  Trump rejected doing a virtual debate for just that reason. Good, because Biden doesn’t need to debate Trump again, and both candidates will be safer. Each is planning a town hall meeting in different venues this week instead.  

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller has tested positive for COVID-19 and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Whose says this virus doesn’t have a conscience?

Trump calls off negotiations for a Covid-19 relief package and tells Senate to focus on the Barrett nomination. Pelosi said steroids have addled his brain in a beautiful troll, so Trump reversed himself and told Senate to “go big,” which they didn’t do, so this may fall to President Biden.

Vice Presidential Debate:  The debate was held between Pence, Harris, and a recalcitrant fly, after which, Trump called Harris a monster, a communist, and totally unlikeable, doubtless winning over many white suburban women voters.

Terrorist threats: According to Department of Homeland Security’s first annual homeland threat assessment, white supremacist extremists will remain the deadliest domestic terror threat to the United States. Duh! This report doesn’t comport with Trump’s narrative, so it was surprising to see DHS publish it, especially so close to the election. Perhaps some rats are starting to abandon the sinking ship.

Worst State: It’s whichever engages in the worst voter suppression tactics, which could be any of them.

Thoughts on Events the Week of September 28

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Covid-19 catches up to Trump: I’m not going to be a hypocrite about this. I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for President Trump and his positive test for Covid-19. He deserves everything he gets. Trump has been flouting the advice of his medical experts for so long and so aggressively that I’m surprised he hasn’t tested positive sooner.

Trump brought this illness upon himself, and what’s much worse, he has brought it upon a lot of other people too, with his denials, misinformation, and deceit. We will never know how many of the 210,000 + deaths and counting attributed to Covid-19 were directly due to Trump, and how many may have lived if he had responded properly in the beginning, but it has to be a lot.

Wonder what his sycophantic staff is thinking right now. They’re kicking themselves for hanging around the West Wing in close quarters and without masks because the moron-in-chief doesn’t like them, I’m thinking. Everyone and everything Trump touches is diminished. I no longer have respect for anyone who sticks around knowing this about the man.

I’m too lazy to look it up right now, but a year or so ago, I speculated on the most likely ways Trump might leave office, in order of probability. Pretty high on the list was that he would simply die in office. At the time, I was thinking about his weight, bad diet, and the stress of the job. That was pre-Covid-19. Might I be right this near the end of his first term?

I can think of a few positive things to come out of Trump’s trip to Walter Reed:

First, I think the election is over. Everyone can see Trump’s spectacular failure dealing with the pandemic. The only thing Biden has to do to win the election is to keep breathing until November 4. If I were Biden, I would retreat to my basement and not come out until after the election. Ditto for Harris and Pelosi.

Second, I think Trump’s diagnosis throws a serious monkey wrench into the Barrett Supreme Court nomination. At least two Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee who attended Trump’s irresponsible protocol abusing announcement about Barrett – Tillis and Lee – have now tested positive for Covid-19 and are self-isolating. Since the make-up of the committee comprises 12 Republicans and 10 Democrats, the loss of those two makes it a 10-10 vote. McConnell may not even be able to get the nomination out of committee.

McConnell may try to continue with the process virtually, but it will have a terrible look, and I think even some Republicans may choke on it. In any case, I see Barrett’s hearing carrying on until after the election, and if the results of the Presidential and Senatorial elections go as I hope, it may scuttle the whole thing. Surely, some Republicans are going to have some qualms about the propriety of the vote in such circumstances.

In any case, I think it is possible, finally, that some Republican Senators, not to mention other Republican office holders and appointees, may grow a pair now that Trump has put himself and them into such personal and political jeopardy. It’s one thing to tie your wagon to a political star, but quite another to tie it to a potential cadaver, even a political one, let alone a literal one.

Finally, maybe some of Trump’s base who have been following Trump’s advice religiously, will wake up and smell the virus and start wearing masks and social distancing and staying out of bars now. It would help us all a lot.

Worst state: It’s Texas, hands down, because their worthless excuse of a governor and the state’s leading vote suppresser, has issued an executive order that there can only be one drop off box in each country in Texas, one of the largest population states in the country. I hope the courts will put an end to these shenanigans, but I’m not counting on it. Thanks, Chief Justice Roberts for your stupid, or cynically racist opinion that there is no more voter suppression going on, so we don’t need voter rights legislation.

Thoughts on Events the Week of September 21

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The dumbest thing ever said by a U.S. President: Trump spent the week trying to delegitimize the presidential election, and I expect him to continue to do so right up to November 3 and thereafter.

In this effort, he said, and I am not making this up, that if we take away the ballots, we’d have a good election. Can he not hear himself speak? Does he not understand how that sounds? For purposes of an election, ballots are pretty much de regueur. Trump finds ballots inconvenient for the type of government he has in mind, and it’s not our type. (In the meantime, early voting has begun in several states.)

In addition to Trump’s own efforts to undermine our election, he obtained help from his Secretary of State and Attorney General, both of whom have taken temporary and unofficial leave from their oath of office to shill for the president.

There are three types of Trump supporters today: his voter base; that part of the Republican leadership who are terrified of his base and so acquiesce to whatever Trump wants to do; and the part of Republican leadership that is aiding and abetting Trump directly, which makes them directly complicit.

This last group is the worst, but most of them, specifically the appointed ones, will be gone when Trump is gone. It remains to be seen what will happen to the middle group. I hope enough of them will be thrown out of office for Democrats to take control of the senate. Then the rest can writhe in the depts of minority misery. As for Trump’s base voters, I’m not sure what to expect. I’m optimistic enough to hope for some introspection.

Breaking News: Trump nominated a conservative jurist to become Justice of the Supreme Court. Also, the sun rose in the East. In an equally startling event, Trump went to where Justice Ginsberg laid in state and the mourners around her hounded him off the premises with chants of “Vote him out.”

Real Breaking News: As I go to press, thanks to the New York Times, Trump’s tax returns are beginning to leak out. I’ll have more thoughts on this after we learn more. But the returns are embarrassing to Trump, to say the least. Soon, many expect it to become more than embarrassing; possibly criminal. I’m taking the over on that. If there is any justice left after Barr is gone from DOJ, Trump will go from the White House to the Big House, with a short layover in Florida to be up a pair of clean undershorts.

The Johnson Committee Report: was issued from his committee’s totally made up investigation and it was a big yawner. Johnson is among the most complicit of Trump’s Republican stooges.

Oh, goodie. Let’s invade Iraq again: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that we are considering removing our diplomatic personnel from Iraq. This appears to be in preparation to send troops there to engage militias loyal to Iran, which is just what we need right now, a repeat of our biggest international relations blunder in our history, courtesy of President George W. Bush, now running second best in worst president competition, having been beaten our and even lapped by Trump.

I’m guessing, however, that this announcement by Pompeo is just political blustering to jack off the base leading up to the election.

Worst state: Thanks to Senator Johnson, Wisconsin would have won the cup were it eligible for worst case status, about which I am thinking but will reserve judgement until after the election. So, it’s Kansas again this week because Pompeo.

Thoughts on Events the Week of September 14

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RBG – RIP: Justice Ginsberg died. She was a force. We are lucky to have had her.

I hoped Ginsberg would survive until the next administration, because her passing is going to unleash a storm of hypocrisy the likes of which we haven’t seen even in Washington.

The Republicans, led by Moscow Mitch McConnell, who denied President Obama from naming a new Justice to replace Scalia eleven months from the next presidential election, are now screaming that a new Justice must be selected immediately, less than two months out from the 2020 election.

This hypocrisy goes both ways. The Democrats who insisted, rightly, that Obama should be allowed to replace Scalia immediately, are now saying the Senate should wait until the next election before replacing Ginsberg.

Should the Democrats get their way? Will two wrongs make a right? Or should Republicans be allowed to appoint the next Justice?

Of the two options, in the interest of intellectual honesty and respect for the Constitution, the Constitution language should prevail. The president should be allowed to propose a nominee. Perhaps then, the Senate can return to normal practice, not that I’m optimistic this will ever happen with Moscow Mitch in charge.

That said, Democrats should be sure the public knows what’s at stake here, and perhaps a public outcry will put some pressure on some Republican Senators. They are a cowardly bunch, and there’s nothing a politician fears more than a voter. Perhaps they will have second thoughts.

And should the Republicans prevail on the appointment but lose the Senate in the November election, the Democrats should take vicious revenge. Unlike Trump, they must represent all the voters, but they should make the lives of Republican Senators a living hell.

I’m not sure if the Court can be saved at this point, or how to fix it. The Court is already severely damaged, but the drama that is about to unfold could ruin the Court irreparably, which, as I think about it, may not be a completely bad thing. I can remember when we chose the best legal minds we could find to be on the Court. Now, it’s finding the most baldly partisan. Tom Cotton? Really?

The fights over the Court have warped our entire justice system and elevated the subject of abortion to the level of slavery prior to the Civil War, which is nuts. Maybe we should let an ultra-conservative Court run amok for a while and see the response from the other branches. History tells us that when the Court gets too far behind the public will, it is in danger of losing all its credibility, and backs down.

Who’s crazy now?: Michael Caputo, a Trump minion who, like most, is unqualified for his position, lost his mind publicly on color TV, spouting crazy talk. Shortly thereafter, Caputo took a leave of absence until his sanity returns or hell freezes over, whichever comes later.

But the irony here, which seems to be lost on many, is that when Caputo was talking crazy, he sounded just like Trump and was saying the same things Trump says. So, who’s the crazy one? The one who says crazy stuff because he sees the boss doing it and wants to please him by emulating him, or Trump himself? Don’t answer; it’s a rhetorical question.

Kabuki in the Middle East: The Trump administration announced breakthrough agreements that Israel reached with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. This was not a breakthrough, but a coming out of the closet. These two Arab countries have been cooperating with Israel for quite a while, because they have a shared perceived enemy in Iran and because they no longer trust the U.S.

What these agreements do reveal is that Arab countries don’t give a rodent’s rectum about the Palestinians, who were thrown under the bus with this agreement. But then they never did. They just used the Palestinians’ plight and their alleged support of it to distract their own citizens from their poor governance.

Worst state: Kansas, who birthed the pompous whale Mike Pompeo, who told the United Nations it should sanction Iran for violating the terms of an agreement with America that America itself opted out of. Not even the U.N could stomach that hypocrisy.