Thoughts on Events the Week of February 3

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Acquitted: President Trump was acquitted by the Senate. Stop the presses!

I can no longer blame Trump alone for being the pig part he is. The blame now must be shared by the pusillanimous politicians who enable him no matter how egregious his crimes and misdemeanors and behavior.

Before we anoint Senator Romney for his bravery, remember he represents Nevada, where Trump is very unpopular. No politician is going to suffer for opposing Trump there, probably just the opposite. And, Romney isn’t up for reelection this year. Remember also that when Romney ran for president in 2012, he didn’t seem to have a single principle in his entire body.

Still, he should get some praise, if only because he was the only one who did stand up and be counted.

Vindman and Vindman and Sondland: (Sounds like a law firm). I can understand why a vindictive pig part like Trump, with no interest in expertise and experience, would want Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman out of his White House. But his twin brother? What did he ever do to Trump? This wasn’t a firing. It was more like a Mafia hit. Take out the rat and take out his whole family.

As for Sondland, he never should have been appointed in the first place. His only qualification was that he gave Trump a million dollars. I wonder what Sondland thinks about that investment now.

Iowa: Republican Senator Joni Ernst bragged that she used to slaughter hogs on her farm. Well, we can now add Yokel farmer incompetence to the long list of reasons Iowa should not be the first primary in a presidential election cycle. Iowa blew the entire vote count with an insufficiently tested new system and poor backup plan.

Iowa has no business leading off the primaries, which influences those that follow. First, it is a caucus, not a primary. Second, the demographics in no way match those of the national population. It’s a poor test market. It is too white and too rural, in a nation that is heavily trending diverse and urban. Fourth, apparently, they’re too dumb to conduct a primary.

New Hampshire, the next state in line, isn’t much better. At least New Hampshire seems to take its responsibility seriously and pays a lot of attention to the candidates, and they have a primary, not a caucus. But their demographics are atypically skewed. They are white as a sheet. Probably 10 blacks and five Hispanics live there. (That’s an exaggeration, but not by much.)

Next comes South Carolina, which is skewed the other way, overrepresented by black voters, who wouldn’t even be allowed to vote if the South has its way. Besides, what does it matter which Democrat who wins this primary? Democrats are never going to win this state in the foreseeable future anyway.

So, we’re to our fourth primary – Nevada – before we get to a state that is at least slightly more representative of the U.S. But even it has an odd industrial base of government and gambling. So, four states in and what have we learned? Something’s wrong with this picture.

Medal of Freedom: Just as Trump diminishes everyone and everything he comes in contact with, he has now done it with the Presidential Medal of Freedom when he awarded it to Rush Limbaugh, who is not just a part but a whole pig. Limbaugh has coarsened our public discourse with vulgar, racist, homophobic and misogynist rants.

This award is supposed to go to persons who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” Limbaugh has done just the opposite. This medal is supposed to go to people like John Glenn, who was a worthy recipient.

If Trump is going to give it to people like Limbaugh, he might as well drop it into boxes of Cracker Jacks.

Diary Entry: I’m taking a break from the crappy news to brag about my oldest daughter Melissa, who is a card-carrying member of the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) and has appeared as a character actor in numerous movies and TV shows. You may very well have seen her.

Recently, she shot a scene for a TV series currently on air. It will be her second appearance on this show, but also her last because in this scene, she gets shot and killed.  The scene required serious choreographing to be sure shots were fired timely, and in the right (wrong) direction.

Melissa plays a pawn shop owner, and when a robber comes in, she takes out a shotgun and shoots at him twice, but misses. As she is reloading, the robber shoots her. Those fake blood packets explode in her shirt and she falls back.

There was a stunt double available for the death scene, a good one, who has doubled for actors such as Kathy Bates, Margo Martindale, and Rebel Wilson. But Melissa did her own dying, and the director was very pleased with the scene. Melissa and the stunt double have apparently become friends in real life.

I am so proud of and happy for Melissa. She is living her dream.

Worst State: Alabama gets the cup this week, because Jeff Sessions is trying to get back in the Senate there. I don’t know which is worse, that this racist bigot is on the ballot, or that that the other three Republican contenders are as bad or worse than Sessions.

Sessions is utterly unworthy. He lied to the Senate under oath. If he should win in Alabama, the Senate should refuse to seat him.

Thoughts on Events the Week of January 27

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See no evil, hear no evil: The Senate voted not to hear witnesses nor read testimony in its trial of President Trump. As I understand it, the purpose of a trial is to get all the facts out on the table and let the jury decide. But this is not a legal trial, it’s a political trial, so the Senate’s decision was a reflection of the politics of the Senate, and the decision, therefore, was predictable.

Trump’s defense team was right about one thing. John Bolton’s book is evidence of nothing. It’s just a book. Bolton was not under oath when he wrote it. Ditto any media appearances he made, of which there were countless. You can be embarrassed by, but not prosecuted for, or on, the basis of them.

That said, Bolton had information relevant to Trump’s trial. I’m no fan of Bolton. He’s the craziest war monger since Curtis Lemay, but he was on the scene when Trump was (allegedly) committing high crimes and misdemeanors. Not to take his testimony was determined ignorance – the worst kind.

But allowing Bolton’s testimony would have begged the logical next step of hearing from all the other people who were in the room during the call, and that could have been damaging to the president. How damaging can be gauged by how strenuously the Senate prevented testimony.

Middle East Plan: The Trump administration rolled out Jared Kushner’s plan, which, during the impeachment trial, went almost unnoticed. It’s just as well, for it was not a serious peace plan. You can’t really have a peace plan if one of the two warring factions are not admitted to the negotiations. The U.S. can no longer be an honest broker regarding Israel anyway.

Brexit: Great Britain officially removed itself from the European Union on January 31. Over here at least, the same can be said about Brexit as the peace plan, by which I mean it went virtually unnoticed. I suspect, however, that the results will become very noticeable to the Brits over time.

Super Bowl: Watching the game in real time, it seemed to be an exciting, well fought one. Reviewing the stats, however, it’s apparent that the San Francisco 49ers had the game won in the fourth quarter with a two-score lead and the ball, and blew it.

There are three important factors that determine which teams get to and/or wins the NFL championship: injuries, great quarterbacks and organization. The Kansas City Chiefs won on two of those factors.

It is obvious after three years in the league that the Chiefs have a truly outstanding quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, who brought them back from a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

Regarding organization, in this case specifically the coaching, the 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan abandoned its strength – the running game – in the fourth quarter and put the game in the hands of a good, but lesser quarterback – Jimmy Garoppolo – and started passing. It cost them the game. Both the coach and the quarterback will learn from this experience.

I wonder what New England Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick is thinking today. He wanted to keep Garoppolo to replace Tom Brady eventually but was overruled. He may be thinking possibly he was mistaken about Garoppolo, but I’ll bet he’s thinking he would have won the game by sticking to the game plan.

After the game, President Trump sent the traditional congratulations to the Chiefs, and congratulated the state of Kansas, thinking, I assume, that the Chiefs team is located there. The Chiefs are in Kansas City, MO, not Kansas. This would be funny if it weren’t so telling that our president is an ignoramus.

Thoughts on Recent Events

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The Trial: I haven’t watched any of the trial of President Trump, now that he has been impeached. I’m not on the jury, and my mind is made up already, as apparently is true of the Senators.

That being the case, Impeachment, not removal, is probably all we are going to get out of this anyway, and the determined ignorance – the worst kind –vividly on display in the Senate, disgusts me. The Senate hasn’t functioned properly for two decades, so we can’t expect it to now.

I was stunned to learn that Ken Starr is on the Trump defense team, and I laughed out loud when I heard Starr lamented in his remarks that we are in an age of impeachments and they are happening too frequently. What chutzpah! This man defines abuse of the impeachment process. What were they thinking to let this disgraced pig part speak for them? It brought forth all the wrong imagery.

Sports: When I think sports, I generally mean football, but we’re in a lull between the Conference championships and the Superbowl, so there’s not a lot to be said about it just now, except that I am satisfied that the two best (or two of the very best) teams in the NFL this year – Kansas City and San Francisco (two teams with middle names, coincidentally), made it to the big game. However, there was some news from other sports worthy of a mention.

In baseball, Derek Jeter was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot by an almost unanimous vote. Only one voter disagreed. Jeter got 396 of 397 votes.

That Jeter got into the Hall on the first ballot is not news at all. I don’t follow baseball, but even I know that Jeter was one of the greatest. The only news was that one sportswriter did not vote for him. This fool should have his baseball writers’ credentials jerked.

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players of all time died in a fiery helicopter crash. It’s a shame when a superstar dies unexpectantly, but it’s a shame when anyone dies in an aviation accident. It’s a terrifying way to die, I’m sure, and it could happen to any one of us. But it’s more likely to happen in a helicopter than an airplane. Unlike airplanes, helicopters don’t want to fly! They are dead weight. I have flown in helicopters a few times, but I swore off them years ago, and I will never get on another one.

Worst state: The cup goes to Texas this week, because it is the scene of Ken Starr’s most recent disgrace, not counting this current one. He was fired as president of Baylor University over a sexual assault scandal. To say the least, the man’s interests are prurient, but I don’t want to dwell on his better points too much.

Thoughts on Events the Week of January 6

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Iran: admitted that in the fog of war, it mistakenly shot down a commercial airliner. This admission came at the direct order of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei. No telling where this story might have gone if the Iranians had continued to deny it. The evidence was becoming incontrovertible, but nobody believes anything the Trump administration says about anything. I would believe almost anything Iran says before what our government says. It could have been a standoff.

But Iran stepped up and did the right thing. It’s inconceivable to me that I would be saying this, but at times, Iran seems to be better governed, more honest and more transparent than our own government.

Obviously, our foreign policy regarding the Middle East is in the hands of ignorant, religious wackos (exception: John Bolton, who is just a garden variety war monger), and a clueless, impulsive president. Secretary of State Mike Pompous and Vice President Puritan Pence, came over on the Mayflower, mentally. We may have witch trials in our future if they have their way.

These mental retards want to effect regime change in Iran. Among the many things they don’t understand is that regime change is going to happen there, in fact, it is already in the process, as it was Iraq before we intervened, but it won’t happen until we get out of their way.

That said, I’m not sure Pompous and Pence would like the new regime. They will, with little difficulty, take over control, if not authority, of Iraq, which is another Shia majority country, and they will have a greater influence in the region overall.

Opportunity loss: President Trump says he wants out of the “endless war” in Iraq. Iraq wants us to leave. This is the perfect opportunity to get the hell out of there.

But now Trump is pissing on this golden opportunity to get us out of Iraq like a hooker’s mattress. He’s refusing to leave and has threatened even to impose sanctions on Iraq, our ally, for crying out loud, if it tries to make him.  

What the hell is happening here? This fool doesn’t know what is going on, where things are going, nor what the hell he is doing. He’s stumbling around between his impulses, various equally clueless advisors and Fox News, with the result his foreign policy is a dog’s dinner.

Destroying Cultural Sites: A reminder came this week upset I was when the Taliban began destroying every statue in Iraq on religious grounds, including ancient pre-Islamic ones, and ISIL began destroying ancient historical and religious artifacts. I thought what a despicable lot of ignorant religious wackos these people are who have no regard for their own cultural heritage. These barbarians are beneath contempt.

The reminder, of course, was that President Trump threatened to destroy “cultural sites” in Iran. In other words, our barbaric president is no better than ISIL or the Taliban. Fortunately, Trump backed down, and it is a good thing, too, because I believe our military, if ordered to do this, would have refused, causing another major constitutional issue. This guy is a walking cock-up.

Democratic Primaries: The Democratic presidential field is beginning to winnow, and some pundits and politicians are lamenting that there is less diversity among the remaining candidates than when the process started. This is unfortunate, but what the hell did they think was going to happen? Diversity, mathematically, requires multiples. Ultimately, there can only be one candidate. We need to pick the best one, or at least a good one, and for sure one who can beat Trump.

The Royals: I can’t believe I am doing this, but I feel obliged to make a comment about Meghan and Harry.

I don’t pay attention to the royals, so I didn’t know this, but apparently Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and American member of the royal family, has been the victim of vicious racism in Britain’s press, and in society generally, since she married Prince Harry, because of her “mixed race” heritage.

I was ignorant of all this because we usually only get the fairy tale version of the royal family over here, I don’t pay any attention to what news we do get, and because, despite the current administration, we are much more egalitarian than the Brits, who are  more “class conscious” (read bigoted and xenophobic).

So, Prince Harry took Markle away from all this bullshit, or Meghan told the royals to kiss her rosy red rectum, and Harry, who seems genuinely to love his wife, went with him.

Simon Hogarth famously said, “I love the monarchy. It’s just this particular family I can’t stand.” Well, I like some of the family members better than before. But there is no question that the royals are caught in a time warp, centuries behind. They are the antipode (my new word) of the modern family.

Worst State: Just when I was thinking of removing Arizona from the list of worst states, and replacing it with, say, Kentucky, it came back with a vengeance this week, thanks to my own personal Representative and card-carrying pig part, Paul Gosar.

Gosar “shared,” in the popular vernacular, a doctored photo showing President Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who have never met, shaking hands. This forgery is wrong on every level.

As we all know, President Trump despises “fake news.” I wonder what he will say about this. The most apt description of Gosar’s dissemination of false propaganda I have read is “Shameless stupidity.” Works for me. Arizona, you get the cup.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 30

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Madness: Since George W. Bush, our worst president since the Civil War, invaded Iraq, our worst blunder since the Civil War, our foreign policy regarding the Middle East has been mismanaged. We are treating Islam today just like Europe did during the Crusades, which began in 1095, and which didn’t go all that well then either. In other words, we haven’t learned a damn thing in 925 years.

This current lot is the worst, which is really saying something considering the bozos of the Bush administration. Think Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfeld. I doubt this lot knows the difference between a Shia and a Sunni Muslim, an important distinction to understand as it informs the region, and specifically the relationship between Iran and Iraq (hint: both are Shiite majority countries, you nit wits).

This indictment doesn’t include President Trump. The rest are ignorant, vicious ideologues. Trump doesn’t rise even to that level. He is a round orange ball of ignorance, stupidity and various neuroses, though I don’t want to dwell on his finer points too much. This unhinged fool is wading into another “Big Muddy,” as Pete Seager sang of Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam, and he’s dragging us all with him.

President Obama did the only intelligent thing we have done in the Middle East in this century when he gathered allies and other major players together and secured the Iran nuclear agreement. So of course Trump walked away from the agreement as soon as he took office, and it has been downhill from there. (To be fair, Obama and his people didn’t understand the situation fully either, or he would have gotten us out of there.)

Here are some basic thoughts that guide me when I think about the Middle East: The situation is more complicated and nuanced, but these ideas get me through.

First, the conflict in the Middle East is between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. It is fundamentally a religious/civil war, and we have no role in it, nor should we try to. You can’t step between two fighting dogs to stop them; you will only get bitten. The players in the region must work it out themselves.

Second, the reason we are under attack there, and in other parts of the world, is because we are poking Islam with a pointed stick. Remember the Crusades? If we weren’t there, they would have no reason to attack us.

Third, with the changing role of oil in our world, the Middle East is no longer as strategically important to us as once it was. We needn’t be spending so many resources there.

Finally, we are pissing away blood, treasure, reputation and influence, all of which we need to deal with more important international and domestic issues. One of the reasons so many people voted for Trump (though still a minority) is because we failed them while stumbling around in the Middle East.  

Worst state: Kansas gets the cup this week because Secretary of State Mike Pompous lied to us through his teeth all week. On the bright side, Pompous will not run for Senate in Kanas in 2020, so the seat could go to a Democrat, and if Trump is thrown out of office, Pompous will be out of politics, which will be a good thing for all of us.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 23

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Happy Holidays: Congress left town for the holidays and so did I, to be with my three daughters in Santa Fe. So, little happened in politics and what did happen I didn’t pay any attention to.

Football: When my beloved Oklahoma Sooners announced that three of its players would be suspended and another starter lost to injury, I knew our odds would be particularly long to win their playoff game against LSU. Early in the game, my team was clearly intimidated and overmatched. That said, LSU is an extremely fine team having a Cinderella season. My hat it off to them. They wiped up the floor with us, straight up.

After watching the Sooners get demolished, I watched a good playoff game between Clemson and Ohio State, which the Tigers won at the end. All I could think of during this game was that Brent Venables was, and could still have been, our defensive coordinator. But we kept Mike Stoops and Venables went to Clemson, which has had spectacular defenses and won championships ever since. I know why this happened, and I understand it, but the bottom line is: Clemson has Venables and we have the Grinch.

The Dallas Cowboys, in a spectacularly underachieving season, failed to make the playoffs, again.

Scratching for something positive from the season, all I can console myself with is that Jason Garrett will be fired. Or will he? As of this writing, there is no news of this, and I was expecting it immediately after the game.

If the Cowboys don’t fire Garrett, it will be clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Cowboys are not serious about the business they claim to be in, and I will be off them forever.

I will find another team to support. It could be the Cardinals, depending on their draft, or Cleveland, depending on who their new head coach is, or the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are an easy choice (I picked them early on to win the Superbowl), but perhaps too easy.

Worst state: I’m reviewing the list of worst states, which could result in dropping one state out of the list and adding another. Candidates are Kentucky, because Moscow Mitch, and North Carolina, whose determination to retain gerrymandering is epic. I’ll let you know in my first blog of the new year.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 16

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Impeached!: So, President Trump has been impeached. Whatever happens now, he will go down in history as one of those rare disgraced presidents whose behavior was such that a House of Representatives found it impeachable. Trump is one of only three among 45 presidents (fewer than 7%) to receive this level of opprobrium from the legislative branch.

So far, none of the impeached presidents has been removed from office by the Senate, and it’s unlikely to happen this time. (Nixon would have been removed had he not resigned before being impeached. It is a sign of how deep the stain of impeachment is that Nixon chose to resign rather than experience it.)

Andrew Johnson, a truly odious president, survived removal by just one vote. Clinton avoided removable easily, because voters were in general agreement that his “crime” – being a randy male who lied under oath to a question he shouldn’t have been asked in the first place – did not warrant it.

Clinton’s impeachment was driven by Republicans’ prurient prudishness (an oxymoron that informs conservatives’ sexual confusion), whose leaders are more conservative about sex than the general public. I, for one, can’t blame someone for wanting to get laid. I’m in no position to do so, as I like to get laid myself. As I remember it, Clinton’s behavior was what women should want it to be. He made a pass at Paula Jones, she rebuffed it and he backed off immediately.

Clinton’s mistake was that when he was asked about it under oath, he lied. He should have flatly refused to answer. He should have said something like, “How dare you ask me that question? What’s the matter with you sickies? I’m a married man, and I’m not going to answer for obvious reasons of maintaining domestic tranquility.” Let Republicans explain to a court why forcing him to do was so essential. The public didn’t want to hear more of this stuff. And, Linda Tripp, kiss my rosy red rectum, you disgusting Judas. Ditto, Ken Starr.

In the immediate, partisan term, the Senate will continue its failure to function properly, and Trump will claim exoneration. But the history books will give a more truthful account of the president’s crimes, and that’s how Trump will be forever recorded.

All that said, I wish the Democrats had pursued subpoenas of important witnesses, including Trump, through the courts earlier and more aggressively. I think it would have made a difference. Often, the Republicans look tough and the Democrats look weak and indecisive. I think most people want strength in a leader.

Football: Looked at objectively, it is better for me that the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in their do or die game. Had the Cowboys won, they would have been in the playoffs, but I’ve seen the other teams headed to the playoffs and any one of them would wipe up the floor with the Cowboys, so their making the playoffs would be symbolic but meaningless.

At least with this loss, the Cowboys will have to fire the head coach. They lost to the Eagles, who are so banged up they could hardly field a team, but the Eagles out played the Cowboys spectacularly. Dallas didn’t even score a touchdown! (I wouldn’t let the Cowboys’ wunderkind offensive coordinator run my taxi squad.)

Jerry Jones says he really wants to win another Superbowl, but he has brought these failures on himself by hanging on to this incompetent coaching staff.

I have stated often, mostly in earnest, that Jones is the best NFL owner, who is only dangerous when he thinks he knows something about football. But this opinion is incomplete. Money is not the only measure of an ownership. To be a great owner, one’s team needs to win some Superbowls. Dallas used to, but not for years. Jones wants to be thought of as a great owner, but today I’m thinking he is a stubborn, doddering old man.

My beloved Oklahoma Sooners will be without at least four players for their playoff game against LSU, one due to a broken collarbone but three due to broken team rules. Way to go, guys!

Contrary to my expectation and predictions, Kyler Murray has had a better and more successful campaign than his fellow OU Heisman Trophy winning first NFL draft choice, Baker Mayfield. So, Season 1 to the Cardinals’ quarterback over Cleveland’s. It will be interesting to see what their respective teams do during the offseason.

If you want to see an example of good execution, I commend to you Washington’s game against Boise State. Most of the Huskies’ plays were very well executed.

Worst States: Every senator from every one of the worst states has already indicated publicly that they will vote against Trump’s removal no matter what the evidence, or even before the trial, so hell with all the worst states this week.

Football thoughts the week of December 9

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The Dallas Cowboys did something unprecedented for them this season: they beat a team with a winning record! And they looked good doing it. Who knew?

Oddly, this performance against the Los Angeles Rams had no effect on their chances of making the playoffs, win or lose. If they beat the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday and the Redskins the following week, they are in. If they lose either of those games, they are the Cowboys.

The Arizona Cardinals beat the Cleveland Browns in the first duel between the matching OU Heisman Trophy winning first NFL draft picks. Kyler Murray is figuring out the NFL. Baker Mayfield is still waiting for a team.

Going into this season, and game, I though the Browns had the better team. Still do. But Murray’s speed, like that of Lama Jackson of Baltimore, is a game changer. And, it is clear that the Browns’ head coach has no clue how to use his weapons, of which he has enough that they should be playing much better if he did.

This off season, the Browns need to draft defensive players and a new coach. It’s about the same for the Cardinals.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 12

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Impeachment Inquiry:  As expected, the House Intelligence Committee submitted its report to the House Judiciary Committee, which voted to send the articles of impeachment to the full House next week. (Since I am writing this late, we now know that the House has impeached Trump.)

I’ve been ambivalent about whether impeaching Trump was useful. I was inclined to remove him from office via the next presidential election. However, there are two good reasons to impeach Trump now.

First, when the charge that Trump extorted Ukraine – a classic example of a high crime about which the Founding Fathers were specifically concerned – was documented and corroborated, the House had no choice at that point. Second, Trump might win the next election! He won the last one with fewer votes than Clinton. If that were to happen, Trump would have gotten off Scott free, which would have done irreparable damage to the Constitution.

What will happen next is predictable, but still unassured. But one thing is now certain. The mark of Cane is upon Trump, so to speak. He will be remembered in history as the third president to be impeached. He can never escape that legacy.

The caterwauling, lying and coverup by Republicans and Trump has been odious, but one of their claims galls me the most. I’m used to the lies, insults and vulgar language by now, but I am deeply offended by their claim that the impeachment is illegitimate. In fact, impeachment is clearly spelled out in the Constitution and is perfectly legitimate. I would argue that the House is the only Constitutionally specified body that is doing its job properly these days.

Brexit: The Brits voted again, and Boris Johnson won a landslide victory. I assume this means Britain is fairly and truly going to be out of the European Union soon. You don’t often see a country shoot itself in the foot like this, but apparently this is what the people want. Xenophobia runs deeper through the British body politic than I understood. Oh, well.

Worst state: Texas announced this week that it will not spend a dollar to help with the 2020 census, because it is trying to suppress the count of minority voters. This contrasts with many states that are supporting the census financially because they want a good count. Besides, Ted Cruz. For both, or either, of these reasons, Texas get the cup this week.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 2

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NATO: President Trump returned to Europe for another NATO meeting as we winced, worried what he was going to say to embarrass us. But things were different this time. Trump did say some embarrassing things, but no one in NATO was paying any attention. It is apparent that Europe has decided to move on without Trump, or at least wait until he goes away to engage with us. So little do the NATO country leaders think of Trump that they made fun of him behind his back. Poor Trump, having the world’s biggest but most fragile ego, and the world’s thinnest skin, huffed off in a snit. Our president snits. What a sniveling pussy. My daughter Megan introduced me to this website, and it has become a favorite. It is liberal, saucy, feminist, as you might imagine from the name, irreverent, and suits me right down to the ground. It describes a lot of rightwing activity and politicians in ways they deserve to be described, praises good works, and always offers a happy ending, frequently visuals of cute furry animals at play.

Note: the language is typical of that used between Ambassador Sondland and President Trump, but to better effect. Wonkette is self-funded and they will ask you for, but not require, a small donation if you read their stuff. I often throw in a few dollars to help them out, because any site that calls Lindsay Graham guilty of “fuckery,” deserves support.

Worst State: Everybody is picking on poor Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, but only because he deserves it. I’m giving the Lone Star State the cup this week.