Thoughts on Events The Week of January 25

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It’s too soon to become discouraged or give up, but the prospects of Congress making any bipartisan progress do not look promising. Any number of Republican politicians are clearly determined to keep their wagons tied, if not to Trump, then to Trump’s base.  So, Democrats may have to go it alone for a while longer.

It’s understandable – what politician wouldn’t want such a loyal and gullible base – but unwise. Voter behavior suggests that to hold that base requires alienating most other voters and the base is not big enough to win an election.

In the meanwhile, I intend to get my entertainment watching the Republican Party deal with itself. I anticipate a nasty, vicious bloodletting, likely resulting in a split, impotent party with one segment going the way of the Know Nothings and the other to where I’m not as certain. But it couldn’t happen to more deserving people.

Keep an eye on the Cheney/Green drama. It may give us some illumination as to where the party may go and how nasty may be the path to get there. Here’s my take on this early battle of the Republican Civil War.

Liz Cheney certainly did nothing illegal when she voted to impeach former President Trump, but for a member of the Republican leadership in the House, it is unusual, and doubtless offensive to “Trumpers.” As a member of that leadership, she is the Republicans’ issue to deal with. She’s an internal party matter.

The situation is slightly different for freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has made numerous ludicrous, vile, and offensive statements before and since entering the House.

Fortunately for Greene, and me and all of us, most of her language is protected by the First Amendment. As odious as she is, and she is, or how crazy, hers is still protected speech. If she wants to claim that wildfires in California are being started by laser beams from space paid for by Jewish bankers, she is free to do it.

However, the First Amendment’s protection of free speech does not extend to supporting insurrection or inciting violence.  Greene’s support of shooting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in the head crosses that line. In my view, that’s not only unprotected speech, but actionable.

The U.S House is clucking like a hen house over what to do about Greene, but ultimately, the decision rests with the constituents in her dark red district in Georgia. They voted for her and they are welcome to her. Just don’t ask me to respect people who vote for such representation. I can’t do it.

Worst state: Some say I was premature in taking Arizona, my own personal state, off the worst state list because two House members supporting the events of January 6 – Paul Gosar, my own personal congressperson, and Andy Biggs – are from Arizona.

This is a valid point, but the fact is that most states, especially red states, but most states have similar such congresspersons. Arizona is hardly unique in this regard these days. That said, Gosar is a particularly odious example, rivaling Louis Gohmert in stupidity and crazy. (When I want to call someone stupid, I call them a Gohmert.)

I am taking this suggestion under consideration, however, but I’m going to wait to see what Arizona does with its voting laws. We have very enlightened ones, but there is pressure from the Republican majority state legislature to make it harder, not easier, to vote. If they succeed, I’ll put Arizona back on the list.

In the meantime, I’m keeping an eye on Georgia, which is currently trying the same kinds of dirty trick to suppress voters. If they succeed, I may have to add another state to the worthy worst state candidates.

While we wait, everyone gets a pass this week.

Thoughts on Events the Week of January 18

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Inauguration Day: On Wednesday, we got a new president and the former one flew off uneventfully, albeit with some pathetic self-organized pomp, to Florida. A blessed moment.

My reaction to this moment was not quite what I expected. I expected to be overjoyed, and I am, but my primary emotion was one of relief that the previous administration is over.

I was spot on when I predicted that there would be no trouble at the inauguration in D.C. or in state capitals. When the FBI started rounding the rioters up for prosecution, the cockroaches scrambled back under the refrigerator.

I was wrong, and pleasantly surprised, at how quickly things started to snap back.  This is one of those times when longing for the good old days is appropriate.

But we have some unfinished business with those among The Donald’s base who defiled our Capitol and threatened our democracy, including those elected representatives and senators who participated.   

The Republicans have some unfinished business among themselves, as well. I will be curious to see how they shake out, but I am skeptical it will be nobly.  

I applaud President Biden’s determination to find middle ground with Republicans in Congress, particularly in the Senate, but he should abandon his attempt in a heartbeat if he gets insufficient positive response. Moscow Mitch, who positions himself as an institutionalist, is as dismissive of democratic governance as Trump. He is an undemocratic horse part. And by the way, the filibuster is undemocratic.

Impeachment Redux: The House Impeached Trump, again, and the Senate will try him, beginning February 9th.  Some Democrats say the reason for the trial is that if convicted, Congress can vote to prevent Trump from running for elective office ever again. This is true, but not a sufficient reason. Trump will not run again. In 2024, he’ll too old, likely in jail or dead, and in more disgrace than he is now.

No, the reasons to try Trump are first, to show the world, and ourselves, that we have come to our senses, and second to remind future presidents of the Constitution they have taken an oath to preserve and defend and they had better take that oath seriously. Gerald Ford did us a great disservice by pardoning Nixon and denying the country this example.

Finally, it will give Republicans one last opportunity to assess whether they want to move forward with the rest of us. I’m thinking not. It’s a sad thing that one of the two major political parties has knowingly rejected our democratic form of government. Damn their eyes.

Social Media: After more than four years of publishing lies and incitements to riot by Trump, Facebook and Twitter both kicked Trump off of their platforms. The silence is golden, but it’s not a reliable solution. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want these two unimaginably wealthy, privileged entrepreneurs making free speech decisions. They’ve proven to be untrustworthy.

Remember, their first solution when Trump tweeted that he had won the election and it had been stolen was to add a comment saying, “This claim is disputed.” Bullshit, it is not disputed; it’s a provable fact, and a damnable dangerous lie, as we have seen.

There are serious, tricky free speech issues to be resolved, but we have got to tie a knot in the tail of these platforms. Free speech or not, it’s never made any sense to me that these sites can permit any libel to be published on them without bearing any responsibility. There are laws against slander or libel, and these should apply to social media also.  

Worst state: Just because I took Arizona off the list of worst state candidates does not mean we are incapable of really stupid governance on occasion. Every state is. As an example, this week, deeming them to be insufficiently supportive of Trump, the Arizona Republican Party censured its own Republican Governor Doug Ducey, Senator John McCain’s widow Cindy, and the aptly named former Republican Senator Jeff Flake.

Sudden thought: If it’s ok for Republicans to censure a senator who has been out of office for more than two years, why is it not ok to impeach a president after he is out of office for a week?

But this laughable example of Republican insanity does not rise to the level of cup worthiness. However, the behavior of leaders of almost all the other worst states is sufficiently egregious, so this week, the cup recipients are a ménage à trois of South Carolina because Lindsey Graham, Texas because John Corwin and Alabama because of newly elected Senator Tommy Tuberville, who all were involved in supporting Trump’s attempted coup. (Tuberville is already challenging Oklahoma Senator James Imhoff for dumbest sombitch in the Senate.)

Thoughts on Events the Week of January 11

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The Aftermath: I’ll stand by my predictions regarding Cruz and Hawley and most of the Republican House members who participated in Trump’s despicable attempt to overturn the Constitution last week. They’re from red states whose voters are OK with that kind of behavior from their politicians.

But I may have underestimated the fate of those rioters and vandals who got inside the Capitol buildings. It turns out that various federal authorities have technologies and techniques to identify many if not all of the rioters, and they are using them. As of this writing, more than 100 of these insurrectionists have been arrested.

More important, perhaps, it also turns out that Congresspersons don’t appreciate having criminals barging into their chambers with firearms and intent to kill them. Who knew? A gun nut kills 20 second grade pupils and teachers at a school in Connecticut and it doesn’t faze Congresspersons a bit, but when the guns are aimed at them, they take a different view.

This change in Congressional attitudes suggests there just may be another loser from the events of last week: guns! Just maybe people in authority might begin thinking about the wisdom of letting knuckle dragging mouth breathers wander about carrying weapons now that they are potential targets.

Speaking of whom: After rioters, looters and various and sundry insurrectionists stormed and vandalized the Capitol and threatened our Congresspersons and our democracy, 25,000 troops were sent to guard the place. Talk about closing the barn door after the horse has already peed on the carpet. But those 25,000 troops will be ready the next time, by golly.

In fact, I think we will see little to no disruption during the inauguration week, in D.C. or at state houses, and rapidly diminishing white supremist troublemaking going forward. These people are like cockroaches, in that they scamper under the refrigerator when the lights are switched on.

For the last four years, the cockroaches have been tolerated, even encouraged, but that changed on January 6. I suspect that seeing how quickly the FBI has been able to identify and arrest the miscreants has been sobering to these bozos.  

The worst Trump Appointment: As the rats are leaving the ship, it begs the question which of them was the biggest rat. They are pretty much all corrupt and incompetent, so it’s hard to pick the worst one.

A good candidate would be Mike Pompeo, who will go down as the worst Secretary of State in history. He is the antithesis of a diplomat. He’s a pompous prick. There will be cheering in foreign capitals, and our own Foggy Bottom when he is gone.

But the worst Trump appointment was Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Education is arguably the most important, and most neglected of departments. As Thomas Piketty has written in Capital in the 21st Century, education is the best long-term solution to inequality.

Like many Trump appointees, DeVos was put in place more of less to destroy the department she was appointed to head, and she made a pretty good job of it. This child of extreme privilege was in completely over her head and had absolutely no understanding of or appreciation for her responsibilities. DeVos was unprepared and unqualified for any number of reasons, including that she herself is, well, stupid.

Worst state: The weathervane that is Lindsey Graham’s hypocrisy, has spun again. After briefly criticizing Trump’s behavior over the Capitol riot, Graham placed his lips back on The Donald’s ass, arguing against another impeachment because it might hurt his feelings. South Carolina gets the cup because Graham.

Thoughts on Events the Week of January 4, 2021

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Georgia on my mind: In an astounding upset, Democrats won both Senate races in Georgia, effectively giving control of the Senate to Democrats. The Senate is now split 50/50 between the parties, so Vice President Kamala Harris will have the deciding vote in the event of ties. Guess which party she will favor.

Stacy Abrams did a marvelous job of organizing and motivated black voter turnout. She has risen dramatically in my estimation. But Democrats owe this extreme good fortune to President Trump. There is no doubt in my mind that had it not been for Trump’s antics since he lost his own election, Georgia would have gone like so many other states: electing Biden at the top of the Democratic ticket but Republicans down ballot. Thanks, the Donald, for such an artful deal.

Hey, Moscow Mitch, what do you think about your president now? Don’t bother answering; it was a rhetorical question.

Capitol Carnage: Incited by President Trump and several Republican lawmakers, a mob of Trump’s knuckle dragging, mouth breathing minions stormed the Capitol building, scaring a lot of people, injuring some, killing a few, causing minor physical damage to the building and grave damage to their cause. I’m sure you are aware of this; it was in all the papers.

These criminals were kind enough to take pictures of themselves in commission of their crimes and post them on social media so the police will know who they are and where to find them…typical Trump supporter intelligence.

It’s too late: I enjoyed watching Republicans scrambling to put distance between themselves and Trump. In another week, they will never have heard of Donald Trump. But for most of them, enlightenment has come too late. They had three years and 50 weeks to do the right thing, and they squandered their time and eschewed their responsibilities, preferring to kiss Trump’s ass. How does that fat ass taste now?

Big losers are Trump, of course, and Moscow Mitch McConnell, who is now a back bencher in the Senate. I have less sympathy for Moscow Mitch than for most Trump sycophants. He’s as indifferent to the Constitution and his oath to it as Trump. He has enabled Trump as much as anyone else, yet butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth as he criticized Thump this week. What a puke.

I think this will go hard on Senators Cruz and Hawley too, but only to their reputations and their prospects for higher office. They can probably get reelected in their own conservative states, but I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it.

As for the Republican Representatives who signed onto the coup, most, I expect, will get off Scott free. They come from red states, a large portion of whose voters are probably okay with their behavior. This includes even Kevin McCarthy, Republican minority leader in the house and one seriously unprincipled pig part.

But another big loser, and perhaps the most important in the long run, is social media. They have been allowed to pass along scandalous, even treasonous postings with impunity. They need a big knot tied in their tail and I think they may be about to get it. It is certainly about time.

More shiny object chasing: Democrats are carrying on about impeaching Trump again or removing him from office via the 25th Amendment. I wouldn’t do it, but what else has Congress got to do before January 20? Well, there is that COVID-19 thingie. Save Trump’s punishment until after he is out of office when prosecutors can get their hands on him unimpeded.

The only rationale for trying to impeach Trump now is that it will prevent him from running again in 2024. But there’s no danger of that. By 2024, Trump will be a bad memory and possibly in jail. He’s not going to run for anything again, and if he does, even Republicans, especially Republicans, won’t stand for it. This all assumes there will even be a Republican Party in 2024.

Worst state: Among Republican leaders and legislators doing back flips through their assholes trying to change their positions on Trump since the insurrection began on Wednesday, the most disgusting is Lindsey Graham, the filthiest pig in the sty.

In the course of Trump’s candidacy and term in office, Graham began as a critic, then sold his soul just to play golf with Trump, damn his responsibilities to his office, to now piling on Trump as if he had been opposed to his antics the whole time. This is the behavior of an unprincipled piece of putrid pie. South Carolina gets the cup this week because, you guessed it, Lindsey Graham.

Football thoughts – Week 18

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College: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners (#6) wiped up the floor with the (#7) Florida Gators in the Cotton Bowl, 55-20. The Texas Aggies (#5) beat (#14) North Carolina handily in the Orange Bowl, 41-27. Meanwhile, Alabama cruised by Notre Dame and Ohio State embarrassed Clemson to set up the championship game.

These games brought into sharp relief how badly the playoff committee blew it this year. Notre Dame should never have been in the playoffs to begin with, and Ohio State, though it is a fine team, should have been disqualified from the Championship because they only played six games. The playoffs could have included OU and the Aggies instead. I’m thinking some of the committee members know it, too.

Texas fired head coach Tom Herman, which surprised me. I expected him to succeed at Texas, given his experience as a high school coach in the state, a potential advantage with recruiting, and his success at Houston (he actually beat OU there a few years ago).

Herman’s record wasn’t that bad, just not good enough for Texas. Herman had an excellent quarterback in Sam Elinger, so you would expect his record to be better. In fact, Texas was getting recruits, just not developing them adequately.

Texas immediately hired Steve Sarkisian off the Alabama staff. I guess if money is no object, you can do that kind of flipping. Sarkisian is an excellent coach, but a once-failed head coach.

NFL: In the comparison and contrast between Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns beat a resting Pittsburgh Steelers team to qualify for the playoffs. Before the game, some sports analyst opined if the Browns didn’t get in, they should part with Mayfield. What a moron. I would replace almost every player on the team before Mayfield, starting with an offensive line that can’t protect him and a defense that can’t break up a pass.

Regarding Kyler Murray, the Cardinals lost their game with the Rams, but Murray went out with a sprained ankle in the first quarter after scoring a touchdown and giving the Cardinals the lead, so no comparisons are possible.

Clearly, the Cardinals need more protection for Murray and a whole lot more defense. Sadly, the Cardinals coach hasn’t a clue about defense. Never has had, never will have. And, based on body language, Murray has little confidence in his defense and no confidence in his coach.

The Dallas Cowboys, my erstwhile favorite team, did it again, stinking up the place with a loss to the New York Giants to eliminate themselves from the playoffs. Bad coaching, inept defense, under performance and poor play. Never has an NFL team paid so much for players giving such little effort.

But the most interesting game in the NFC Least was between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. Washington won and will represent the East with a losing record, 7-9.

It’s a mystery what Eagles’ head coach Doug Peterson was thinking, given his decisions. The only plausible explanation is that he was trying to lose the game to gain a higher draft choice. The only other possible explanation is that he is a bad coach and it’s inexplicable how he ever won a Superbowl a few years ago. Either way, he should have been fired on the spot.

Peterson wisely started Jalen Hurts at quarterback over Carson Wentz, who is struggling, and Hurts had them in position to kick a short, easy field goal that would have tied the game with eight minutes to go, but instead Peterson went for it on fourth and about 10 yards, an exceptionally low percentage decision, which failed, predictably.

Worse, Peterson then benched Hurts for a third string backup quarterback of whom I had never even heard, who immediately blew up. Hurts was not happy, nor was anyone else in Philly.

The irony in Peterson’s blunder is that he may have solved the Eagles’ quarterback dilemma inadvertently. Philadelphia must decide who to keep at QB next year: Carson Wentz, who seems to be a bust now, but who has an enormous contract that will make him hard to trade and disastrous if they have to swallow it, and Hurts, who is a good player at a fraction of the cost and who would be a welcome starter on most NFL teams.

Peterson may have made this decision academic by benching Hurts. If I were Hurts now, I would insist on being traded out of that chicken outfit and stick Philadelphia with Wentz. It would serve Peterson right to be left with a struggling Wentz and his albatross of a contract.

I’m a believer in the importance of timing a peak for the playoffs. A few NFL teams seem to be peaking at the right time: Baltimore, Green Bay and Buffalo in particular. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Superbowl between two of these teams.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 28

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How did it all come to this: I have my theories, but it is still somewhat of a confounding mystery how one of the two major political parties in our country no longer supports democracy, but instead embraces an authoritarian wannabe.

More than 100 Republican congresspersons and about a dozen U.S. Senators have indicated they will ignore the Constitution and raise (futile) objections to the certified vote of the people in favor of the election’s clear and decisive leader. If that’s being faithful to their oath, I’ll kiss your ass in Macy’s window and give you an hour to draw a crowd.

Among the notable objectors is newly elected Tommy Tubberville (R-A), displaying his disdain for the Constitution before he even gets onto the Senate floor; and Josh Hawley (R-MO). Tubberville is an ignorant boob, consistent with the bozos Alabama typically elects to public office, but Hawley knows better.

I can understand that the objectors are from red states and that they are afraid of Trump’s base, but that doesn’t excuse their flouting the Constitution and their oath of office.

It’s said that Hawley is a young, smart, ambitious politician who plans to run for president in 2024. I’m sorry Hawley, but I prefer to vote for someone with faith in, and respect for, the Constitution and not one with more naked ambition than Casca and his “lean and hungry look.”

Covid-19 Distribution: Fortunately, distribution of the new vaccines has begun, and inoculations are underway, though the numbers of each are far behind what was promised at this point. There may be some weather-related reasons why some inventory of vaccines was held back, but the inoculation hold ups can only be explained by massive incompetence.

The cynic in me has considered that Trump may be holding up distribution to use it as a tool for manipulation of states to overturn their election results, or even to sell the vaccines for his personal profit. In the end, however, I am pretty sure it’s just gross incompetence. That’s the default explanation for so much of the Trump administration’s behavior.

One thing Trump got right: Trump got two things right in four years, but he subsequently screwed one of them up. I’m commenting on this one. Trump was spot on to want to get rid of Section 230 of the so called “Communications Decency Act,” which is anything but. This section allows social media companies to post vile, spurious, inaccurate information and downright lies, with impunity. The practical effect of Section 230 is that some of the communications posted on these sites is about as far from decent as you can possibly get.

Not even cable news networks can get away with that. See how quickly Dominion Voting Systems got Fox News to recant the lies about the company that they have been passing along about their voting machines in response to Dominion’s cease and desist order. Talk about a fast backtrack. Social media should be legally accountable for the lies and misinformation they allow to be disseminated on their platforms.

And another thing, the disclaimer language that Twitter and others use is woefully inadequate. It goes something like, “Claims in this posting are disputed.” No, they’re not. They’re clearly inaccurate or lies or both. The disclaimer should say something like, “This post is a flat out lie,” or “This statement is bullshit.” Then let’s get on to the lawsuits to get these tech behemoths under control.

The worst states: Congresspersons from all the worst states have signed onto this patently unconstitutional assault on our democracy, so they all share the cup this week.

Going into 2021, we’ll hold the worst state list at: Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. Arizona drops off the list for 2021 due to its enlightened voting laws.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 21

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Screw the public: Trump went to Florida* to pout and tweet his grievances and golf, and he took important legislation with him to be signed or vetoed. Vetoing creates much more chaos so he chose that course, or at least threatened to, even though to do so would be a major blow to voters including his base, whom he’d already screwed with his incompetent mishandling of Covid-19, which made the legislation necessary in the first place. He doesn’t care.

Trump finally signed the bills, though not before causing a lot of angst among his own administration, and late enough to cause financial pain to citizens. He is such a narcissist he doesn’t even know what a jerk he is.

*Some have questioned whether Trump might just stay in Florida and never come back in order to evade the humiliations and embarrassments awaiting him there. I think this is a plausible possibility, but I think he will return for his counter-events on January 5 and 6, and then slink back to Florida, never to return until he is forced to answer a subpoena.

Addiction: People are speculating what Trump will do on January 21. Good question. I think he will be pretty much the same but with diminishing returns until even the majority of Republicans are sick to death of him.

Trump craves the limelight. Not only does he crave it, but he can’t stand for anyone else to have it. It is a drug to him, and over the last four years, he has had the limelight pretty much to himself. I suspect that by now, he is so addicted to it that he won’t be able to stop insinuating himself into current events, no matter how outrageously he will have to behave to do it.

But I think he will fade quickly. I say this because this last episode of mischief making has been truly despicable, and I think enough so that Republicans will start thinking how crazy and dangerous he is and perhaps how crazy they have been to cow tow to him. I suspect many Republican leaders (I’m looking at you, Moscow Mitch) wish they had never met the man.

However, I still think most Republican politicians won’t pay any significant price for enabling Trump because most of them are from red states who are Trump voters, but I think most are soon going to wish and pretend he doesn’t exist, just as they have done with George W. Bush, remember him? I think Trump will try to make as much mischief as he can, and I hope Republicans choke on him.

Pardons: People are upset because Trump is handing out pardons like Skittles to some really smarmy and criminal characters. Who else would Trump pardon? He only knows smarmy criminals. Don’t waste your time wringing your hands about it. Trump is perfectly within his rights to pardon whomever he wants…except for himself. It’s another of those less than brilliant ideas engrained in our Constitution.

Worst state: The cup goes to Texas again, this time because Representative Louis Gohmert, has filed a lawsuit against Vice President Pence of all people in an attempt to grant Pence the authority to overturn the results of the general election. (When I want to call someone stupid, I call them a Gohmert.)

If Pence had such authority, he is such a suck up, he would probably use it, but he doesn’t and he won’t get it. That said, he is probably trembling with fear what bind Gohmert’s ludicrous suit might put him in.

If it were possible to feel sorry for Pence, I would, but I can’t so I won’t.  He’s a craven, ass kissing coward, the type who die a thousand deaths, and that’s exactly what he is doing now. It couldn’t happen to a nice guy.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 14

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I’m running a full week behind  because Christmas.

Electoral College: That antiquated, undemocratic anachronism performed as it should and recorded 306 votes for President-elect Biden, a landslide, opined by no less an authority than President Trump, when he won by that same landslide margin in 2016.

As with all previous mileposts, this one confirmed yet again that Biden won the election and Trump is the loooooser, which has been obvious for many weeks, and there’s nothing Trump can do to change that.

Of course, this won’t stop Trump from lying and suing and generally carrying on like a big baby, and many Republican politicians will keep their lips pressed tightly against his ass for a while longer and pray no more damage will be done before Inauguration Day. I wish them well with that.

I don’t care a fig if Trump leaves angry or sad or happy. He is leaving, and I suspect there are countless people ready to drag him out of the White House by the hair if he resists. In fact, we could probably have a raffle to see who gets to do it and retire the national debt with the proceeds. I would certainly buy a ticket.

I can sympathize just a little with Trump’s base voters. I felt just as they felt in November 2016 when Trump won. I was stunned and horrified. But an election is an election, and the voters and the electoral college spoke, and I had to respect and accept that, regardless of my angst, which proved to be well placed.

Now it is Trump’s base that is surprised and disappointed. The only difference is they are not accepting it, and some of this knuckle dragging, mouth breathing base, whose passions and ignorance are easily exploited by Trump, carry guns and are just nuts enough, or stupid enough, to be tempted to use them.

Sudden thought: if protesters, or counter-protesters are carrying guns, can it really be said to be a peaceful protest, as protected by the Constitution? Why on earth would we permit people to carry guns to a protest? It’s intimidating and just plain nuts.

Worst State: Texas and Kansas split the cup this week. Texas because of its failed lawsuit to try to overturn the election in four other states, which the Supremes shot down in a heartbeat. Kansas because Mike Pompeo is a pompous pig.

BTW, Wisconsin are among the finalists to replace Arizona on the worst state list in 2021.

Thoughts on Events the Week of December 12

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The Supremes come through: Other than the approval of a Covid-19 vaccine for emergency distribution, which is wonderful news and essential for restoring our economy and way of life, the biggest news of the week was the lawsuit filed by Texas state Attorney General Paxton to toss out all the votes in four states because President Trump didn’t like the results, which went directly to the Supreme Court for original jurisdiction.

(Spoiler alert: Trump lost all of them convincingly, and their electoral college votes add up to enough to deny the presidency to Biden and throw the election into the House, with each state having one vote each.)

This stunning request to override the Constitution and the will of the people was joined by 17 attorneys general and about 115 Republican members of Congress, for whom ass kissing the president is more important than their oath to uphold the Constitution and the will of the citizens in their respective states.)

For more than four weeks, since it became obvious that Biden had won the popular vote by a wide enough margin and in enough states that he would win the election in the electoral college, I stopped worrying about all the hand wringing among the media and many Democratic voters and relaxed. This latest last ditch, desperate patently undemocratic lawsuit was obviously destined to fail.

But just as I was relaxing, one my very closest friends, an attorney of some distinction who has argued before the Supreme Court, told me that the lawsuit had a thin reed of legal logic to it and the Supremes could cause mischief with it if they were of a mind to.

This conversation triggered what I have learned to recognize as Battered Voter Syndrome, common among Democratic voters who witnessed the improbable 2016 election of Trump and fear something like that could happen again, even in the face of facts, logic, and common sense.

But in a unanimous decision, the Supremes made the obvious, correct call and my calm was restored. Bravo, Supremes!

The saddest thing about this is that I doubt the aforementioned Republican congresspersons and state attorneys general who abrogated their responsibilities knowingly and cynically, will pay little if any political price of it, because they are all from red states whose citizens apparently are fine with flouting Constitutional oaths of office to support Trump. It is a genuinely sad state of affairs.

 Worst State: The cup goes to Texas, obviously, because it was Texas’ Attorney General who began their obscene attempt to subvert the Constitution and thwart our national election. But Congresspersons and Attorneys general from the other worst state candidates signed on to the lawsuit, so every worst state was complicit.

As an aside, this event was the tipping point for me and organized religion. I am no longer ambivalent, and I will write some more about this next week.

Thoughts on Events the Week of November 30

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The Last Grift: Trump has been suing in all directions – his default behavior – ostensibly trying to get his landslide election loss overturned. This is a charade. The election is over. Biden won. It’s official, and Trump knows it. He’s just running a con to raise money from his gullible base. On January 20, Trump will be out of the White House carrying bags of his voters’ money.

The last diminishments: For no reason but spite and petty revenge, Trump fired a lot of career intelligence personnel and replaced them with his own personal political sycophants.

Since everyone Trump touches is diminished, and as these replacements will only be in office for a couple of months, one wonders why they would take the jobs at all. Such is the draw of power, I suppose.

These lackeys are not going to do anything useful in their short tenure. They can cause mischief for Trump, but they’re not going to bomb Iran or anything. Trump doesn’t have the balls. Speaking of balls, what does it take for a Republican politician to grow a pair? Answer: announcing they’re not running for reelection. All active Republican politicians still cower in the corner in fear of the Donald. Though contemptible, it is understandable. Politicians are cowards, and their biggest fear is of voters. They are terrified of Trump’s base.

The last reason: The most important reason Biden should not expect cooperation from Republicans is Kamala Harris. Harris is black and the very thought of a black person in the White House who is not wearing white gloves and serving dinner, is anathema to Moscow Mitch, who is as big a bigot as the South has ever sent to Congress.

We are not going to be able to eliminate the white supremacists and other racists rampant among Trump’s base, we should be able to sweep them back under the refrigerator where they belong.

Worst state: Politicians in very one of the worst states is participating enthusiastically in Trump’s con by refusing to acknowledge that Trump lost the elections. Meanwhile, fortunately, each of the states’ authorities have processed their ballots and submitted their counts as required by law.