Thoughts on Events the Week of May 5

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The Liz Cheney Saga. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people, or been more fun to watch:

Well, they did it. House Republicans removed Cheney from her leadership position for speaking the truth that President Biden won the presidential election, and it wasn’t stolen from what’s his name, the disgraced former president.

In tossing Cheney out, the House Republicans are completely endorsing what’s his names’ Big Lie, which they all know to be just that. Democrats are shocked, shocked, and crying crocodile tears that Republicans would do such a thing.

I think Republican House members were perfectly justified in removing Cheney from a leadership position for not towing the party line, no matter how despicable the party line is. It is to be expected, indeed proper, for leadership to speak with one voice in public on issues of policy. Since Cheney was unwilling to do this, she had to go.

The proper thing for Cheney to have done if she was unable to stomach the Big Lie that has become dogma to the Republican Party, however, was to resign the leadership position.

In removing Cheney so ham handedly, Republicans demonstrated again, in public, that they are willing to lie to our faces to support something that is obviously untrue, disgusting, and undemocratic, in order to kiss what’s his name’s er, ring.

Cheney was replaced by Elise Stefanik, whose voting record is not as conservative as Cheney’s, but who is willing to lie through her teeth with the best of them to get ahead. Republicans may rest assured that when Stefanik joins the leadership, she will never vote against anything Republicans believe, or make up, again.

The great irony here is that just hours after ousting Cheney, House leader Kevin McCarthy said, “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election,” (Presumably including himself). In saying this, McCarthy, whose intellect apparently does not rise to the level of high functioning moron, shot himself in the foot. Twice.

First, he directly contradicted the Big Lie with one of his own and in the process admitted that Cheney is right. McCarthy knows it’s a Big Lie. He is only supporting it to curry favor with what’s his name, the disgraced former president.

Second, McCarthy ruined his currying favor chance by making this statement. I expect what’s his name will turn on him like a rabid dog.

Frozen in Time: The Israelis and Palestinians are at it again. It’s a pathetic cycle. One or the other pokes the bear. The bear bites back and on they go, over and over, again and again, on and on, downward and downward.

I used to be sympathetic with the Israelis, but for the last several years now, Israel has been poking the bear, and I’m completely out of sympathy with them. Not that I’m in complete sympathy with the Palestinians.

I remember what then Secretary of State James Baker said in exasperation about this conflict way back in the George H.W. Bush Administration, “I cannot help you, because you cannot help yourselves.”

Worst state: I was this close to putting Arizona, my own personal residence, back on the worst state list, because in addition to the ludicrous audit, Arizona legislators passed a voter suppression bill.

But just when I was really to pull the trigger, Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde, in an attempt to deny the January 6 insurrection, said the images of the violence looked like a typical tourist visit. Some visit. This ludicrous human being, elected by the people of George retains the state in the worst State list. But keep trying, Arizona.

Thoughts on Events the Weeks of April 26 and May 3

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A little bored and loving it. So many days have been “slow news days” recently that I mashed the last two weeks’ news into one blog.

Oh, the problems are the same. The pandemic is still the lead story. Voter suppression is running rampant in the south. Russia is still being a pig. The two factions of the Republican Party are still picking over the carcass of the party.

What’s his name, the disgraced former president is still spewing invective and lies, which seem to be mother’s milk to his base of white supremacists and various and sundry crazies.

No, the difference isn’t the problems. It’s that we have an administration competent enough to deal with them. This has helped my blood pressure and allowed me to spend time on my own issues and not worry so much about the country.

The Census: The federal government announced the top line results of the latest census, which the administration of what’s his name, the disgraced former president, botched almost as completely as the Covid-19 response.

Directionally, the census seems ok – broadly, sunbelt states gained some population and rust belt states lost some. California lost because a lot of people have been leaving there recently.

But the census has doubtless undercounted, due to deliberate obstruction and garden variety malfeasance and incompetence. I expect some lawsuits over this.

It’s not just what’s his name: The former president’s mishandling of the pandemic is well documented, but it turns out that most of the other authoritarian wannabes botched theirs, also. Topping the list is India, whose leader Modi is another denier whose people are suffering for it. I hope to see the pendulum shift away from these despots soon.

Jobs Report: We gained 266,000 jobs in April, only about a quarter of what economist were expecting, and they are perplexed to explain it. (As George Bernard Shaw said, you can line all of the economists in the world end to end and they would not reach to a conclusion.)

Actually, the reason is rather simple. This is not a normal economic downturn because it isn’t driven by economics. It’s driven by the virus. Paul Krugman has characterized it not as a recession, but as a “self-induced coma,” which I think is a good description.

As I have said from the beginning, people are not going to return to work until they think it is safe to do so, and many workers and businesses still do not.  They won’t all return until we have wrestled the virus to the ground, which is why President Biden is so focused on defeating the virus. He gets it, even if economists do not.

(There is the complicating factor that people can’t get childcare because most of the people in that business are in the same boat.)

Worst State: Arizona, my own personal residence, is continuing with its unofficial, compromised recount following three official ones, so it gets the cup again this week. Those ballots had better all come back and undamaged or there will be a hell of a lawsuit. I am ashamed of being an Arizona resident these days.

Thoughts on Events the Week of April 19

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George Floyd murder trial: The all-consuming news of the week was that Derek Chauvin, an office who had clearly been on the job too long, was found guilty of murdering George Floyd on all three counts. There was relief, even euphoria among blacks and civil rights activists over the verdict. Some even called it a reflection point in the saga of police brutality toward black citizens.

But I would remind us that this is one instance among countless others against black men and women that have gone the other way. One bright star in a universe of black holes. Innocent victims killed in almost as egregious circumstances where police weren’t held accountable, or even charged. If these incidents were plotted on a graph, Chauvin would be a single dot on the very tip of the bell-shaped curve.

And look what it took to get this conviction: a nine-and-a-half-minute video of the murder, several eyewitnesses, and perhaps most important, a number of other police officers testifying against Chauvin’s lethal behavior.

No, it is too soon for euphoria. Let’s see what happens next. There is some reason for hope.

Genocide: President Biden stated the obvious, calling what the Turks did to its Armenian citizens genocide, which the Turks have denied for 105 years.

Among the debated issues is whether what the Turks did was “genocide” or “crimes against humanity.” Since the Turks murdered or starved a million Armenians and drove another half million others out of the country and into the diaspora, I would say both. It’s this kind of nit picking that makes me tired sometimes.

I used to office across the street from the Turkish consulate in Los Angles, and every year at this time, Armenian Americans would protest in front of the consulate. As protests go, they were pretty mild, more like block parties, really. I’m not sure the protesters ever expected anything would change, and on most levels, I don’t think anything has. The Turks will go on denying and the 1.5 million Armenians murdered or dispersed are still murdered or dispersed.

But at least President Biden has put us on the right side of history and morality.

Worst state: Arizona: Ever since I took Arizona, my own personal residence, off the list of worst state candidates in favor of more egregiously bad ones, the state seems intent on trying to get back on the list. This week, they succeeded.

The Arizona senate – Republican controlled – is doing another recount of Arizona’s ballots in the 2020 presidential election. This despite the fact that there have already been three previous recounts conducted by authorized and experienced personnel, none of which found any discrepancies or errors, that the count has been certified at the state and federal level, and to state the obvious, Joe Biden is president and has been in the White House for months.

This latest recount is being done by rank amateurs – an outfit called Cyber Ninjas – which has little or no experience with such work and whose CEO is a notable conspiracy theory wingnut. What could possibly go wrong?

This recount serves no useful purpose other than to sew distrust about our voting system that has been working well. I used to be proud of Arizona’s voting integrity and procedures, but these shenanigans are a setback and Arizona richly deserves the worst state cup this week.

Thoughts on Events the Week of April 12

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Afghanistan: President Biden has announced he is pulling out all of the 2,500 U.S. troops still remaining atop this pile of rocks by September 11, the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which got us into this mess in the first place. Well, that and having a high functioning moron for president at the time.

This foreign relations initiative is our longest overdue, except for détente with Iran (1979) and Cuba, which dates back to 1959.

President Obama should have pulled out of Afghanistan the same night he announced that we had killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, or at the very latest at the beginning of his second term in 2012. His failure to do so was one of his three big mistakes. He got rolled by our generals, many of whom are about as primitive thinking as the Taliban they oppose.

Hawks are screaming that as soon as we leave, the Taliban will take over and we will have to go back there again. Make no mistake: the Taliban will take over as soon as we leave, but we are never going back there again. Ever.

Among the myriad reasons we will not return to the pile of rocks that is Afghanistan when the Taliban returns is that much of the population there seems to be down with the Taliban’s strain of ultra-crazy Islam. It is an exceedingly primitive, backward place. Besides, with us gone they will return to fighting among themselves, and we now know where they live.

All I can say is, well done, President Biden, and channeling Margaret Thatcher, don’t go wobbly on me, Joe.

Uniquely Anglo-Saxon Political Traditions: Some Republicans are floating the idea that we should no longer put emphasis on the quantity of votes, but the quality of voters. By this Republicans mean they want to return to 1776 (retro enough for you?) when only white male landowners could vote, women could not, and all blacks were slaves and had no rights at all. Sounds like an odious brand of dog whistle racism and voter suppression to me.

Two of the worst of the worst congresspersons – Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) and Paul Gosar (AZ), my own personal representative, announced that they are beginning a new caucus – the America First Caucus – specifically for the truest biggest bigots and xenophobes in the House to support this position, to which two more of the very worst – Louie Gohmert (TX) the undisputed stupidest sombitch in the House, and Mat Gaetz (FL) currently being investigated for sex trafficking minors, immediately announced that they would be happy to join.

Blowback was so swift and so fierce at this atavistic, unconstitutional position I am happy to report that even these four crazies and avowed sycophants of what’s his name, the former disgraced president, are walking it back.

Worst state: The cup returns to South Carolina this week, because Biden’s decision on Afghanistan evoked the expected response from Lindsay Graham, who as a disciple of John McCain, has never seen a war he doesn’t like and wants them to go on forever. What a douche! And what a sorry state that sent him to Congress.

Thoughts on Events the Week of April 5

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Bipartisanship on display: Moscow Mitch McConnell, the world’s most famous super waddle, and I finally agree on something, namely corporations should “stay out of politics.” Of course, we have different understandings of what this means.

For Moscow Mitch, this means don’t say anything critical of Republicans, say nasty things about Democrats, but keep sending money. For me it means, say anything you want, but stop sending money to either party.

Ever since the Supreme Court took the insane positions that corporations are people and money is speech, it opened the door to the worst of both. Corporations are free to speak, shout really, with wads of cash.

I would like to see corporations send lobbyists to Congresspersons with data, research, positions, etc. then take them to lunch at the local hot dog stand or Wendy’s, because that’s all they are permitted to spend, and no checks whatsoever, please.

The RNC donors aren’t listening…yet: On a related note, RNC donors met in Florida is discuss how best to use their money to bribe venal Congresspersons. What’s his name, the disgraced former president spoke, since the meeting was close enough that he could get home for supper, and called Moscow Mitch a dumb son of a bitch, which is diplomatic speak for dumb son of a bitch.

I take this as an indication that the civil war within the Republican Party isn’t over yet, and I am going to have to buy more popcorn to watch the next reel.

The Iranian Nuclear FUBAR: There were meetings in Geneva this week to see if the Iranian Nuclear Deal could be put back on track. The deal was one of President Obama’s finest achievements. What’s his name, the former disgraced president, backed out of the deal. It was perhaps his biggest blunder, which is really saying something.

Think what would have happened if what’s his name’s sanctions had actually worked. We would have ended up with another North Korea, a failed state with nukes.

Israel is upset we are even trying to restart the deal. Israel will always be an ally, I hope, but when it comes to our national interest, I wouldn’t trust Israel with my burnt match sticks, and certainly not any time soon (read anytime with Netanyahu in power).

Returning to the deal is a longshot. I’m not sure I would do it if I were Iran. We have proven to be an unreliable partner. Have I mentioned it’s time to get mostly out of the Middle East and leave those people to themselves?

EXTRA!!!: As I was about to write -30- to this edition, news came of yet another police shooting of a black man, this one with particularly bizarre circumstances.

The short version is the police pulled over a young black man for some minor offense, if any, and shot him to death. I’m sick and tired of the police turning misdemeanors into capital crimes and executing black men, and women, on the spot. I think almost everyone is.

But the bizarre twist in this case is that the police officer, a 26-year veteran on the force, threatened to taser the man but shot him instead. Apparently, she confused her gun for her taser.

This event screams poor training, extreme perversion of the police’s purpose, racial prejudice and possibly psychopathy. And why the hell would police use a gun for traffic stops anyway? A gun, or a taser, should never be drawn over a minor offense for any reason, yet it happens all the time. I’m on board for absolutely top-down reform of policing in America, which I have been since the drive by shooting of Timor Rice.

Worst state: Texas walks away with the cup this week because of the total body of work of its vile and incompetent politicians. The governor is a right-wing panderer. The lieutenant governor is a flat-out right-wing nut, Senator Cruz is, well, Senator Cruz, Representative Gohmert remains the dumbest sumbitch in the House and Senator Cornyn, who at least looks like a senator, joined the ranks Texas’ miscreant public officials by smearing President Biden for not being as unhinged as what’s his name, the disgraced former president.

And never forget the Texas voters who put every one of these people in office.

Thoughts on Events the Week of March 29

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Overview: Channeling Paul Simon, I look around, around and I see people going without masks and not social distancing even as Covid-19 cases are rising, I see people refusing to enact sensible gun legislation while surrounded by mass murders, I see legislators enacting voter suppression laws in a democracy, I see white supremacists thinking they are superior when all evidence is to the contrary, and I see that Ron White was correct: You can’t fix stupid.

Matt Gaetz:  This congress congressperson from Florida is being investigated for violating US code 2423 for transporting a minor across state lines for the purpose of sexual activity, and the possible legal jeopardy and negative publicity couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Whether Gaetz is innocent or guilty, which is not proven and until which he is considered innocent, he is a truly odious human being. He not only spews Trump lies, of which he knows better, word for word, but in a distinctly obnoxious way. Show me a rich pasty white guy who engages in lies and smears and grievances, poor baby, and I’ll show you a guy who deserves every negative thing he gets.

Infrastructure: This is a subject that has been bandied about, but not addressed, for years, arguably for half a century.

Trump promised to produce the best infrastructure bill ever incessantly, perhaps the only positive thing he ever did mention, but did absolutely nothing about it. President Obama desperately wanted an infrastructure jobs bill to help with the recovery from the Great Recession, but an obstructionist Republican Party denied him it. Now President Biden wants to go big on it. He’s positioning it in part as a jobs bill, but in my view, it’s really a catch-up bill.

Infrastructure must be maintained regularly or it falls into serious disrepair, which is what has been happening for years. It can be postponed up to a point, but the fact is, the more it is delayed, the more it is going to cost. That’s in part why Biden is making the big ask now.

I don’t think a bill of this kind is essential mow, as it certainly was in 2009. So, I’m not sure it necessarily needs to be addressed all at once. I would be happy with a commitment to on-going maintenance rather than one lump sum. That said, I appreciate Biden’s go big impulses.

Boycotts: After some prodding, corporate leaders in Georgia and Texas have made statements claiming the obvious, that voter suppression laws are odious. I can kind of sympathize with businesses put in this position. In today’s polarization, about half of their customers often stand on both sides of almost any issue, so whichever way they go, they risk alienating half their customers.

For instance, pulling the Major League Baseball’s All-Star game out of Atlanta is a small step, but a meaningful one. But the only ones affected in a meaningful way, other than bruising Atlanta’s pride, are the people who would be employed for the event and hospitality businesses.

Besides, I don’t put much stock in these statements. Like everything else in politics, don’t pay attention to what they say; watch what they do. If corporations really mean it, and they should, they will stop making donations to the Republican Party and its candidates. That will get politicians’ attention, and that’s what I will be looking out for.

Worst state: By way of welcoming Georgia into the rarified company of worst states, I give them the cup this week for the reason they qualify: its odious voter suppression laws.

Thoughts on Events the Week of March 22

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Immigration: It is just like we instant gratification addicted Americans to hammer President Biden for not solving our problems on the southern border, which have bedeviled us for decades, in the first two months of his administration while addressing the pandemic with his other hand.

The situation down there at present is this. The border is closed. Individuals and families who cross the border are turned around and sent back immediately. Unaccompanied children are taken in and held in camps until relatives or sponsors can take them in. It’s not ideal, but it seems more humane than sending them back into the desert.

Neither of these situations is tenable, however. We need more immigrants, for labor and to sustain our own population, which is aging and shrinking. Once we invite them in to work for us and pay taxes to our treasury, don’t we own them an opportunity for citizenship?

As for the children, we can’t take in every kid in the Western Hemisphere. And of those we are taking in and sending into the country to family and sponsors, what happens to them now?

You see; it’s complicated. For Pete’s sake, give the man and his administration time to think.

Mass murder derby: Not to be outdone by the raving lunatic who killed eight people in Atlanta, Georgia, another raving lunatic killed 10 people in Boulder, Colorado, taking the lead in mass killings in 2021. Next contestant.

Just when I thought it was safe to go out…: I have been making a list of places I need to go and things I need to do when it is safe. Now that I am fully vaccinated – two shots plus 14 days – I went to a couple of those places and scratched them off my list. Last Friday, I even went to a restaurant for the first time in more than a year, one that takes the protocols seriously.

Then, our low functioning moron Governor released all the Covid-19 restrictions in Arizona and invited in effect everyone to run amok, which they are doing. Now I’m seeing people of all ages walking around with no masks and no social distancing.

I tried going to the next place on my list, which had two cash registers, one manned by a young woman wearing no mask, and one by a young man wearing a mask, but not very well. The woman said she could help me next. I said I would wait for the guy with the mask. She said masks are no longer required. I said they are by me. So, here I am, locked down again with a long list of to dos unfulfilled.

More incredibly dumb stuff from knee jerk liberals: No one is more in favor of diversity than I, not least because it makes things so much more interesting. Different colors, different sounds, different looks, different languages, different music, different cuisine (I wouldn’t want to live in a world without enchiladas and Pad Thai), and different points of view.

Besides, the opposite of diversity is exclusion, xenophobia and prejudice.

But a couple of female Democratic Senators, who of all people should know better, threatened to hold up all Biden’s appointments until there is more representation of Asian Americans in his cabinet. This smacks of a filibuster to me.

The senators quickly withdrew the threat, but the flag had been flown, showing once again how knee-jerk liberals can get tangled up in really stupid, unimportant stuff and take their eye off the ball.

Full disclosure: I have always thought that presidents should have the cabinet executives they want, just like any corporate CEO does. I see no reason for the Senate to advise and consent, absent any egregious choice, which in this case would be criminal activity, not different opinions. This is another flaw in our fraying Constitution.

Crisis: Everything is a goddamn crisis these days. It has become one of the most over used and misused words in our language at present, up there with “impact,” “you know” and “Trump.”

The situation at the southern border is a big problem. The pandemic is a crisis. Our national debt is a problem. Mass murders are a crisis. You see the difference, don’t you?

Worst State: Jesus, where to start? Every one of the current worst states and contenders did egregious stuff again this week. But I’m going with South Carolina, because Senator Lindsey Graham stood out for his hypocrisy and disgusting opinions.

That said, the jury is in and I’m adding Georgia to the worst states list, which beat out the other contenders with its odious, singularly undemocratic voter suppression, supported by every Republican legislator in the state and its knuckle dragging governor.

Thoughts on Events the Week of March 15

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Another mass shooting: Robert Aaron Long shot and killed eight people in Atlanta, most of whom were Asian Americans. The killings are being investigated as a possible hate crime. Whatever Long’s motives, it’s obvious he is a raving lunatic, which begs the question how he was able to get his hands on a gun.

What the hell is wrong with us? We see so much gun violence on the news it’s not even news. When is someone going to consider that gun violence is caused by guns in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them and do something to keep them from having one? No gun, no shooting.

I know, I swore to myself I would write any more about gun control until something actually happened, but I am sick to the heart with this insanity.

Xenophobia runs amok: China Virus? Really? That’s the excuse for knocking down little old Asian ladies and men to the concrete pavement? How brave. How patriotic. How stupid.

It appears that the virus originated in China, but it’s not like China wanted it there. And I’m damn sure Asian Americans had nothing to do with it. They weren’t even in China. By definition, they were in America!

Some people just seem to need someone to blame and to hate. Is it to make themselves feel superior in some way? What’s superior about xenophobes who beat up little old ladies? The average IQ of Asians averages a point or two above ours. We’re lucky to have them here. And we sure don’t need to be taking it out on them, or China either, for that matter.

Leaving Afghanistan: After umpteen years of fruitless war and wasted treasure, President Biden announced we are getting ready to pull our troops off this pile of rocks. Everyone seems to be taking cover under the guise of negotiating a peace agreement with the Taliban. This is a canard. Everyone knows that the Taliban will take over the instant we leave.

I don’t give a rodent’s rectum who runs Afghanistan, so long as they don’t cause any trouble here. I only wish Obama had done this 12 year ago. Afghanistan is a pile of rocks. I am an admirer of Obama, but failure to do this was one of his two biggest mistakes.

Insurrection reduction: I was spot on when I predicted that we would hear precious little from the rioters on January 6 and their like-minded ilk once the light was shown on them. Not a peep. Crickets.

These bozos are hiding under the refrigerator because they know if the show themselves, they will be busted. Oh, they are probably jerking each other off on their right-wing social media platforms, but they are harmless there. Take down the fences.

So, now the only people preaching and condoning insurrection in public are Trump, Republican politicians, and Fox News.

Worst state: In a no brainer, I’m giving the cup to Texas this week because Congressperson Chip Roy evoked lynching during a hearing on Asian Americans and hate crimes. How tone deaf and insensitive can one bozo be? Is he trying to rival fellow Texas Congressperson Louis Gohmert for dumbest sombitch in the House? With a name like Chip, he’s got to be stupid, or he would have changed it.

Thoughts on Events the Week of March 1

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Covid-19 Relief Bill Passes in the House: This actually happened as I was going to press last week. Not a single Republican voted for it, although polling showed up to 70% of Americans favored the legislation, and with good reason. People, including a rapidly growing number of children, are starving.

Yet not a single Republican House member saw fit to vote for this legislation. Disgraceful, but no worse than the two Democrats who voted against it also. And it’s apparent that no Republican Senators are going to vote for the relief either. On the contrary, they are doing everything they can to thwart it. Hey, Republican legislators, Republicans are out of work and starving too.

So, Democrats, it is time to smell the coffee; The Republicans are as bad as they appear in the rearview mirror, and Democrats should not give them the sweat off their huevos going forward. It’s time to wipe up the floor with them, beginning with ending the filibuster, about which I will write more when I return from hospital later in the week.

Covid-19 conundrum: How sad would it be to be the last person killed in a war? We are so close to winning the war against Covid-19. Seeing the efficacy and safety of the new vaccines and the rapidly increasing distribution of them, you might think that people would want to be even more cautious for a few more months, to avoid being the last person to die of it when we are about to have it on the run, but it seems to be the opposite.

Everyone wants to get back to some state of normality, which is quite understandable. But the only way to do that is to beat the virus. We can’t have one until we have the other. Why can’t people understand that? Don’t bother to answer. It was a rhetorical question, with an obvious, unflattering answer.

March 4: QAnon assured its followers (read gullible morons and bat shit crazies) that Trump would return to the White House and resume his presidency on this date. You will be shocked, shocked to learn that this didn’t happen. I wonder which date QAnon will pick for their next day when Trump will triumph. Perhaps January 20, 2025, which is as unlikely as any other date they might pick.

That said, I never thought for a minute that there would be any trouble at the Capitol on March 4, or at any other date for that matter. The light has been turned on, and the cockroaches are scurrying back under the refrigerator. They now know if they show their faces, they will be arrested, and if they do try to cause trouble at the Capitol, the National Guard will be there in a heartbeat. We can take down the fence now.

Syria redux: Iranian backed militias in Syria launched some more rockets at our base across the border in Afghanistan so we lobbed some more bombs at them. The ostensible reason we have troops there, we are told, is to keep the Taliban from overrunning the Afghanistan before we can finalize a peace agreement with the Taliban.

This is fantasy. The Taliban is going to overrun Afghanistan as soon as we leave anyway. Secondly, I don’t give a rodent’s rectum if the Taliban overruns Afghanistan. Many of the people in Afghanistan seem to be perfectly happy with that kind of religious insanity. Afghanistan is a pile of rocks. Let them have it.

Poor Pence: The former Vice President and currently unemployed sycophant-in-chief penned an editorial supporting Trump’s big lie. The unfortunate bozo. I presume he is hoping to hang onto Trump’s base now that Trump is gone. But since Trump has turned on him and his base tried to lynch Pence about a month ago, I don’t see it happening.

Elaine Chao: Trump appointed the wife of Moscow Mitch McConnell to Secretary of Transportation where she was in the best possible position to grift for her family’s private business. And according to the inspector general, she chowed down (Chao, chowed. Get it?). I don’t really know why I even mention this. Corruption and grifting were so common in the Trump administration, it hardly qualifies as news.

 Worst state: It turns out that Texas’ leaders not only screwed their citizens, but all of the rest of the country as well. Since they failed to winterize the petroleum refining facilities, which froze, crimping supplies, gas prices have skyrocketed.

But this isn’t the worst thing about Texas this week. Governor Abbott rescinded all commonsense measures to combat Covid-19 just in time for Spring Break. What a political putz. Texas deservedly gets the cup this week.

To be fair, Mississippi has done the same thing, but Mississippi doesn’t count. I’m not sure it is even an actual state. Its biggest contribution to the nation is to be worst of the 50 states in every despicable category, saving other the embarrassment of it. Alabama state motto: At least we’re not Mississippi.

I’m still keeping my eye on Arizona and Wisconsin for possible addition to the worst state list. A lot will depend on what each state does to suppress voting rights and gerrymandering. Arizona has Gosar, Wisconsin has Johnson. As long as they are around, both states will rate some consideration.

Thoughts on Events the Week of February 22

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The Crown Prince did it, with a saw in the consulate: President Biden released the report telling us what we already knew, that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

It’s a tough call how to deal with MBS now. He is the de facto leader of his country, likely to be the king when his father dies. As head of state, he cannot be ignored. And he is not the only despot Trump’s coddling emboldened to commit heinous crimes without fear of retribution. Remember Putin (Russia), Kim (North Korea), Duterte (Philippines) and Erdoğan (Turkey).

It’s an easy call, however, how to deal with Saudi Arabia, the country: as an ally, but at arm’s length, true to our own national interests, and particularly wary, knowing the country is run by a reckless, violent sociopath. Saudi Arabia is not our friend.

CPAC: This annual congregation of bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, and other various and sundry crazies gathered together this week for a mass ass kissing of the recently departed Trump. (Sudden thought: since Trump is departed, isn’t that necrophilia?)

Mel Brooks said about Nazism that some things are so horrible, all you can do it laugh at them. CPAC is not quite that horrible; it’s just laughable.

Neera Tanden: Having nothing to do with her qualifications, the nomination of Tanden to be President Biden’s Budget Director is in jeopardy because she has said mean things about some Republicans. Poor babies. She hurt their feelings.

But what would you expect from a political operative involved in three Democratic presidential campaigns and administrations? My hopes of rational bipartisanship from Republicans are growing dimmer daily. Shame on these people.

Measured, proportional response: President Biden lobbed a few bombs at Iranian-backed militias in Syria because they shot some rockets at our troops there. I would just like to point out that if we didn’t have any troops in Syria, no rockets could be shot at them, hence no response requiring measured proportionality, whatever that means.

Worst state: Texas is an avatar of what’s wrong with unregulated capitalism and governmental misfeasance. In their misguided sense of independence and greed, Texas allowed profit-driven capitalists to separate Texas from the national power grid and let their grid be market driven. Okay, but when the whole thing came a cropper because they didn’t winterize their systems to cut costs for more profit, the capitalists now want the government to pay for the winterizing, and Governor Abbott is inclined to let them!

Texas capitalists, like those everywhere, want the profits for themselves but for the rest of us to pay for their screw ups and losses. They are definitely the worst state this week and richly deserve the cup.