Thoughts on Events the Week of August 10

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on August 17, 2020

Kamala Harris: Joe Biden selected Senator Harris (D-CA) to be his running mate. Harris was my first choice and my first guess who he would select. She checks all the boxes.

I usually don’t favor U.S. Senators for higher office because the Senate hasn’t functioned properly for two decades, and senators have lost touch with how to govern responsibly. But Harris has executive experience as Attorney General of California, a big job.

I think Trump is rightly afraid of Harris. She’s a strong woman, and all strong women scare him. (Can you see Harris letting Trump, or Pence, stalk her across the stage like Hillary did?)

Given the political and demographic landscape, I think that with this nomination, Harris becomes the likely first women president, and a lot of other firsts, including the first women candidate to wipe up the floor with Mike Pence in the VP debate and leave him crying for Mother.

Amazon Cabinet: Looking over the finalists for the VP nomination, I am struck by what an impressive group of women they are. Ditto some of the men in the list of primary contenders. I think many will have a bigger future in the Democratic Party, some quite soon.

You’ve heard of Andrew Jackson’s “Kitchen Cabinet,” but how about a Biden Amazon Cabinet? These women are so impressive I can imagine them filling up most of the posts in Biden’s administration.

I expect to see Susan Rice there as Secretary of State or National Security Advisor and I would love to see Elizabeth Warren become Secretary of the Treasury so I can watch bankers cry for their mamas. Tammy Duckworth as Secretary of the Army? Make Bernie Secretary of Education, a position from which he can work on his dream of free, quality education for everyone.

As for Director of Homeland Security, I would choose no one. Break it back into its original parts, discarding a whole lot of bureaucracy, and put competent leaders in each one. Biden has a deep bench from which to choose.

USPS BS: President Trump is trying to strangle the Post Office Department to suppress mail-in voting. This is worse than garden variety voter suppression, odious as that is. This is an insult to the Constitution, and the sleep of reason among Republicans.

In our present circumstances, a healthy, functioning democracy would be investment spending like crazy on the USPS to expand its capabilities, at least temporarily, to handle the anticipated surge in mail in voting during a pandemic. Instead, we’re doing just the opposite.

It is jaw dropping how much damage Trump seems willing to visit on the Constitution and American citizens to win an election. He has vowed to veto any Covid-19 relief package that includes money for the Post Office or to help states prepare for increased mail in voting.

Hypocrisy abounds as Trump says mail-in voting is OK in Florida where he votes because it has a Republican governor, and that he plans to vote there using a mail-in ballot. In other words, he gets to do it, but he doesn’t want anybody else to do it.

Trump seems not to realize that his own voters are voters too, and many of them may be as worried about in person voting as Democratic voters just now. I’m surprised that other Republican elected politicians haven’t pointed this out to him.

I don’t know how this is going to be resolved, but I think this puts Republican legislators in a bad fix. Trump has positioned himself, and therefore Republicans, as the obstacles to any relief package, and as the ones endangering voters’ lives. I don’t think it’s going to sit very well with voters. It will be interesting to see what Republicans hear from voters about this over their fall break.

Birther Redux: President Trump paused from playing his racist and xenophobic cards for a moment and played his misogynist card against Harris (Trump only has three cards to play), but I don’t think it’s going to stick. We’ve all seen these tropes before, and they are becoming shopworn. And I sure don’t think it’s going to help his standing with suburban women.

Football: I don’t think there is going to be college football this fall, and I’m doubtful about pro ball. I think the NFL will try to start a season, but I expect it to have to end due to Covid-19. It’s a personal loss, because I love football, so one of the myriad reasons I hate Trump as our president is that if he had addressed the virus properly the first time, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Worst State: There’s been so much national news – good and bad – this week that I haven’t had time to check the usual suspects for malfeasance, so they all get a pass this week.

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