Thoughts on Events the Week of August 17

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on August 28, 2020

Democratic National Convention: I usually consume these conventions like I do other political events and books: skip them and pick up the highlights on the news. But I watched some of this one because I was curious how they would handle the new challenges of a virtual convention. On the whole, I thought they did a competent, even creative job. They certainly put on a responsible convention in the age of Covid-19, setting a good example for the country.

My favorite virtual event was when they canvased their delegation by state to hear the votes for the various nominees, though this year there were only two:  Biden and Bernie. There was a camera crew in each state where a spokesman gave their respective tallies and a brief pitch for their state. My favorite was the calamari served up in Rhode Island. Did you know Rhode Island was the major player in calamari? Neither did I.

It was charming and more interesting than the typical shouting from the convention floor. I hope future convention consider doing this.

However, the most poignant moment in the convention for me, even more than the brave, stuttering boy who was befriended by Biden, a former stutterer, was the speech by President Obama. It brought tears to my eyes to be reminded what a president should look like and behave.

Steve Bannon got busted: And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fellow. But his arrest raises a question I have posed before: are all people who come into the administration crooks, or do some become crooks when they get there? Channeling Forrest Gump, I would say both, maybe.

Most are already crooks. Trump doesn’t really seem to know many people who are not. But some are mere venal people of poor character who, when they see the president breaking the law, think it is okay for them to do it too. Either way, they’re pretty much all crooks. Everyone and everything that Trump comes in contact with is diminished.

Worst state: I haven’t paid the least attention to what any of these states were doing when actual statesmen and women were on the national stage this week.

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