Thoughts on Events the Week of August 31

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on September 7, 2020

Joe Biden’s Speech: Biden followed up his acceptance speech with another excellent one, I thought, in which he calmly, clearly, and persuasively debunked every one of Trump’s present lies and smears against him. When Biden was finished, Trump’s boxer shorts were down around his ankles and his, er, inadequacies fully exposed.

I’m not certain why Trump lies and smears as excessively as he does. Speculation includes that he is such a pathological liar that he doesn’t know how to tell the truth. Since most of his smears of others are actually reflections of his own character flaws, perhaps he is just trying to shrug them off of himself to preserve his fragile psyche. But I think he recognizes that his true self is so despicable that he must pollute our minds with distractions to hide who he knows he really is. For this, he seems to have a true gift, his only one.

Trump v. Military. Spoiler alert: Trump loses: Trump stepped into a hot mess messing with the military, deliciously for telling the truth for once, though at the wrong places at the wrong times. People who were willing to admit it overheard him.

Trump loves the trappings of being Commander in Chief, just not anything having to do with the responsibility for actual military leadership. He is especially averse to dealing with gravely wounded vets, whose wounds are considerably more serious than bone spurs.

I’ll skip over many of the president’s smears of the military and its members to the one when, it is reliably reported, he called soldiers who fought in Vietnam (my generation’s war) “suckers,” and wondered aloud why they would have done it. Well, most of them were drafted, that’s why, something Trump was able to evade.

Trump is correct that Vietnam was a stupid, stupid war. I opposed it then and I still hate it now. I would have gone to Canada before Vietnam, though fortunately I didn’t have to. But I would never denigrate those people who did go, either because they had to or wanted to. (My charity does not extend to the military and political leadership at the time. Any still living should be hanging by their scrotums in a dungeon somewhere.)  

Trump’s base may be willing to excuse even this, but I sense this offense is different, and if not his base, many others are noticing.

Don’t vote, but if you do, vote often: Trump has proposed that North Carolina voters vote twice. Seriously, as part of his campaign to try to delegitimize mail in voting, Trump said that voters in North Carolina should vote once by mail and then in person, to test his premise that mail in voting is ripe for fraud.

Both ideas – mail in voter fraud and voting twice are so stupid, and the latter so illegal, they expose Trump’s incurious mind and tenuous connection to common sense, not to mention our laws.  

By the way, you low functioning moron of a president, the specific reason for expanding mail in voting during in this unique voting cycle, though smart anytime, is precisely so people won’t have to go to the polls and risk exposure to Covid-19. Asking voters to go to a poll after they have voted safely by mail is not only stupid, but chillingly cynical.

Evidence that Trump isn’t the least serious about this is that he suggests an exception – Florida – whose voters should be able to vote by mail because it has a Republican governor and Trump wants to vote by mail there himself. What a putz.

Trump doesn’t care that it makes infinite sense to expand mail in voting in the age of Covid-19. Also, he doesn’t seem to care that his idea throws vulnerable Colorado Senator Corey Gardner under the bus because most Colorado voters already do vote this way. Trump just wants to distract with shocking, moronic statements.

But even worse than Trump, AG Barr is such an ass kissing sycophant that when asked, our nation’s top justice official could not acknowledge that voting more than once in the same election is a felony. He gurgled that he wasn’t familiar with North Carolina law. Wolf Blitzer had to remind him that voting more than once in the same election is illegal in any election, period, from local to state to federal ones. What a putz.

Worst state: We have a winner this week – Arizona, my own personal state at present. Arizona wins because a rather large group of socially distancing-averse students at Arizona State University held a rally to raise money for the legal defense of the total wingnut 17-year-old who shot and killed two protesters recently.

These students are presumably among Arizona’s best and brightest. What does that say about us? Don’t be too confident that Arizona is about to turn purple in November. Maybe for Kelly over McSally, but beyond that, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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