Thoughts on Events the Week of September 7

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on September 16, 2020

Covid-19: Trump is on tape telling Bob Woodward how easily the virus is transmitted airborne, and that it is seriously deadly, while he was telling us not to bother wearing masks and the virus is no big deal and will go away soon, harmlessly.

This is a blatant abuse of his office for partisan political purposes. He misled the American people to catastrophe, without a thought to our lives.

Some are criticizing the journalist for not telling us what Trump told him as soon as he heard it, to which I say lay off Woodward. This criticism is misplaced. Woodward’s job is to sell books. It’s Trump’ job to protect us. Who did the better job?

I do not think for a minute that this revelation will shatter Trump’s base. They are solid as a block of granite. And twice as smart. But I think it will chase more voters away from him at the margins.

What I do expect, in fact am counting on, is that people will get into the voting booth and realize how exhausted they are from four years of Trump’s chaos, lies, vulgarity and plain mismanagement, not to mention corruption beginning with him and down through his entire administration, and deciding they can’t take another four years of it. It used to be we wouldn’t put up with this nonsense. I hope we will make a major correction this November.

National Deception Director: The Director of Homeland Security reportedly ordered that intelligent reports be withheld from states and local communities, Congress, the press, and sometimes even the president, because the news upsets him.

If this is the case, what’s the point of having a DHS? It’s a bloated bureaucracy that that has been completely politicized and corrupted and is only gumming up the works. Tear it down.

Benefit of incumbency: Trump wants desperately to hold onto Florida in the election – without it, he is toast – so he is doing them favors, or at least is trying to appear to. He extended the ban on offshore drilling around Florida, which will please its residents, though was an unnecessary gesture. The current ban runs years longer, and it would have been extended when the subject next came up.

On a related note, Trump also announced he is drawing down 3,000 more troops from Afghanistan, another empty gesture. Trump has said he would get us out of Afghanistan but has done little to nothing about it throughout his term until this symbolic, political move . And even with this drawdown, we still have thousands of troops there. This was another feint to give the appearance of action.

Worst state: The worst state this week, hands down, was Wisconsin (which is not even on the worst state list), due to its odious voter suppression shenanigans, abetted by a blatantly partisan Supreme Court. So, the usual suspects get a pass this week.

(Note: I never thought I would say this, but if Wisconsin keeps it up, they may have to be Considered for the worst state list. A once progressive state with good education standards, it has become an embarrassment to democratic governance.)

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