Thoughts on Events the Week of September 21

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on September 29, 2020

The dumbest thing ever said by a U.S. President: Trump spent the week trying to delegitimize the presidential election, and I expect him to continue to do so right up to November 3 and thereafter.

In this effort, he said, and I am not making this up, that if we take away the ballots, we’d have a good election. Can he not hear himself speak? Does he not understand how that sounds? For purposes of an election, ballots are pretty much de regueur. Trump finds ballots inconvenient for the type of government he has in mind, and it’s not our type. (In the meantime, early voting has begun in several states.)

In addition to Trump’s own efforts to undermine our election, he obtained help from his Secretary of State and Attorney General, both of whom have taken temporary and unofficial leave from their oath of office to shill for the president.

There are three types of Trump supporters today: his voter base; that part of the Republican leadership who are terrified of his base and so acquiesce to whatever Trump wants to do; and the part of Republican leadership that is aiding and abetting Trump directly, which makes them directly complicit.

This last group is the worst, but most of them, specifically the appointed ones, will be gone when Trump is gone. It remains to be seen what will happen to the middle group. I hope enough of them will be thrown out of office for Democrats to take control of the senate. Then the rest can writhe in the depts of minority misery. As for Trump’s base voters, I’m not sure what to expect. I’m optimistic enough to hope for some introspection.

Breaking News: Trump nominated a conservative jurist to become Justice of the Supreme Court. Also, the sun rose in the East. In an equally startling event, Trump went to where Justice Ginsberg laid in state and the mourners around her hounded him off the premises with chants of “Vote him out.”

Real Breaking News: As I go to press, thanks to the New York Times, Trump’s tax returns are beginning to leak out. I’ll have more thoughts on this after we learn more. But the returns are embarrassing to Trump, to say the least. Soon, many expect it to become more than embarrassing; possibly criminal. I’m taking the over on that. If there is any justice left after Barr is gone from DOJ, Trump will go from the White House to the Big House, with a short layover in Florida to be up a pair of clean undershorts.

The Johnson Committee Report: was issued from his committee’s totally made up investigation and it was a big yawner. Johnson is among the most complicit of Trump’s Republican stooges.

Oh, goodie. Let’s invade Iraq again: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that we are considering removing our diplomatic personnel from Iraq. This appears to be in preparation to send troops there to engage militias loyal to Iran, which is just what we need right now, a repeat of our biggest international relations blunder in our history, courtesy of President George W. Bush, now running second best in worst president competition, having been beaten our and even lapped by Trump.

I’m guessing, however, that this announcement by Pompeo is just political blustering to jack off the base leading up to the election.

Worst state: Thanks to Senator Johnson, Wisconsin would have won the cup were it eligible for worst case status, about which I am thinking but will reserve judgement until after the election. So, it’s Kansas again this week because Pompeo.

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