Football Thoughts – Week 3

Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on September 30, 2020

College Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners hosted the Kansas State Wildcats this weekend, over whom they were a 27.5-point favorite. This was before KSU announced just before the game that they would be missing five more players due to Covid-19 concerns.

First, the good news. Just kidding. There was no good news. OU lost 38-35 and stank on ice in all aspects of the game. Starting with the worst first, the defense suffered a collapse so complete it made me long for the terrible defenses we had just two years ago. KSU’s best offense was OU’s busted assignments on defense. OU was outscored 17-0 in the fourth quarter and gave up 334 yards passing.

I am sick and tired of our string of four years when we have lost a game to a woefully inferior opponent, sending our playoff prospects into turmoil. And I’m sick and tired to terrible defenses. Coach Riley don’t dither like you did over Mike Stoops. Give rid of this DC now and find a better one.

The special teams’ contribution to this debacle by allowing a punt to be blocked.

On offense the Sooners did score 35 points but had many poor series and way too many penalties. Spencer Rattler is the goods. He is perhaps an even more accurate passer than our previous three quarterbacks – Mayfield, Murray and Hurts – which is really saying something. He had 387 yards passing, but he is a freshman and played like it this week, with three interceptions.

Texas scored a whopping 63 points, which is impressive. But Texas Tech hung 56 on them and took UT to overtime. Not so impressive. Oklahoma State beat West Virginia 27-13, putting an end to the WV myth, and Iowa State beat TCU 37-34. OU has nothing to fear from any of these teams, but then again, they should have had nothing to fear from KSU. Disgusting.

Mississippi State beat defending national champion LSU by 10 points. The championship is open to OU, but we just keep screwing up against mediocre teams.

NFL: The new look Dallas Cowboys continued mimicking the old look Cowboys and their 8-8 seasons, falling behind, rallying late but falling short, with underperforming defense (they have averaged giving up of more than 32 points per game, a franchise worst in the first three games of a season) and unimaginative coaching. Dak Prescott had 450 yards passing, but also two interceptions and a fumble. Too much coughing up. (I don’t count Prescott’s last interception; it was a Hail Mary pass into the endzone at the last moments of the game, a long shot, not unlike the onside kick they recovered last week.)

I never expected Dallas to beat the Seahawks in Seattle. They are 1-2 now, just where I predicted them to be after the first three games. But I still think it is likely that Dallas will win the NFC East, because all the other teams in the division seem to be even worse. Washington is 1-2, just like the Cowboys, but less impressive; Philadelphia is 0-2-1, having been tied by Cincinnati, the worst team in the league; and New York has yet to win a game.

The important news is that it is clear now, after Jerry Jones’ post-game remarks, that the Cowboys just don’t think that Dak is their guy nor worth the money he is asking. Jerry burned that bridge. Okay. It’s Jerry’s money, his choice. That being the case, they must let Dak go and find a better alternative (good luck with that).

But don’t feel sorry for Dak. He’s making about $31 million dollars now, and if they were to franchise him next season, he would be making about $37 million.

But they won’t be able to keep him next season now that Jerry has burned the bridge, and if they do keep him. Prescott will have little incentive to play well. He’ll just be waiting for the end of the season to sign with someone else.

The Cowboys will have to cut Dak loose, and when they do, there will be many teams lined up to pay him what he wants. In fact, I can think of only five or six teams who wouldn’t need him. Just don’t trade him to an NFC East team. They all stink now, but with Prescott, they will wipe up the floor with our underachieving lot.

The game I thought would be the best of the weekend turned out not to be much of a game at all. Kansas City dominated the Baltimore Ravens, who might be the second-best team in the NFL but still struggled just to stay within two touchdowns of KC.

The game between Green Bay and New Orleans, turned out to be the best one, but though fun to watch, it was apparent that Green Bay is better than the Saints, and Aaron Rodgers is playing better than Drew Brees today, or just about any quarterback for that matter.

The Cleveland Browns won their game with Baker Mayfield over the woeful Washington Foreskins 34-20, while Kyler Murray fell to earth and the Cardinals lost to the lowly Detroit Lions 26-23. I’m sure this is a game Phoenix expected to win, but they just didn’t play well enough.

In the Brady Belichick feud, Tom Brady and Cam Newton both won for Tampa Bay and New England respectively, so I call this week another draw. Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t involved in the calculation this week because he did not play, which as I think about it, may be a point against Belichick, but I’m still calling it a push. (San Francisco still beat the New York Giants handily, which says more about how bad the New York Giants are than anything about the 49ers.)

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