The First Debate

Posted in Politics and Justice by EloiSVM42 on October 1, 2020

The Angels sat this one out: I watched the entire debate because, and only because, this is such an important election. I have two take aways. First, this event will not change many minds. This is a clear reflection of the two candidates and opinions of them are already almost completely baked in. Besides, voting has already begun.

Second, without picking sides, it is clear that this debate format isn’t working.

Both of these are good reasons not to have another debate, and absent a change in format, or at least technology, Biden shouldn’t do any more, and I certainly won’t watch any more.

Did Trump plan this approach, or could he just not control himself? (Some insiders say he took a completely different tack than the one rehearsed in his debate prepping.)

I suspect Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He knows he can’t win a fair and free election and has given up trying. He is planning what comes after November 3 and is setting us up for it by sowing chaos wherever he can. Either way, debates such as the first one can’t be repeated. Options:

Forget debate. Just let the candidates talk on a subject for two minutes each with one-minute rebuttals, uninterrupted. And have some mechanism(s) to thwart interruptions.

In professional bass fishing, if a fisherman (they’re all men presently), catches a fish and it touches the deck of the boat while being brought on board or being unhooked, the fisherman loses two minutes of fishing time, which can be a meaningful penalty. The debate could adopt the same rule and if a debater interrupts, he loses a two-minute turn.

Also, the moderator should have control of the mics and turn off the one of the candidate who isn’t supposed to talk, or at least have a kill switch. If the debater’s mic is off and he talks even without one, he still loses his two minutes.

The Trump campaign is resisting rules changes, but they are on sandy soil. What good are the current rules if the campaign can’t muzzle their cur? Trump agreed to the present rules and then ignored them. The mic control and kill switch is probably the best option. Call is an anti-bloviator switch.

On the whole, I could do without any more debates. It’s embarrassing for other countries to see our president behave like this. But I suppose other world leaders already have baked in opinions about the candidates also.

BTW, I do not fault Chris Wallace for this debacle. He tried his best to get the debaters to follow the rules, but Trump doesn’t follow rules, and when he broke them, Wallace was powerless to stop the big orange bully.

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