Football Thoughts – Week Four

Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on October 7, 2020

College Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners lost to Iowa State in Ames, the first time OU has lost there since 1960. This is another game that OU was favored to win, but in which it failed spectacularly. The defense remained horrible and the quarterback remained a talented freshman. I think it is time we begin to accept that OU is just not as good this year as it has been recently.

My worry is that OU’s defensive woes are becoming not only bad, but notoriously so. When you are notorious for being bad, it becomes more and more difficult to recruit the players who can pull you out of it.

Texas lost also, to TCU, and looked as bad as the Sooners doing it. This was a game UT was supposed to win, but didn’t, which means that both teams will come into the Red River Shootout this weekend with a losing record, and losses the previous week, which very rarely happens, and hasn’t for years.

OU is favored by two points, but I can’t imagine why. The over/under is 72.5 points, an acknowledgement that neither team’s defense can stop anybody.

The NFL: The Dallas Cowboys’ pattern of disappointing, but no longer unexpected, losses in its now predictable way continued Sunday, with Dallas falling far behind, Prescott putting up outrageous numbers and bringing them back, all to fall short at the end. In fact, Cleveland Browns, over whom Dallas was favored by five points, wiped up the floor with them. (Cleveland won by 11 points, which means Dallas was 13 points worse than the spread predicted.)

In a bit of a surprise, the Philadelphia Eagles won their game over the 49ers, and with their dismal record of 1-2-1, took over the lead in the NFC East. This division is so lousy, Dallas still has a good chance to win it and lose embarrassingly in their first playoff game.

The week kicked off with the Thursday night game between the Broncos and the Jets. I almost didn’t watch because neither team had won a game and I thought it would be bad. But the teams were evenly matched, and each was desperate for a win, so they both played hard and made a good game out of it. Broncos won 37-28.

Green Bay toyed with the Atlanta Falcons (it was 27-6 at the end of three quarters), who have yet to win a game. Aaron Rodgers is playing extremely well.

The New England Patriots, without Cam Newton, lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, 27-10. The Chiefs looked mortal in this game, but I suspect it was hard to get up for the game when the opposing quarterback was out.

In the Belichick v Brady feud, this week definitely goes to Brady. His Buccaneers won their game and Brady threw five touchdown passes, while the Patriots, while putting up a good fight, lost to KC without Cam Newton (see above). The 49ers lost too, though without Garoppolo, so he was a non-factor.

In the comparison and contrast between OU’s two Heisman Trophy winning, #1 NFL draft choices, Baker Mayfield had by far the better day. As mentioned, Mayfield and the Browns beat the Dallas Cowboys, while Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Carolina Panthers by 10 points, a team I expected them to beat. Their defense rivaled the Cowboys in ineptitude. (The Cardinals play the Cowboys October 19, in Dallas. I’m not sure who to pull for.)

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