Football Thoughts – Week 6

Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on October 23, 2020

Despite the enormous pressure from greedy pasty white guy NFL owners, and even more greedy university presidents, my bet with myself that the football season will not be able to finish due to Covid-19 is looking better and better. Several college and professional games were “postponed” this week over the virus, and as we are coming into colder weather, as predicted by models, cases are beginning to spike seriously again.

College Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners were idle this week, so nothing about them.

The rankings are beginning to sort themselves out. Eight ranked teams were upset, such as Florida State’s upset over #8 North Carolina, which had no business being ranked this high in the first place. Speaking of which, the great pretender, Notre Dame, beat 1-3 Louisville 12-7 on four field goals!

Oklahoma State v. Baylor was postponed. (See above.)

NFL: Jones boys. Fire every god damned one of them, including yourselves. Fire that out of work head coach you hired, that out of date defensive coordinator, that wunderkind offensive coordinator who is a wunderclunker, and enough players to get the others’ attention. That 38-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals made me long for the good old mediocre 8-8 years, because this team, isn’t going to win even eight games at this rate.

Still, inconceivably, Dallas could still win the NFC East, which it leads with a 2-4 record, though I no longer expect it.

In the comparison and contrast between OU’s successive Heisman Trophy winners and first round draft picks, it was all Kyler Murray this week (see above). Murray wiped up the floor with Dallas, and the Pittsburgh Steelers wiped up the floor with Baker Mayfield’s Cleveland Browns. Murray has a better organization and team around him, whereas Mayfield has a team around him that endangers his life every time he takes a snap. Mayfield is tough, but he is getting beaten up to the point of injury.

(It was recently fired coach and GM of the Houston Texans who traded DeAndre Hopkins to the Cardinals for a third-round draft pick. This trade has helped Arizona and Murray immeasurably, and was such a stupid trade that it should have gotten O’Brien on the spot.)

Similarly, in the feud between Belichick’s New England Patriots and Brady’s Tamp Bay Buccaneers, it was all Brady this week. Brady outdueled Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers handily.

Here again, Brady has the better team. I’ve long thought of the Packers as “Rodgers and the Seven Dwarfs,” and last Sunday, when Rodgers had a bad day, the Packers looked hopeless.

To be fair, New England has been particularly bedeviled by Covid-19, which struck several players, coaches, and staff, including quarterback Cam Newton. It has caused a postponement, roster problems and disrupted their practice schedules.)

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