Thoughts on Events the Week of October 19

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on October 29, 2020

Presidential debate: The second, and thankfully the last, face-to-face-debate between soon-to-be President Biden and soon-to-be-unemployed President Trump took place. This debate was in some ways similar and in other ways very different than the first one.

The debate was different in that President Trump stayed relatively calm. Of course, he was helped in this because the Debate Commission changed the rules and muted the mic of each candidate when it was time for the other to speak, which made it impossible for Trump to butt in incessantly on Biden as he did in the first debate.

It was the same in that almost every word that came out of Trump’s mouth was a lie. In fact, by my count, Trump lies appreciably more in this debate than the previous one. He’s hoping some voters may be fooled by his lies, and he knows that his base doesn’t care if he does.

Covid-19: Just as scientists predicted, the virus has begun surging, with a capital “S,” as the weather, and the patience of stupid people, is cooling. Spikes are particularly large in Midwestern (cough, red) states, which were somewhat spared during previous outbreaks except in nursing homes and packing plants. I don’t know about you, but I’m staying out of packing plants, and the Midwest, for a while.

To be sure, more than just Midwestern states are experiencing surges. In fact, as of this writing, 37 states are seeing record cases.

Trump campaigns in Arizona: Trump made two appearances here – in Prescott and Tucson – to infect or indirectly contribute to the infection of many of his base. I was surprised Trump stopped in Prescott, the reddest town in the state. He is surely going to carry Prescott, if not the whole state.

Worst state: Surprisingly, none of the worst states are among those most egregiously attempting to suppress their vote, so I am going to do as the FBI should have done and not call out any state this close to the (cough, Comey sucks) election.

As previously mentioned, I am considering removing Arizona from the worst state list and replacing it with another. A primary reason for this is not because Republican Senator McSally is about to lose to Democrat Kelly, or that even President Trump is on thin ice here (though I’ll believe he will lose Arizona when I see it).

No, it’s because Arizona has admirably clean and fair early voting laws and practices. In fact, Arizona began counting early mail-in, drop-off and in-person votes on October 20, so we should know results here relatively early on election night.

There are a few worthy worst state candidates to replace Arizona, but I’m leaning toward Wisconsin, whose state Supreme Court partisanship might make the Supreme Court blush, and Senator Johnson is an embarrassment to democracy, but I will reserve final decisions until after the election.

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