Thoughts on Events the Week of October 26

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on November 2, 2020

The Supremes: Amy Coney Barrett was elevated to the Court faster than Hamlet’s uncle married Hamlet’s mother after he killed Hamlet’s father. As Horatio said to Hamlet about this too-rapid sequence of events, “Indeed, my lord, it did come hard upon.”

Make no mistake, though unseemly, even despicable, Barret’s confirmation was not unconstitutional. What was unconstitutional, was Moscow Mitch’s denying a hearing to President Obama’s nominee to another Supreme Court seat a year earlier.

Should Biden win the presidency, and should Democrats win the Senate, Moscow Mitch and the Republicans must pay for this abuse of the Constitution, and I mean severely. As far as I am concerned, Republican Senators deserve everything the Democrats give them, and then some…so long as it is Constitutional.

Final Election Result Due Dates, by State:  As part of his efforts to corrupt our election and suppress the count, President Trump insists that the winner must be called on Election night. This is utter nonsense. No rule or law requires any state to certify its count on election night.

Formal certification requirement dates by state range from earliest (Delaware on 11/5) to latest (California on 12/11). The rest fall somewhere in between, with most clustered near the end of November. Certification dates for some significant states include Pennsylvania (11/11); Florida (11/17); Georgia (11/20); Michigan and Minnesota (11/24); Wisconsin (12/1); and Texas (12/3).

In fact, no results from any state are, or ever have been, official on election day. What we get are projections based on tv networks’ algorithms, or final, but not yet official, counts from states who finish their counts on election night.

That said, it is possible that there may be enough wide-margin projections sufficient for the networks to declare a winner on November 3. Wouldn’t I love to see that, because it will mean that Democrats will almost certainly have taken the Senate as well. I’m giddy with anticipation.

Another thought to consider: Florida is a state that allows early votes to be counted as they come in, and Florida is on the east coast, so it may be that the state will have its projection ready election night. If Biden wins Florida, it’s hard to see him losing the election.

Black Lives Matter…for target practice: Police have shot more of our black citizens heartlessly and unnecessarily. I will blog a solution to this next week as we are waiting for election results.

Halloween: This year in this country we are seeing such a horror show that I didn’t even notice it was Halloween until a sweet and thoughtful friend and neighbor brought me some candy and a card. I didn’t even think to send a card to my granddaughter. Shame on me.

Worst state: I was wrong. One worst state has tried egregiously to suppress its vote: Texas. Governor Abbott, a smarmy pig part if ever there was one (sorry, Walter) issued an executive order that there can only be one drop off box in each county. (As a point of reference, Prescott, AZ has added six additional boxes.)  

This is such a blatant attempt at voter suppression that I was sure the Texas courts would nullify this rule, but it didn’t. This is Texas, after all. So, Texas deserves and gets the worst state cup this week, and this is why I think people who are expecting Texas to go for Biden are kidding themselves. The same for Arizonans.

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