Thoughts on Events the Week of November 2

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on November 10, 2020

The election: It certainly wasn’t a blue tsunami, nor even a blue wave. In fact, other than ridding the White House of its most despicable and unqualified occupant in history, very little changed. This is unfortunate because our system needs serious reform, and because the results of the election could portend more years of governmental dysfunction instead. I have no idea in which direction post-Trump politics may tilt, but if the Republicans maintain control of the Senate, theirs will be the reaction to watch.

It’s hard to imagine that the Republican Party will, based on the results, feel much incentive to abandon its obstructionist tactics. Moscow Mitch will apparently still be ruining the Senate, and remember, having been denied a second term today means Trump could run again in four years. (Spoiler alert: ain’t gonna happen.)

We can only hope that at least some Republican Senators will take their oath of office more seriously going forward. It will be interesting to see if their loyalty continues when Trump starts facing serious legal issues when he leaves office.

I do not feel as euphoric about Trump’s defeat as I hoped I would. It’s distressing to realize that almost half the people I come in contact with are xenophobic, misogynist, religiously intolerant, racist bigots. (Maybe more since I live in Arizona, which, even after this election is just pinker, not really purple.)

Trying to find a rosier big picture, I see two winners from this election: the rest of the world and America. I say this because the rest of the world has been holding its breath and crossing its fingers hoping we would come to our senses about Trump and we have, at least for now. And America won by accepting Kamala Harris, a bi-racial daughter of Indian and Jamaican immigrants, suggesting we have made at least some progress.

One thing I must admit about myself at this juncture, and of which I am not proud, is that I have let Trump take up too much space in my life. I need to change this. I do not want to risk my health over Trump any more than I already have.

I contemplated shutting down my blog after the election, but I can’t do this just yet because I am still too curious what is going to happen in the near future. But I do intend to reduce my blogging and focus my thoughts more broadly.

Worst state: This designation is not terribly important at this moment in time. I suppose the cup should go to whichever state follows Trump down the rabbit hole of resistance the most. Early candidates include Texas because Ted Cruz, South Carolina because Lindsay Graham, and Kansas because Mike Pompeo. Let’s lump them all together this week.

Also, I have decided to remove Arizona, my own personal residence, from the list of worst state candidates. This is not because Arizona elected another Democratic Senator and threw out an undeserving incumbent, nor that it may swing to
Biden, though I’ll believe it when I see it. No, it’s because Arizona has enlightened election laws, including for easy registration, early voting, and vote by mail, which were vividly on display this election.

So, I’ll select another state to replace Arizona next week. I’m still leaning toward Wisconsin. In order to be a worst state, it’s not enough to be blood red (there are many competent red states), the state has got to be crazily red, which the current list of  worst state candidates –  Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina and Alabama exemplifies.

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