Football Thoughts – Week 10

Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on November 19, 2020

College: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners had a bye week, so nothing to report about them. Nothing else happened in the Big XII to warrant mention. The Texas Aggies moved up to #1 so my Aggie daughter is happy. Missouri had to postpone its game due to Covid-19, which will distress my friend and Mizzou alum Peter.

It looks like the season is unraveling as I predicted, however. By my count, 15 games will be postponed or canceled next weekend due to Covid-19 concerns, in addition to those canceled this week. Some games can be made up, but each week there are fewer open dates left to play postponed games. Already some schools are matching teams whose scheduled opponents are having Covid-19 issues and playing what amount to pick up games.

I’m not sure what will happen to bowl games, but the greedy university presidents will drag four teams to a playoff, no matter who they are, including possibly teams from the Big 10 and Pack 12 conferences, but it won’t be the same. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it.

NFL: My erstwhile favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, had a bye week so they couldn’t embarrass themselves again. New York beat the Eagles and Detroit beat the Redskins, so Dallas is still in the hunt for the conference championship.

All the news was about my new favorite team, the Arizona Cardinals, and quarterback Kyler Murray, because they beat Buffalo on a last second “Hail Murray” pass to DeAndre Hopkins in the endzone to win the game.

Murray lost a game he should have won against the Miami Dolphins the week before and he wasn’t happy about it, including with his coach’s play calling. I won’t say Kingsbury coached his team out of a win (but he did).

Murray is not used to losing and he doesn’t take it well. I was pretty sure he would find a way to win this one, no matter what, and somehow, he did. Thursday night the Cardinals play the Seahawks in Seattle and I can hardly wait.

In the comparison and contrast between Murray and OU’s other recent Heisman Trophy winner and #1 draft choice, Baker Mayfield, I grade it a push. Murray’s win was more dramatic, but Cleveland won its game over Houston 10-7, and Mayfield had his challenges to overcome, in his case, terrible stormy weather.

The family feud between Belichick and Brady I also graded a push. Brady won his game against Carolina handily, but New England also won its game against the Baltimore Ravens, a tougher team.

Most of the other top tier quarterbacks, including Rodgers and Brees, played well, but Brees suffered an injury that will keep him out for several games.

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