Thoughts on Events the Week of November 16

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on November 26, 2020

President-elect Biden: The numbers confirmed the obvious again this week, that Biden won the election, by more than six million votes and 306 in the Electoral College. Simultaneously, Trump and his crack legal team of low functioning morons threw frivolous lawsuits at the wall because that’s all Trump knows how to do, literally.

The suits were all thrown out, frequently to be replaced by new, even more frivolous ones, but the numbers did not change nor will they, and Trump is out.

Joe and I were never concerned about this nonsense, but some were. The media, for instance, confirmed continuously that Biden had won, but cased each report in equivocal language, such as “apparently,” and “unless things change,” stirring up uncertainty where none exists. Is that responsible journalism?

Reaching across the aisle: I like President-elect Biden’s tone and his stated intent to try to work with Republicans to get something done. Perhaps his many years in the Senate may help in getting some Republican Senators to cooperate with him in a period of restored good faith. Or, perhaps some Republicans will decide after this election that obstruction may not be the best strategy.

But I wouldn’t count on it.  Biden was there and remembers the all-in commitment of Republicans to obstruct every minute of, and every proposal submitted by, the Obama administration, even including Republicans’ own ideas if Obama agreed they had merit. I don’t see that many Republicans have any incentive to compromise, given Trump’s current grip on his base.

So, I have two pieces of advice for Biden at the beginning of his adventure. First, hope for, but do not count on responsible governance from Moscow Mitch. He has the principles of, well, Trump. Have a plan B and be ready to pivot to it quickly.

Second, have no sympathy for Trump, and for God’s sake don’t pardon him as Ford did with Nixon. (I’m still pissed off about that, and that was in 1974!) Trump’s behavior post-election alone deserves prosecution, not forbearance. We will never reduce corruption until people start going to jail.

A case in point: Trump requested a recount in Michigan, which would cost almost $8 million dollars. But Trump requested only a “partial recount” of the districts around Detroit, for the discounted prices of only $3 million. Why? Because those are the districts with the greatest concentration of black voters. Does this sound like the request of a serious, non-racist candidate?

I wouldn’t let Trump get away with it. I would have insisted he pay the full amount for a full recount, including all the Republican leaning districts.

An early prediction: I expect that Trump’s hold on his base will erode surprising fast after he leaves office, which will open up possibilities down the road, and it won’t be as far down the road as you might expect. Many will just want to forget about him as they were with George W. Bush, who most Republicans wish had never happened. Second, seeing Trump’s prosecutions will tarnish his brand fatally.

Worst state: Trump has behaved as despicably as he ever has during his term. Since November 3, his every speech has been aimed at overturning the results and destabilizing our democracy. Even so, post-election, the worst states began behaving in ways supporting Trump that were as bad or worse than Trump himself.

Of particular shame falls to South Carolina because Lindsay Graham. Graham was caught trying to suppress the vote in Georgia, which is not even his own state and an extremely important on in determining control of the Senate. Is there nothing a politician can do and still not go to jail? All the wrong people are going to prison.

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