Football Thoughts – Week 12

Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on December 3, 2020

College: The game between my beloved and rapidly improving Oklahoma Sooners and West Virginia Mountaineers was postponed due to “Covid-19 concerns” in the Oklahoma camp. Though university presidents seem determined to prop up the season to get the revenue, I’m still taking the under on either the college or pro games’ completing what anyone would call a season.

That said, Baylor upset Kansas State and Iowa State beat Texas, so I assume that if there is a conference championship game, it is most likely to be between the Sooners and Iowa State, assuming OU wins out.

The committee continues to include teams from the Big 10 and Pac 12 in its rankings, including Ohio State, which comes in at #3. This offends me greatly. These schools are at an advantage because they came into the season late and are fresher. It’s like letting milers jump into the race at the half mile mark.

The Aggies, who sit at #5, beat LSU, and Missouri blanked Vanderbilt, so some readers are happy. Penn State, which is dreadful, upset Michigan, which is even more dreadful. It’s a bad year for a football team to be coached by someone named Harbaugh.

NFL: The Washington Football Team used my erstwhile favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, as a mop and wiped up the floor with them 41-16. To say the Cowboys were inept is an understatement. There were spectacularly stupid coaching decisions, and I had no idea their defense could play that badly.

In the comparison and contrast between OU’s two Heisman Trophy winners and #1 draft choices, Baker Mayfield was solid as the Browns beat the Jaguars, who it must be admitted are not a good team this year.

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals, my new favorite team, lost to the Patriots, in a game Arizona could have won. Murray had them in position. But the team was done in by penalties (Arizona leads the NFL in them) and disastrous special teams play. This is a Kingsbury team in spades – good offense, but no defense and no attention to special teams whatsoever.

This will be the Cardinals’ fate as long as Kingsbury is its coach. We saw this same act when he was at Texas Tech. He wasn’t a particularly good college coach there. What the hell is he doing coaching an NFL team?

In the family feud between Belichick and Brady, as mentioned above, the Pats won with Cam Newton. But the Bucs and Brady were upset by the Chicago Bears in Chicago. Brady didn’t play particularly well, but their defense was leaky, and it was not an ideal game plan for Brady, in my view. I think this may be a case where the coach is not adapting his game to optimize the strengths of his quarterback.

The San Francisco 49ers upset the Rams, and as a reward were thrown out of Santa Clara for three weeks due to a tremendous spike in Covid-19 cases there. San Francisco will be playing their next three game in Dallas!

Rodgers and Mahomes look like the cream of the quarterbacks at this point in the season. They will almost certainly be in the playoffs, and Kansas City looks like the best team in the NFL and should be the favorite to win the Super Bowl at this point.

A woman made an NFL roster, got into the game, and made a successful kickoff. This is worthy of mention.

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