Thoughts on Events the Week of November 30

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on December 10, 2020

The Last Grift: Trump has been suing in all directions – his default behavior – ostensibly trying to get his landslide election loss overturned. This is a charade. The election is over. Biden won. It’s official, and Trump knows it. He’s just running a con to raise money from his gullible base. On January 20, Trump will be out of the White House carrying bags of his voters’ money.

The last diminishments: For no reason but spite and petty revenge, Trump fired a lot of career intelligence personnel and replaced them with his own personal political sycophants.

Since everyone Trump touches is diminished, and as these replacements will only be in office for a couple of months, one wonders why they would take the jobs at all. Such is the draw of power, I suppose.

These lackeys are not going to do anything useful in their short tenure. They can cause mischief for Trump, but they’re not going to bomb Iran or anything. Trump doesn’t have the balls. Speaking of balls, what does it take for a Republican politician to grow a pair? Answer: announcing they’re not running for reelection. All active Republican politicians still cower in the corner in fear of the Donald. Though contemptible, it is understandable. Politicians are cowards, and their biggest fear is of voters. They are terrified of Trump’s base.

The last reason: The most important reason Biden should not expect cooperation from Republicans is Kamala Harris. Harris is black and the very thought of a black person in the White House who is not wearing white gloves and serving dinner, is anathema to Moscow Mitch, who is as big a bigot as the South has ever sent to Congress.

We are not going to be able to eliminate the white supremacists and other racists rampant among Trump’s base, we should be able to sweep them back under the refrigerator where they belong.

Worst state: Politicians in very one of the worst states is participating enthusiastically in Trump’s con by refusing to acknowledge that Trump lost the elections. Meanwhile, fortunately, each of the states’ authorities have processed their ballots and submitted their counts as required by law.

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