Thoughts on Events the Week of December 12

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on December 16, 2020

The Supremes come through: Other than the approval of a Covid-19 vaccine for emergency distribution, which is wonderful news and essential for restoring our economy and way of life, the biggest news of the week was the lawsuit filed by Texas state Attorney General Paxton to toss out all the votes in four states because President Trump didn’t like the results, which went directly to the Supreme Court for original jurisdiction.

(Spoiler alert: Trump lost all of them convincingly, and their electoral college votes add up to enough to deny the presidency to Biden and throw the election into the House, with each state having one vote each.)

This stunning request to override the Constitution and the will of the people was joined by 17 attorneys general and about 115 Republican members of Congress, for whom ass kissing the president is more important than their oath to uphold the Constitution and the will of the citizens in their respective states.)

For more than four weeks, since it became obvious that Biden had won the popular vote by a wide enough margin and in enough states that he would win the election in the electoral college, I stopped worrying about all the hand wringing among the media and many Democratic voters and relaxed. This latest last ditch, desperate patently undemocratic lawsuit was obviously destined to fail.

But just as I was relaxing, one my very closest friends, an attorney of some distinction who has argued before the Supreme Court, told me that the lawsuit had a thin reed of legal logic to it and the Supremes could cause mischief with it if they were of a mind to.

This conversation triggered what I have learned to recognize as Battered Voter Syndrome, common among Democratic voters who witnessed the improbable 2016 election of Trump and fear something like that could happen again, even in the face of facts, logic, and common sense.

But in a unanimous decision, the Supremes made the obvious, correct call and my calm was restored. Bravo, Supremes!

The saddest thing about this is that I doubt the aforementioned Republican congresspersons and state attorneys general who abrogated their responsibilities knowingly and cynically, will pay little if any political price of it, because they are all from red states whose citizens apparently are fine with flouting Constitutional oaths of office to support Trump. It is a genuinely sad state of affairs.

 Worst State: The cup goes to Texas, obviously, because it was Texas’ Attorney General who began their obscene attempt to subvert the Constitution and thwart our national election. But Congresspersons and Attorneys general from the other worst state candidates signed on to the lawsuit, so every worst state was complicit.

As an aside, this event was the tipping point for me and organized religion. I am no longer ambivalent, and I will write some more about this next week.

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