Thoughts on Events the Week of December 14

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on December 27, 2020

I’m running a full week behind  because Christmas.

Electoral College: That antiquated, undemocratic anachronism performed as it should and recorded 306 votes for President-elect Biden, a landslide, opined by no less an authority than President Trump, when he won by that same landslide margin in 2016.

As with all previous mileposts, this one confirmed yet again that Biden won the election and Trump is the loooooser, which has been obvious for many weeks, and there’s nothing Trump can do to change that.

Of course, this won’t stop Trump from lying and suing and generally carrying on like a big baby, and many Republican politicians will keep their lips pressed tightly against his ass for a while longer and pray no more damage will be done before Inauguration Day. I wish them well with that.

I don’t care a fig if Trump leaves angry or sad or happy. He is leaving, and I suspect there are countless people ready to drag him out of the White House by the hair if he resists. In fact, we could probably have a raffle to see who gets to do it and retire the national debt with the proceeds. I would certainly buy a ticket.

I can sympathize just a little with Trump’s base voters. I felt just as they felt in November 2016 when Trump won. I was stunned and horrified. But an election is an election, and the voters and the electoral college spoke, and I had to respect and accept that, regardless of my angst, which proved to be well placed.

Now it is Trump’s base that is surprised and disappointed. The only difference is they are not accepting it, and some of this knuckle dragging, mouth breathing base, whose passions and ignorance are easily exploited by Trump, carry guns and are just nuts enough, or stupid enough, to be tempted to use them.

Sudden thought: if protesters, or counter-protesters are carrying guns, can it really be said to be a peaceful protest, as protected by the Constitution? Why on earth would we permit people to carry guns to a protest? It’s intimidating and just plain nuts.

Worst State: Texas and Kansas split the cup this week. Texas because of its failed lawsuit to try to overturn the election in four other states, which the Supremes shot down in a heartbeat. Kansas because Mike Pompeo is a pompous pig.

BTW, Wisconsin are among the finalists to replace Arizona on the worst state list in 2021.

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