Thoughts on Events the Week of April 5

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on April 14, 2021

Bipartisanship on display: Moscow Mitch McConnell, the world’s most famous super waddle, and I finally agree on something, namely corporations should “stay out of politics.” Of course, we have different understandings of what this means.

For Moscow Mitch, this means don’t say anything critical of Republicans, say nasty things about Democrats, but keep sending money. For me it means, say anything you want, but stop sending money to either party.

Ever since the Supreme Court took the insane positions that corporations are people and money is speech, it opened the door to the worst of both. Corporations are free to speak, shout really, with wads of cash.

I would like to see corporations send lobbyists to Congresspersons with data, research, positions, etc. then take them to lunch at the local hot dog stand or Wendy’s, because that’s all they are permitted to spend, and no checks whatsoever, please.

The RNC donors aren’t listening…yet: On a related note, RNC donors met in Florida is discuss how best to use their money to bribe venal Congresspersons. What’s his name, the disgraced former president spoke, since the meeting was close enough that he could get home for supper, and called Moscow Mitch a dumb son of a bitch, which is diplomatic speak for dumb son of a bitch.

I take this as an indication that the civil war within the Republican Party isn’t over yet, and I am going to have to buy more popcorn to watch the next reel.

The Iranian Nuclear FUBAR: There were meetings in Geneva this week to see if the Iranian Nuclear Deal could be put back on track. The deal was one of President Obama’s finest achievements. What’s his name, the former disgraced president, backed out of the deal. It was perhaps his biggest blunder, which is really saying something.

Think what would have happened if what’s his name’s sanctions had actually worked. We would have ended up with another North Korea, a failed state with nukes.

Israel is upset we are even trying to restart the deal. Israel will always be an ally, I hope, but when it comes to our national interest, I wouldn’t trust Israel with my burnt match sticks, and certainly not any time soon (read anytime with Netanyahu in power).

Returning to the deal is a longshot. I’m not sure I would do it if I were Iran. We have proven to be an unreliable partner. Have I mentioned it’s time to get mostly out of the Middle East and leave those people to themselves?

EXTRA!!!: As I was about to write -30- to this edition, news came of yet another police shooting of a black man, this one with particularly bizarre circumstances.

The short version is the police pulled over a young black man for some minor offense, if any, and shot him to death. I’m sick and tired of the police turning misdemeanors into capital crimes and executing black men, and women, on the spot. I think almost everyone is.

But the bizarre twist in this case is that the police officer, a 26-year veteran on the force, threatened to taser the man but shot him instead. Apparently, she confused her gun for her taser.

This event screams poor training, extreme perversion of the police’s purpose, racial prejudice and possibly psychopathy. And why the hell would police use a gun for traffic stops anyway? A gun, or a taser, should never be drawn over a minor offense for any reason, yet it happens all the time. I’m on board for absolutely top-down reform of policing in America, which I have been since the drive by shooting of Timor Rice.

Worst state: Texas walks away with the cup this week because of the total body of work of its vile and incompetent politicians. The governor is a right-wing panderer. The lieutenant governor is a flat-out right-wing nut, Senator Cruz is, well, Senator Cruz, Representative Gohmert remains the dumbest sumbitch in the House and Senator Cornyn, who at least looks like a senator, joined the ranks Texas’ miscreant public officials by smearing President Biden for not being as unhinged as what’s his name, the disgraced former president.

And never forget the Texas voters who put every one of these people in office.

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