Thoughts on Events the Week of April 19

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on April 28, 2021

George Floyd murder trial: The all-consuming news of the week was that Derek Chauvin, an office who had clearly been on the job too long, was found guilty of murdering George Floyd on all three counts. There was relief, even euphoria among blacks and civil rights activists over the verdict. Some even called it a reflection point in the saga of police brutality toward black citizens.

But I would remind us that this is one instance among countless others against black men and women that have gone the other way. One bright star in a universe of black holes. Innocent victims killed in almost as egregious circumstances where police weren’t held accountable, or even charged. If these incidents were plotted on a graph, Chauvin would be a single dot on the very tip of the bell-shaped curve.

And look what it took to get this conviction: a nine-and-a-half-minute video of the murder, several eyewitnesses, and perhaps most important, a number of other police officers testifying against Chauvin’s lethal behavior.

No, it is too soon for euphoria. Let’s see what happens next. There is some reason for hope.

Genocide: President Biden stated the obvious, calling what the Turks did to its Armenian citizens genocide, which the Turks have denied for 105 years.

Among the debated issues is whether what the Turks did was “genocide” or “crimes against humanity.” Since the Turks murdered or starved a million Armenians and drove another half million others out of the country and into the diaspora, I would say both. It’s this kind of nit picking that makes me tired sometimes.

I used to office across the street from the Turkish consulate in Los Angles, and every year at this time, Armenian Americans would protest in front of the consulate. As protests go, they were pretty mild, more like block parties, really. I’m not sure the protesters ever expected anything would change, and on most levels, I don’t think anything has. The Turks will go on denying and the 1.5 million Armenians murdered or dispersed are still murdered or dispersed.

But at least President Biden has put us on the right side of history and morality.

Worst state: Arizona: Ever since I took Arizona, my own personal residence, off the list of worst state candidates in favor of more egregiously bad ones, the state seems intent on trying to get back on the list. This week, they succeeded.

The Arizona senate – Republican controlled – is doing another recount of Arizona’s ballots in the 2020 presidential election. This despite the fact that there have already been three previous recounts conducted by authorized and experienced personnel, none of which found any discrepancies or errors, that the count has been certified at the state and federal level, and to state the obvious, Joe Biden is president and has been in the White House for months.

This latest recount is being done by rank amateurs – an outfit called Cyber Ninjas – which has little or no experience with such work and whose CEO is a notable conspiracy theory wingnut. What could possibly go wrong?

This recount serves no useful purpose other than to sew distrust about our voting system that has been working well. I used to be proud of Arizona’s voting integrity and procedures, but these shenanigans are a setback and Arizona richly deserves the worst state cup this week.

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