Thoughts on Events the Week of June 7

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on June 18, 2021

What, me worry? I asked my daughter if I was the only one who doesn’t worry about what’s his name, the disgraced former president, and she said yes, I am. So, I laid out for her the three main reasons why I don’t, which I have listed below:

First, the four years of the administration of what’s his name, the disgraced former president (I need an abbreviated moniker; let’s say WHN) was a lifetime in political years. But the same is true of the next four years, and in that political lifetime, I am confident that WHN’s influence will wane. Four years is an impossibly long time for things to remain stagnant, unless, of course, you are the U.S. Senate.

I am a firm believer in the corrosive effect of time on crackpots, despots, and assorted authoritarian wannabees. WHN’s aura will lose a lot of luster, faster than you might expect.

Second, there are a lot of ambitious Republicans who would like to be president themselves, and they are going to do in WHN, even as they pledge allegiance to him to placate their base.

Third, in the meantime, I don’t worry about WHN’s minions’ causing a lot of violence, because the stupidest among them stormed the Capitol, were identified and are being prosecuted. The smarter of them saw that if they stay out in the open the same thing will happen with them, so they are running back under the refrigerator, like the cockroaches they are. Oh, they may rant and snarl and engage in ludicrous fringe ideas, but they won’t dare do much about it.

Stoning the Dog: My friend and neighbor’s dog is being treated for cancer with chemotherapy. She’s a sweet old girl (both of them are, actually), and I hope the best for her. But even the most successful chemotherapy results in pain for some, loss of weight for all and nausea.

The other night my daughter and son-in-law were vaping, and the question was posited if pot would work as well for dogs as it often does for humans with those same symptoms. Sooo, the kids blew some pot in the dog’s face, which seemed like a good idea at the time and the condition we were in. The dog slept well, ate better, and didn’t barf (not to be confused with bark). We’ve been doing it on a regular basis ever since.

Cancer is a pernicious disease and who knows the fate of the dog, but for now at least we have found a way to alleviate some of her discomforts and give her some peace. Let’s hear it for pot!

Worst state: Texas wins hands down this week, because the governor signed a law outlawing “critical race theory,” whatever that is, which is determined ignorance if ever I saw it, and I often have in Texas. This willful ignorance, which is the very worst kind of ignorance, is now enshrined in the laws of Texas. It seems improbable, however, that a law outlawing the teaching of history will long survive judicial scrutiny. We’ll see.

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