Thoughts on Events the Week of June 14

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on June 23, 2021

USA vis a vis Russia: President Biden met Vladimir Putin in Geneva. It was not a “Summit,” just a meeting. One wonders why Biden even bothered. But he needed to meet with the Russian president to set him straight.

By all accounts, it was a professional meeting. I don’t know all that was discussed, and I don’t need to know. I have confidence in this administration, but there are a couple of things I hope he said, and one thing I hope he will do thereafter.

First, I hope he said there would be meaningful, painful consequences from any further provocations. I think he did this, and I think he meant it.

Then, I hope Biden told Putin that he wouldn’t be seeing him anymore. The U.S. has wasted too much time on him already. He is leaving the relationship to his deputies so he can focus his time and energy on more important people and interests, in Asia and elsewhere. If Putin wants to talk, he can call the Russia desk at the State Department or the ambassador soon to be posted in Moscow.

And then, Biden needs to do it. Obama wanted to focus on Asia, but he got dragged into other areas. Biden has proven he can focus on a goal well.

To be clear: Russia is a second world country with nukes, trending toward a third world one. In this regard, it is on a par with Pakistan and North Korea. Not worth spending a lot of time on, and certainly not at Biden’s level.

Israel: A coalition of “anyone but Bibi” parties forced Netanyahu out as Israeli Prime Minister after 12 years in power. The coalition spans the entire spectrum of Israeli parties, held together only by their opposition to Netanyahu. Good luck with holding that coalition together for long.

In any case, the coalition has plenty of anti-democratic Palestinian oppressors, so I don’t expect Israel’s current oppressive policies to change under the new management.

Afghanistan: Apparently our removal of troops from this pile of rocks is ahead of schedule. Basically, most of them are on the other side of the border, operating from there.

But we learned this week that while the troops are leaving, we’re still sending money to support Afghanistan – $8 billion and counting, and this just pisses me off. Why? Why are we still spending money on what we know to be a lost cause? I want us all the way out, not pissing away our treasure on a pile of rocks, and that includes money as well as American lives.

UFOs: The government is about to issue a report on these phenomena. I don’t know what they are, though I have theories, and I don’t expect much from this report, especially if my theories are correct. Spoiler alert: they’re ours.

But I do know one thing for sure. They are not alien. I know this from basic physics. Just as we cannot leave Earth in any meaningful way because nothing moves faster than the speed of light, likewise, aliens can’t get here.

Worst state: Since I put Arizona back on the worst states list, Paul Gosar, my own personal representative, has been working hard to earn the cup for his state, and he has succeeded this week. Gosar is challenging Louis Gohmert for worst and dumbest congressperson, which is really saying something. On every pressing issue, he has said something stupid and/or wingnut right wing.

Gosar’s own family hates him and are embarrassed by his is sullying of their name. His brothers say he is a pathological liar. But at least they can be proud that Gosar has won the worst state cup for Arizona singlehandedly.

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