Thoughts on Events the Week of July 12

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A Normal Week: Is it just me, or did this week seem like a more conventional one in politics? Bills were put forward, debate was engaged in, some people at least seemed to be trying to move things along. Heads of state were welcomed and treated without insult or rancor. I was mildly encouraged.

Case in point: Washington seems engaged in a political give and take over an infrastructure package. Not my highest priority, but at least some people are trying to do something. What’s his name, the disgraced former president talked about infrastructure for four years and never even took the first baby step. It would have required effort, not his long suit.

Revisionism renewed: People from the previous administration are coming out from under the refrigerator with their self-serving memoirs, each author seeming to make him or herself the lone hero in WHN’s disastrous term in office, though everyone of these authors was silent, compliant, and even complicit when WHN was trying to take down the government. Most of these books belong in the fiction section, or in the trash.

Covid-19 redux: Cases, hospitalizations and deaths seem to be spiking again, and the reason is as clear as a button hook in the well water. Stupid people, of whom there is a strong coefficient of correlation with Republicans in the south, are resisting being vaccinated, and channeling H.L. Hughley, they’re fucking it up for everybody.

I don’t engage in social media; I dabbled in it, but I no longer have any accounts. But having heard about the misinformation about Covid-19 that’s out there, I looked into it and was astounded. Wall to wall crazy talk on a scale and scope I couldn’t have imagined. Right up there with a cabal of Jewish elites running a sex trafficking ring out of a pizza parlor in New Jersey, only crazier.

I would say no wonder people are resisting vaccinations, but who could possibly be stupid enough to believe this stuff? Don’t answer that; it’s a rhetorical question.

Global Warming Resolved: The record-breaking heat in the American west and the record-breaking flooding in Europe are strong evidence that I was absolutely right. There is no need to worry about global warming because it is already too late. We have abused the planet without the knowledge or will to do anything to meaningfully repair it. Nature will now decide what our punishment for this should be. Spoiler alert: it will be severe.

Haiti: Admittedly, I don’t pay much attention to this unfortunate failed state, one of many in which our government has a sorry history of propping up dictators in the interest of preserving the status quo. But the assassination of its president presents a vivid reminder of the difference between a peaceful transition of governmental authority with the other kind. I prefer the former.

Britney: I can’t believe I’m even writing about this. I have less than zero interest in pampered, privileged celebrities, and I haven’t paid any attention to this story until now, but it seems to me that Spears in being held in bondage by an abusive father and a system It’s right out of Kafka.

A friend who is familiar with some of these families assures me that these celebrities are so screwed up because their parents are even more screwed up than they are.

Name that bozo: a reader has suggested I solicit other possible names for what’s his name, the disgraced former president. I kind of like my moniker, though it is admittedly long, so if anyone has some ideas, I’d be happy to receive them. Only one rule; the names may not include the word Trump.

Meanwhile: Channeling Stephen Colbert, who is channeling Seth Meyers, what’s his name, the disgraced former president’s reputation and following continue to erode unabated.

Worst state: What was I thinking when I removed Arizona, my own personal residence, when I took it off the list of worst states some months ago? Since then, Arizona has demonstrated what a terrible state it still is. I had to put it back on the worst state list.

This week, the Republican Governor Ducey (rhymes with moron) and the Republican controlled legislature, did something despicable, even by the current standards of partisan politics and governmental misfeasance and malfeasance.

A couple of years ago, state voters approved an initiative (Proposition 208, I think it was called), requiring a certain amount of money to be invested in education. But instead of honoring this initiative and investing the mandated money on education, or on any of Arizona’s other pressing needs for that matter, Republicans instead voted in a tax cut, 70% of whose benefits go to the wealthiest citizens.

So, not only did we ignore a legal mandate, but Republicans also ripped our citizens off with a giveaway to the rich. Despicable, but predictable. Clearly, Republicans have no interest in education, fearing that an educated, informed electorate would throw them out on their ear.

Arizona gets the cup this week.

Coming Attractions: My summer of discontent is almost over. Football is almost here. No college or NFL teams are playing yet, but pundits, publications and sports talk shows are starting to talk about football, even though the NBA Finals (yawn) are still going on. And, most important, the Dallas Cowboys begin camp this week. I’ll be commenting more about football soon, probably in posts on that subject specifically.

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