Thoughts on Events the Week of August 29

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A thorn out of my foot: The last U.S. troops left Afghanistan on Monday and Tuesday, and I couldn’t be happier about it unless it had happened a decade or two earlier. It evoked memories of previous military misadventures, to which we seem to be addicted.

For instance, I remember the famous memo from George Ball to Lyndon Johnson making the case that we should get out of Vietnam and predicting that: there would be no falling dominoes, and that in fact Vietnam and China would be at each other’s throats in six months after we left, as they had been for the previous 600 years. Sure enough. And more interesting, we are now trading partners with Vietnam.

This week Rachel Maddow on her show played video clips of Russia’s tail between their legs retreat from Afghanistan in 1989, and I remember thinking, as our (barely) high functioning moron President turned our strike against Al Qaeda and bin Laden into a twenty-year mission creep, why he hadn’t learned anything from Russia’s disastrous experience other than to repeat it.

Horse shit: Some Trumpsters (rhymes with dumpsters) are advocating, and a few are even mandating, that people ingest a medicine used for deworming horses to treat Covid-19, which medicine is not recommended for human consumption for any reason at any time.

We are living in an age of criminal stupidity, not to mention lunacy. Thomas Jefferson said that having a functioning democracy requires an informed electorate, and we don’t have either at present.

NFL Football: This week contained two of the busiest days on the NFL’s calendar, annually. On Tuesday, all the teams needed to cut their rosters from 90 to 53 players, and on Wednesday all the teams were sifting through the releases looking for players they might sign who are better than the ones they have.

A notable cut was Cam Newton by the New England Patriots. They are now ready to move forward with their young quarterback Mac Jones. Newton brought this on himself by not getting vaccinated. No team wants unvaccinated players. The NFL’s punishment is too severe if a team has to forfeit a game due to the virus.

College Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners, ranked #2 (for now) and a 31- point favorite, eked out a victory over Tulane, 40-35.

I was mildly disappointed with OU’s offense. They didn’t look able to outscore opponents enough to overcome inferior defensive efforts this year as they have in the past.

I was extremely disappointed in our defense. We were told it would be much better this year, and if anything, it looked like they have regressed badly,

That said, the Tulane Green Wave played a very good game. If they didn’t leave their entire season on the field in Norman, I think they will win several games, and I wish them well.

In the game between the two highest ranked teams, #5 Georgia beat #3 Clemson 10-3. Clemson’s offense, which lost a lot of players from last season, was badly exposed. Its defense is still excellent. Technically, it held Georgia to only three points. The other seven came from a pick six by Georgia’s defense.

Worst state: There is not even a distant second to Texas this week. They passed an anti-abortion bill that is odious in every regard First, it prohibits abortions after six weeks, with no exceptions – rape, incents, etc. At six weeks, many women don’t even know they are pregnant yet.

Worse, it permits, even encourages, vigilantes, not the authorities, to turn in anyone they find, or even think, is aiding or abetting an abortion, including innocent cab drivers who drop off a woman near a clinic.

 Encouraging its citizens to rat out neighbors was something the Soviets did, and it was part of the plot of 1984.  This legislation is ripe for abuse. We know from history of the USSR and the Middle East that people will turn in their neighbors without any evidence out of spite and to settle grudges.

Both of these provisions are unconstitutional on their face, but the Supreme Court is complicit in this exercise. This is a court that philosophically belongs in the Middle Ages. And with their atavistic ruling, there is nothing to keep any other red state from enacting the exact legislation.

I’ve been curious for a while what will happen should Roe v. Wade be overturned. But now I’m even more curious what will happen with this Supreme Court after this ruling. I don’t think it’s going to end well for them.

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  1. Bob Keller said, on September 13, 2021 at 10:23 am

    How did the practice of medicine get so politicized? We claim we want the medical treatment of people to be made by a decision between the patient and their doctor. Of course, we don’t mean a single word of it. Not in Texas. Not in Illinois. Not anywhere. Instead, WE want to personally make all decisions affecting our political opponents.

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