Football Thoughts – Week 2 – 2021

Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on September 16, 2021

College Football: In week 2 of the college season, many big-name schools play vastly inferior non-conference opponents – little sisters of the poor in the vernacular – as a way to warm up safely for the coming conference competition.

Case in point: my beloved Oklahoma Sooners played Western Carolina, who they beat 76-0. This game was so lopsided that tv networks wouldn’t touch it. The only ways to see it were to be in the stadium or pay-for-view. I didn’t see the game because I won’t pay to see lions devour Christians.

After the first full week of football, my beloved Oklahoma Sooners dropped from #2 to #4, which I could not disagree with, given their less than stellar performance against a surprisingly good Tulane team.

What disappointed me most was the play of the defense. I thought they were improving.  The coaching staff told us they were. But they looked like they were regressing to their own terrible form.

I was not surprised therefore, by this Western Carolina blowout because I watched Lincoln Riley’s post game show after the Tulane. He was his usual calm self, but it was obvious he was seething over his team’s performance. I knew they were going to have a long week of strenuous practices.

One interesting statistic from this game: OU quarterback Spencer Rattler threw for five touchdown passes in a half. What is interesting is that Rattler’s performance wasn’t unique. Two other OU quarterbacks have done this, making Rattler third in a long list of OU standout quarterbacks. No wonder aspiring quarterbacks want to come to OU.

The Sooners rose to #3 in the latest rankings.

Another case in point was Notre Dame, who played Toledo, a typical tomato can that the Fighting Irish were favored to win by about 20 points. But Toledo took them to the wire, losing 32-29. It will be interesting to see how Notre Dame fares if/when they have to play somebody.

There were a few games featuring good teams, some of which were delicious. Not the least of these was Oregon, which unset Ohio State 35-28 in Columbus.

I lost all respect for Oregon after they cheated to win a game against my beloved Sooners in Eugene. But this is a reformed program with an administration that won’t tolerate that kind of thing, and a competent, tough coach, so I was happy to see them get this win. It spoke volumes about the current status of the Big 10.

Another delicious game was Arkansas’ win over Texas 40-21. That’s 19 points, folks. I’m always glad to see Texas lose, but this kind of loss tells me that this is not yet a Texas team to be feared…unless you are OU. I don’t delude myself that Texas won’t play better in our annual game; they always do.

#9 Iowa State lost to #10 Iowa 17-27 in Ames in the week’s only game between top 10 ranked teams. I thought Iowa State was ready to win this game, but they suffered the last half collapse that has characterized their play recently. I like where coach Campbell has gotten this team, but the still have a way to go.

NFL Football: The season opening game between The Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thursday night was among the best openers I have ever seen. The Cowboys are my beloved Cowboys again. I was very impressed with their play. However, they are not yet my favorite team. They need to show me a lot more.

I’m thinking Dak Prescott has his throwing shoulder in the whirlpool this week. He threw 58 passes! Knowing they couldn’t run against the Titans, the Cowboys didn’t even try to. I was concerned that Prescott might tire near the end of the game, but he held up.

For the record, three recent OU quarterbacks started NFL games this weekend, and two of them won. Let’s start with the loser first.

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, 29-33, in Kansas City. No shame in that. Mayfield played well in a losing effort, and I think they will win a lot of games, but they are still not as good as the Chiefs.

The Oscar for the best performance by an OU quarterback went to Tyler Murray, who threw for four touchdowns and rushed for another, as the Cardinals (my new favorite team) beat the breaks off the Tennessee Titans 38-13. So, Murray scored all of Arizona’s points except for one field goal.

Perhaps the sweetest win by OU quarterbacks was that of Jalen Hurts, whose Eagles beat the Falcons 32-6. Hurts threw for three touchdowns. True, this was against the hapless Atlanta Falcons, but Hurts showed he is plenty good enough to start for the Eagles.

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