Football Thoughts Week 3

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on September 22, 2021

College: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners defeated a determined Nebraska team 23-16 on the anniversary of the Game of the Century game between the same teams in 1971, which I attended. This game did not approach that level, but the Cornhuskers made a good showing.

OU held onto its #4 ranking, but they just don’t look like a playoff team they are expected to be to my eyes. They will have to improve steadily if they are to get through their schedule unscathed. Next up, West Virginia, which should be an interesting test.

NFL: My two favorite pro teams – Dallas and Arizona – each won their game with a last second field goal attempt. Dallas made theirs, and the Vikings missed theirs against the Cardinals, each of which resulted in a win for my team.

I pause here to admit that Dallas OC Kellen Moore as risen a bit in my opinion after the first two Cowboys games. He adopted two very different strategies for the games, each of which was effective. He was pass heavy against Tampa because the Cowboys couldn’t run against them and run heavy against Minnesota because they could. I still worry about Cowboys coaching. Head coach Mike McCarthy got lost in space during this game and it could have cost them.

Again this week, two of the three recent OU quarterbacks starting in the NFL simultaneously won this week, but it was not the same ones as last week. Jalen Hurts, whose Eagles won last week, lost, and didn’t look great doing it, while Tyler Murray looked world beater for the Cardinals and Baker Mayfield was better than solid for Cleveland, the third pro team I am paying close attention to.

Two other NFL games caught my attention. The Ravens beat the Kansas City Chiefs in a game where Lamar Jackson was sensational and out paced Patrick Mahomes. This was Jackson’s first win against Mahomes in four tries.

Derek Carr looked good in Las Vegas’ win over Pittsburgh 26-17. Even John Gruden, who has not seemed to be completely sold on his quarterback, praised his play. The Raiders seem to be genuinely competitive this year.

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