Thoughts on Events the Weeks of September 20 and 27

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on October 6, 2021

Democrats suck!:  I am not a democrat. I vote democratic almost all of the time because their policies are closer to mine than the other party, whose policies, to the extent they have any other than to kiss the ass of what’s his name, the disgraced former president, are odious.

That said, I despise the Democrats almost as much as the other party. They are weak, timid, ineffective, and too polite and politically correct, poor qualities when facing barbarians.

Do you think there is a democrat mean enough to prevent a president from naming a Supreme Court nominee? Other than Pelosi, not a chance. (This is not an ideal example, but you get the idea.)

The democrats are sitting on a golden, but perishable and fragile egg of opportunity, controlling as they do both chambers of Congress and the white house, and they are standing around, picking their noses, bickering, and letting the opportunity slip away. They need to get something done, and if they can’t, they don’t deserve to govern.

(My distain excludes the debt limit issue. That’s all on the Republicans and I think voters will see it that way.)

What Biden needs to do is put everybody in a room and not let them out until they come up with something. It will be more than some want and less than others want, but it will be something. Then, they need to march to the Senate, tear out the filibuster, bronze it, stick it somewhere in Moscow Mitch McConnell – their choice – then start legislating in earnest. Biden signs the bills, and we are off to the races, by which I mean the mid-term races.

As for Senator Manchin, he needs to get on board for this, like everybody else. The only long-term cure for him is to add another Democratic senator by whatever means, so Manchin’s obstruction is diluted contained.

I have harsher words for Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. She is a Democrat in a now blue trending state, but she is not acting like a responsible Democrat. I voted for Sinema happily, but I won’t vote for her again. If she has a primary opponent, I’ll vote for that candidate. If she wins the Democratic nomination, I just won’t vote for Senator.

The Arizona “Audit”: After wasting months and millions, the Trumpers/cum auditors validated the Arizona count. Let’s be clear, this “audit” didn’t validate or certify shit. The election was held in November, certified in December, confirmed by the Senate in January, President Biden won, was sworn into office January 20 and has been president for more than eight months.

This “audit” had no more relationship to the election than my breakfast cereal. It’s just another way to stir up the base and grift them simultaneously.

Worst state: Arizona, of course, whose Republican leaders for initiating the audit in the first place.

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