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College: I was surprised when my beloved Oklahoma Sooners were installed as a 17-point favorite against West Virginia. I thought WV was the second-best team in the Big XII. Still do. So, I wasn’t surprised that this was a much closer game, which OU won 16-13. However, I was surprised that OU won the game without ever having the lead. In fact, the gun went off while OU’s winning field goal was still in the air.

A couple of takeaways: First, OU has still not gelled to the level of a playoff team.
They will need to keep getting better every week. Second, I’m still worried about the defense. It’s improved, and it held WV to only 13 points, but the Mountaineers had great success with a slant route that Grinch never seemed to figure out how to stop.

Now a comment on the dirty side of OU football: Chinamen. OU fans want OU not only to win but to win big. They are never satisfied, which is what prompted one sportswriter to ask, “How much rice can a Chinaman eat?” While OU was locked in a close game, fans were booing quarterback Spencer Rattler. Despicable.

A couple of teams leapt over OU in the rankings, but those mean nothing yet, and with the exception of Alabama and Georgia, I don’t see any other team with a clear shot at the playoffs, unless OU gets its ship completely righted.

NFL: Again this week, two of the three OU quarterbacks staring simultaneously in the NFL won and one lost. See below:

My new favorite team, the Arizona Cardinals, had an easy time of it defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-19. Kyler Murray played very well. To my eye, and expectations, he’s looking the best of the young Turk quarterbacks.

Shannon Sharp said accurately that if a player is on an NFL roster, he can play football, and this is true. But it is not necessarily true of NFL coaches. I can think of at least three who have no business coaching an NFL team, including Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury.

Kingsbury can’t even spell defense, or discipline (penalties, penalties, penalties). He knows something about offense, but not as much as many other NFL and college coaches. And Murray doesn’t need much coaching anyway.

However much Kingsbury may have contributed to the win on Sunday, he more than took away with one of the biggest bonehead calls I have seen from an NFL coach,

With only a few seconds to go before the half and the score tied 7-7, I’m thinking take a knee. But Kingsbury called for a field goal attempt of more than 60 yards. I’m thinking why? Take a knee and get out of there. The kick is short, predictably, Jacksonville returns the short kick for a touchdown and goes into halftime with a 14-7 lead. Kingsbury has no business coaching an NFL team.

Baker Mayfield didn’t have a great game, but he won. His contribution to the team win was ball control. He did what he needed to do and didn’t screw things up.

The Philadelphia Eagles had no chance against the Kansas City Chiefs, but Jalen Hurts played well. They’re still questioning whether he is the answer because they are losing, but Hurts is not the reason. The difference between Hurts and the other two OU quarterbacks is they have better teams around than Hurts does. The Eagles need to add some pieces before worrying about quarterback.

My Dallas Cowboys game against the Philadelphia Eagles went as I hoped and expected. Dallas won the game handily 41-21 and took sole possession of the lead in the NFL Least. Prescott played very well, and Ezekiel Elliott played well also in a game whose game plan relied heavily on running plays.

Jalen Hurts played hard during the game, but not well enough to beat Dallas.

The Cleveland Browns looked solid, beating the Bears handily 26-6. Baker Mayfield had a good game.

So, two of OU’s three recent quarterbacks won again this week. Speaks pretty well for OU.

The Rams Buccaneers game was a letdown. The Rams easily defeated Brady and the Bucs 34-24. I’m thinking the Rams are feeling pretty good about their trade for Matthew Stafford right now.

On the other hand, the Packers 49ers game was a gem. Both quarterbacks played well. Jimmy G. got the lead for the 49ers with 37seconds to go, but Aaron Rodgers brought the Packers down the field in that short time and Green Bay kicked the winning field goal with two seconds to spare 30-28.

I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Garoppolo. He must wonder what it takes to win in this league. He certainly played well enough to win, but no luck

A final game worth mentioning: the Raiders beat the lowly Miami Dolphins 31-28. Derek Carr played very well. It’s said that Raiders coach Gruden has never been completely sold on Carr, but he should be rethinking his position the way Carr is playing this season.

College: I hate going to Manhattan, Kansas to play Kansas State, just hate it. It’s a long drive to nowhere, and no fun when you get there. They always give us a hard time, as they did this week. We won 37-21, but it was a grind. Making matters worse, two of my nephews and one of my nieces went to Kansas State, and when they beat us, I never hear the end of it.

Finally, the only other college game I watched intently was Texas’. As I predicted, they are getting better in time for our match-up. They do not look invincible, however. TCU took them to the wire, which was not impressive. That said, their running back Robinson is terrific.

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