Football thoughts Week 6

Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on October 16, 2021

College:  The OU-Texas game weekend is always the big game for the respective teams and has been for many years. This was no exception. It was an exciting game, which OU won 55 to 48. Three takeaways, besides the obvious that Texas’ running back Jefferson is outstanding:

The early indications are that OU and Texas will meet again in the Big XII championship game, which is fine with me. This Texas team isn’t going to be us. They got absolutely every break early in this game and were up 28-7 after the first quarter. OU won despite being in such a hole, and they won’t be caught in such a hole again.

With the possible exception of this coming week, OU seems pretty settled in with more excellent quarterback play in the foreseeable future. Spencer Rattler was pulled in this game, the second consecutive Rid River Shootout in which this is happened, and the replacement, five-star recruit Caleb Williams, stepped right in the lit up the Longhorns. Riley will have a tough decision this week, but looking at the longer-term future, it looks bright.

Sadly, OU has settled into the type of team it was a few years ago, outstanding offense and terrible defense, but good enough on offence to overcome the poor defensive play against any but the very best teams. And this year, I think it’s possible that the defense can be shored up some, maybe. This type of team may be good enough to get to the playoffs, but not good enough to win a national championship. To do that requires a defense.

Also worth mentioning: Texas A&M upset Alabama 41-38. My youngest daughter, who is a classic Aggie, is really happy about this.

NFL: Again this week, two of OU’s three young quarterbacks starting in the NFL simultaneously this season won their games.

Kyle Murray and the Arizona Cardinals won a lackluster game over the San Francisco 49ers 17-10. The 49ers’ starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was out with a calf injury (he just cannot stay healthy), so they started their rooky quarterback of the future, Trey Lance. Unfortunately, also out for the 49ers was George Kittle, their standout tight end, who could have been a safety net for Lance but wasn’t able to be there for him.

I attended this game and bear witness that it wasn’t a terrific one. But I enjoyed seeing Murray live as well as Lance. BTW, fans were encouraged but not mandated to wear masks, and almost no one did. I estimate 5%, tops.

Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Carolina Panthers 21-18 for the second OU win (Trey Lance has a similar playing style to Hurts.)

So, it was Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Brown who lost this week to the Los Angeles Chargers 47-42. Considering that Mayfield was banged up this week, he still made a good showing.

It is certain that one of the three OU Amigos will lose this week, because the Cardinals play the Browns this weekend and both quarterbacks can’t win.

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