Thoughts on Events Through the Week of October 18

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on October 25, 2021

Sausage: More weeks of Democratic intraparty self-abuse, Republican obstruction, and no visible progress on anything. This is no way to run a republic.

Filibuster: One of the parliamentary traditions we inherited from England was an upper house determined to avoid making any decision. One change that would speed debate and legislation along is to get rid of the filibuster, as undemocratic an excuse for paralysis as you will ever see. In practice, it has turned minorities into ruthless subverters of majority will.

The biggest objection to losing the filibuster is that if/when the rival party should take power, it could use the lack of a filibuster against the other. This is true, but it’s also just the point. The party in power should get to lead. If Republicans gain a majority through the election process, they should get to be in charge, just as Democrats should be now.

Caveat: That said, this only works if everyone gets to vote. Republicans are already at an advantage, given the large number of small, piss ant states with small populations but two senators, while D.C. has a larger population than at least two such states and leans Democrat, has none. If Republicans are allowed to suppress voters, it destroys the cornerstone of a democracy: one man one vote, and perverts the process.

Afghanistan: Remember this pile of rocks that was all anybody could talk about when President Biden pulled out and many thought it was a mistake and would lead to disaster? Well, we don’t hear much about it anymore except that the Taliban is finding is more difficult to govern than to terrorize.

Among the reasons I predicted there would be no great repercussions from leaving this pile of rocks is that I knew that as soon as we were gone, the Taliban would be far too busy with its new domestic issues than to have any time to think about us, let alone cause us mischief, which is just what is happening, thank you very much.

Worst state: At present, there are two nominally Democratic senators who are throwing sand on the Democrat’s tracks to fulfilling its agenda. One is from West Virginia and the other from Arizona, my own personal state of residence.

I don’t see much hope for Joe Manchin, the West Virginia senator. He represents a very red state. Worse, he is bought and paid for by the coal interests, which have less than no interest in the state’s citizens. Coal is how Manchin makes his money and gets his campaign donations. As for looking out for the average person in his state, it just isn’t happening. Manchin owns a yacht for crying out loud.

The Arizona senator – Kyrsten Sinema – is worse. She has sold out to rich donors too, not trusting the thin Democratic majority here. But worse, she doesn’t know what she’s doing or what she wants, but whatever it is, it’s not helping the citizens of Arizona.

Manchin is beyond my jurisdiction. West Virginia is not a worst state. Read Hillbilly Elegy and you’ll question whether it is a functioning state at all; just one big Deliverance. But Arizona is a worst state, and we get the cup this week, thanks to Sinema.

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