Football Thoughts – Week 10

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on November 18, 2021

College: Baylor beat my beloved Oklahoma Sooners convincingly, 27-14. That’s less than two touchdowns, but OU was never really in the game. We were out coached, out played and just beat. It’s hard if not impossible to see how we might get back into the hunt for the playoffs; we dropped to #12 in the rankings.

The last time OU lost as game in November was 2014. During those intervening seven years, OU typically hit its stride, won out, won the Big XII Championship game and went to the playoffs, often.

Though totally unexpected (we were ranked #2 preseason), something has been not right with this season’s team. Why? For one thing, we have had a quarterback controversy that absolutely no one saw coming. For another, our defense is playing with more effort, but still not very well. Penalties, missed tackles, confusion. Defensive deficiency is still not corrected.

Finally, maybe it’s just to be expected to have a clunker every seven years or so. We have had it pretty good all that time, just not good enough to beat a good team with a good defense in the playoffs.

NFL: Again this week, only one of the OU QB Amigos won. And again this week, it was Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles, who beat the Denver Broncos 30-13, the team that humiliated the Cowboys the week before. Hurts played well.

The Arizona Cardinals lost to the Carolina Panthers, about which more below, but Kyler Murray did not play so it doesn’t count for him one way or the other.

Baker Mayfield played when the Cleveland Browns were walloped by the New England Patriots 45-7, but he has been playing badly hurt and probably shouldn’t have been in the game at all; in fact, he was taken out in the second half.

A very interesting thing that happened this week is that two formidable, big-name players looking for a team, each found one, signed late in the week and played for a few snaps, probably all the plays they had time to learn.

The most interesting of these was Cam Newton, who returned to the Carolina Panthers. They put in a couple of plays for him in red zone situations, and on his first two touches, he ran for one touchdown and threw for another. Auspicious start.

Odell Beckham, Jr. landed with the L.A. Rams, which could be a very good fit and beneficial for both. LA eased OBJ back onto the field. He had three targets and caught one. I wish both of these players well.

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