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Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on December 2, 2021

College: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners’ season is over. After beating Iowa State, they played their last game against Oklahoma State and lost 37-33. This knocked them out of the Big XII championship game and any chance at the playoffs.

It’s embarrassing to say, but the Sooners completely collapsed in the second half. They took a nine-point lead and blew it. Poor tackling remains a problem, and Lincoln Riley has been a little pass happy the last couple of weeks.

To be clear, Oklahoma State has an excellent team, perhaps their best defense in years. But OU scored 33 points on them and still lost. What does that say about our defensive play?

There was even more drama shortly after the game when Lincoln Riley announced he was taking the USC job. I never thought he would leave OU, and I’m not sure why he did. But I have confidence that Joe Castiglione will find an able replacement, just like he found Bob Stoops. In the meantime, Big Name Bob will be the interim coach, which is appropriate because OU’s next game will be a bowl game.

It’s uncertain to which bowl OU will go, but if it’s the Fiesta Bowl, I may very well go.

Michigan State finally beat Ohio State, which I kind of expected. This will give the selection committee a bit of a migraine.

I’m expecting Houston to upset Cincinnati, but if it doesn’t happen, Cincinnati will deserve a shot at the playoffs, having gone undefeated, even though they have not played much competition, unless you consider Notre Dame competition, which I don’t much.

NFL: A sign you are highly intelligent is you can hold two opposing thoughts in your head at the same time. I must be highly intelligent, because I can think that 1) the Dallas Cowboys will win the NFL East, and that 2) they stink on ice.

Dallas lost to a mediocre Denver Broncos team 30-16, but it wasn’t that close. Denver led 30-0 through three quarters and Dallas scored to empty calorie touchdowns near the end of the.

Despite getting a safety and a recovered fumble run in for a touchdown, and the Ravens Quarterback’s four interceptions, Dallas lost a game they could and should have won to Baltimore in overtime 36-33, due to spectacularly bad defensive play and poor coaching decisions, including by the wunderkind OC Moore.

Penalties, miscues, poor coaching decisions, you name it. The defense seems to rely on two techniques: prostrate themselves in front of runners instead of tackling them, and then chasing after them after.

Still, Dallas has at least a two-game lead in the loss column against any other East opponent, so they should win the division.

It has not been a happy time for the OU QB Amigos. Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the New York Giants 7-13. Ouch! Arizona beat the Seahawks 23-13, but again Kyler Murray was not able to play. The win goes to Colt McCoy, his third win in Murray’s absence, Way to go, McCoy. And Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns lost to the Ravens 10-16. A loss is a loss, and Baker didn’t play great, but I cut him a little slack because he is trying to play while very injured. I don’t think he should have been on the field.

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