Football Thoughts – Week 13

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College: The regular football season for my beloved Oklahoma Sooners is over, with results far below expectations. #16 OU will play in the Alamo Bowl against #14 Oregon.

OU has owned Oregon, with the exception of the game in which the referees cheated us in 2006. The game is the only one played between the teams in Eugene, OR, and this cheat was so egregious, it turned a light on Oregon’s shenanigan in Eugene and caused serious reforms there. But I haven’t forgiven the Ducks for that game, and I hope we beat the brakes off of them

The Alamo Bowl is a second-tier bowl but a good one. It’s played in San Antonio, Texas, obviously, and one of the nicest things about this bowl is all the video shown of the city, which is one of my favorites.

Though OU is out of the playoff picture, there was plenty of drama and excitement this week in Norman emanating from Lincoln Riley’s departure to USC and the search for a new head coach. This had to be done quickly because we are right in the middle of recruitment season. The Sooners selected Brent Venables, former OU coach and defensive coordinator at Clemson, where his defenses have been spectacular.

I am ambivalent about this choice. Venables is an excellent defensive coordinator, arguably the best in the country. It was unfortunate that he left OU Clemson. Our defense has been mediocre to dreadful ever since. But Venables is unproven as a head coach. Of course, Bob Stoops was a defensive coordinator when Joe Castiglione found him.

I wish Venables all the best, but one option I would have considered is Carolina Panthers coach Matt Rhule. He resurrected the Baylor program amazingly before going to the pros. I was impressed by what he was able to do there.

The playoff field is set, and after a lot of machinations and miscues by the committee, and with two teams new to the party, they got it right. The final ranking is: #1 Alabama, #2 Michigan, #3 Georgia and #4 Cincinnati.

I’ve been a skeptic about Cincinnati all season, and I still am (they are a two- touchdown dog against the Tide), but they earned their way to this shot with a 13-0 record and a questionable “quality win” against Notre Dame.

NFL: The Dallas Cowboys beat the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans 27-17 and looked good doing it. Head coach Mike McCarthy tested positive for Covid-19 and so wasn’t at the game, which doubtless helped our chances.

The defense still doesn’t look playoff ready. But they get some key defensive players back from injury, which should help. Also, Kellen Moore called a poor game and reminded me why he is not what he is cracked up to be and far from OC ready, let alone a candidate for a head coaching job. Coaching is one of Dallas’ two major problems.

The results for the OU QB Amigos last week were a mixed bag. Kyler Murray returned from an injury and threw four touchdowns as the Cardinals beat the struggling Chicago Bears, 33-22.

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns lost 10-16 to the Baltimore Ravens. Beaten up as he is, Mayfield played pretty well, well enough to win this game, but his receivers betrayed him badly.

Jalen Hurts is injured and didn’t play in the game the Philadelphia Eagles won 33-18 against the pitiful New York Jets, so this game doesn’t count for him one way or the other.

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