Thoughts on Events the Week of December 6

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Housekeeping news: Effective January 1, 2022, my phone number and email address will change. I’m discontinuing my landline and switching everything to my smart phone, whose number is: (928) 273-9422. My new email address is: Although my conversion starts officially next year, you can use this new contact information now.

Bob Dole Died: As Republican politicians go, Dole was a garden variety of the old school. Like most Republicans, he was defined more by what he was against than what he was for. (Oddly, he supported what’s his name, the disgraced former president, early on, someone who is far from old school. This is a major disqualifier in my book.)

Dole served with distinction in WWII, and was severely wounded, losing the use of an arm. Serving in the military was almost a prerequisite to run for political office back then. Dole lost his presidential bid to Bill Clinton, who was far too smart to get involved in the Vietnam War. It must have galled him.

Dole was a major figure in the U.S. Senate for years. He tried to run for president three times, and when he finally won the nomination, he resigned from the Senate to run for president and after losing, never ran for public office again. I’m not sure he could have gotten elected to the Senate in Kentucky by then. I mean look at the nimrods who are senators there now.

My bottom line on Dole is that he was a hidebound conservative, and not up to the job of leading the nation, so he didn’t rise to the level of his incompetence, as the Peter Principle predicts, thanks to Clinton.

Stormy weather in the Midwest: The was an outbreak of severe storms and tornadoes over a large swath of Midwestern states that caused enormous destruction and loss of life.

Tornadoes are not uncommon there, but not at this time of year and certainly not this severe. (The town of Maysville, KY was leveled and more than 100 people killed there.) This is the result of global warming, pure and simple. You’d think people would catch on my now, but no. It’s too late anyway now, so what the hell?

Consistent with his character as an industrial strength pig part, Senator Rand Paul, Republican Senator from Kentucky, screamed for federal aid for his state. There would be nothing wrong with this, except Paul has opposed federal emergency assistance to many other states experiencing natural disasters. What a putz!

Worst state: Of all the worst states, one’s Covid-19 cases is spiking out of control. It’s Kansas, whose cases, per capita, far outpace the others. It’s Kansas. Guess which state gets the cup this week.

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