Football Thoughts – Week 14

Posted in Sports - football, mostly by EloiSVM42 on December 24, 2021

NFL: There were two spectacular fails over this weekend. First, the 10-3 Arizona Cardinals lost to the 1-11-1 Detroit Lions 30-12. This is simply inexcusable. The Cardinals were flat out terrible, including Kyler Murray. To give him a little slack, it was obvious that Murray is still hampered by his sprained ankle. He was run down twice by big defensive linemen, which wouldn’t otherwise happen.  But it’s still no excuse. This was a total team failure.

The defense was completely exposed. Keep in mind that the Cardinals head coach can’t even spell the word defense, let alone coach it. He has no business coaching an NFL team, and he wasn’t very good coaching a college one. Oklahoma sure didn’t fear him.

Jimmy Johnson had a couple of thoughts on this game that I thought were prescient, so I will paraphrase them here.

First, he said the Cardinals have been so bad for so long until recently, that they haven’t really learned how to win yet.

Second, he said his hardest coaching job was getting his teams ready to play bad teams. He said he didn’t need to get them up to play good teams. His teams knew they had to be ready to play those. The bad teams they were at risk of taking for granted and being upset.

This loss was costly. It dropped Phoenix way down the rankings, which you would think would be enough incentive to play well, but no.

Second, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were shut out by the New Orleans Saints 9-0. Tom Brady hasn’t been shut out since 2006, That’s 15 years! And Brady didn’t handle it well. He pouted and ranted and even walked across the field after the game to swear at one of the Saint’s coaches. Very un-sportsman-like.

The Cardinals are no longer my new favorite team. I’ve put up this shit from the Cowboys for years and I’m not going to put up with it from another group of underachievers until they get it together. I’m going back to the Cowboys because…

The Boys took care of business, beating the New York Giants 21-6. And they did it with a strong defense, essential in the playoffs. Of course, they have the same weakness as the Cardinals: coaching.

The OU QB Amigos were a mixed bag again this week. You know about Murray from above. Baker Mayfield didn’t play, so it doesn’t count against him one way or the other, except he’s missing a lot of games. Jalen Hurts scored two rushing touchdowns as the Eagles beat the Washington Redskins 27-17.

Hardly a week goes by when some sports commentator or columnist doesn’t ask if Hurts is their quarterback for the future, and almost every week, Hurts demonstrates that he is. Maybe this will finally shut some of them up.

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