Football Thoughts – Week 15

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NFL: Do I know how to jump back on a bandwagon timely, or what? The Cowboys had a great game, and the Cardinals did not. The Cowboys have clinched their division and the Cardinals are still struggling in theirs. As it stands, the Boys will have at least one home game in the playoffs.

The Cowboys annihilated the Washington Redskins 56-14. They scored about every way you can – run, pass, pass to an offensive tackle, pick six, fumble returned for touchdown, you name it. It was a complete game, plus luck.

The two most important takeaways from this game are: the defense played great, essential in a playoff run, and the Cowboys are peaking at the right time, and intangible that is important for a playoff run.

Another mixed bag for the OU QB three Amigos. Baker Mayfield did not play particularly well, though not nearly as badly as it looked, in a loss to the Green Bay Packers, 22-24. He was intercepted four times, and you can’t make those kinds and that many mistakes and hope to beat Aaron Rodgers.

However, two of the four were due to missed penalties, so obvious and so egregious, that the announcers were left humming and hawing and trying to say the refs stole the game without actually saying it. (The other two were on Baker.) That said, the Browns pressed the Packers to the wire. I still have hopes for them.

The Arizona Cardinals lost to the Colts 22-16, in a classic Cliff Kingsbury debacle. Get this: the Cardinals had two missed field goals and a missed extra point. Absent those, Kyler Murray would have won the game, despite their head coach. Likewise, if penalties were worth a point a piece (Arizona had 11 of them!), Arizona would have won by two scores. No discipline, another word, like defense, that Kingsbury can’t even spell.

It didn’t help that Carson Wentz chose this game to play perhaps the best game of his career. (Even so, I’m sure the Rams are more than happy with their switch of quarterbacks Wentz and Matthew Stafford.)

Historically, this is the time of year when Kingsbury coached teams – college and pros – swoon. After game six, Kingsbury’s teams have a disastrous losing record. As the playoffs near, the best players walk on water. Kingsbury passes water. Get rid of him, please.

And without DeAndre Hopkins, it’s hard to see the Cardinals going much further.

Now the good news: Jalen Hurts won again, as the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants 34-10. The Eagles play the Cowboys in Philly the last game of the regular season, and if there is still anything left for the Cowboys to play for, it could be a pretty good game.

Coming attractions: During the playoffs and/or immediately after the end of the season, I plan to write three essays on penalties, refereeing and the kicking game, not necessarily in that order.

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