Thoughts on Events Over the Holidays

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on January 10, 2022

In what is becoming a popular tradition for the holiday season, a number of Americans went out and shot somebody, or some bodies, randomly or with a purpose, young or old, even children.

When it comes to gun violence, America is somewhere in the middle of the pack, but there are enormous disparities, regionally. In New England, for instance, the rate of gun violence is extremely low, about the same as England, which is among the most civilized and peaceful places in the world.

However, in the south and west, our gun violence is on a par with the Middle East, which is not taking part in the trend toward civilized, peaceful behavior this time around. This averages out to, well, average.

In D.C., where true gun violence occurred a year ago, Republicans are saying what violence? And just wanting us to forget the whole thing so they can do it again.

Meanwhile, the saga of what’s his name, the disgraced former president, is playing out as I predicted: slow but inexecrable deterioration. He will not run in 2024. He will more likely be dead or in jail. But he will grift on it right up to the end and beyond. And I have to admit that as long as that many people are stupid enough to send him money, it’s hard to blame him.

I spent Christmas at the Tesuque Casino. Actually, it was the day after Christmas. The casino was closed on Christmas! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Me neither.

I plunked down $100, played for 41 minutes, picked up my $100 and left. And, as my father said whenever he broke even, “And I sure did need the money.” 😊   

Worst state: South Carolina is a poor piss ant of a worst state that doesn’t score high in terribleness all the time, except when Lindsay Graham speaks up, and recently, he’s been kind of silent.

However, if considered on a per capita basis, South Carolina is really, really, terrible, and through the holiday season, the state took the cup based on per capita increases in Covid-19 cases, outstripping all other worst states, and indeed the entire U.S. They get the cup, even without Graham’s help.

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