First Quarter Recap – 2022

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Overall, the first quarter of 2022 is about as woeful as any I can remember. Events were so depressing that I just couldn’t comment on them timely, so I decided to gather them up and create a quarterly recap.

It began in January when Stephen Breyer announced his intention to retire. This triggered another unseemly partisan nomination battle, a particularly disgusting one, even by recent standards.

President Biden had previously announced his commitment to nominate a black female justice to the court with his first appointment. Republicans pounced on his nominee even before he named one. So, at that point, Republican politicians could only have objected to her for being a woman or a nigger, for that is how these disgusting people think.

In the end, Biden nominated Katanji Brown Jackson, a truly outstanding jurist with experience unique to the Supreme Court, having been a public defender. Republicans smeared her viciously for defending criminals, though we know what they were truly smearing her for. She was ultimately confirmed.

In February, Russia declared war on the Ukraine, the memory of their debacle in Afghanistan apparently having been forgotten. I call Russia’s President, Vladmir Putin, Yesterday’s Man, because he longs to return to the old Soviet empire when Russia dominated and intimidated its neighbors by force. The only way this sorry lot could build an empire is by beating up on smaller neighbors.

In a way, Putin is succeeding in his dream. He’s taking us back to the cold war era, where Russia oppresses its neighbors, we contain him and support his neighbors by proxy until Russia self-destructs, again.

Russia is greatly diminished since the Soviet days. It’s a third world country with nukes and a nut for a leader. Though it must be said that Russians seem to want or need a tyrant standing on their necks, this one is all on Putin, Yesterday’s Man.

The difference between now and then is that Ukraine has seen this movie and doesn’t want anything to do with it. They are resisting and getting a lot of support from the west. It’s amazing the difference between an incompetent bully of a country and a highly motivated one fighting for its life. I think I’ll take the Ukrainians in this dustup, and I hope Putin loses his ass and his job over it.

In March, we had the Oscars. I was only watching with one eye, so when Will Smith struck Chris Rock, it took me a moment to absorb what had happened: black on black violent crime on live national television. Not the movie kind of violence; real physical violence, the kind we are preaching to our kids not to engage in. Bad role modeling, Smith.

I’m upset about this assault for a number of reasons. First, Smith was on the top tier of my favorite actors, and now I will never watch another of his movies, or whatever he does going forward.

Second, I don’t agree with how Chris Rock handled it. I would have filed a police complaint and sued Smith’s ass off. I’m sure Rock is tight with that community, and he had incentives to handle it gracefully, as he did. But Smith’s assault was not just an assault on Rock but on comedians everywhere, with a potentially chilling effect on comedy.  I would argue that Rock had an obligation to think of them as well.

Another disappointment is how the Academy handled this, which is to say dithered and did nothing meaningful. This is another example of why so many are so disgusted with our so-called elites. They dither when there is serious work to be done or decisions to be made.

But my biggest objection, is that it was a joke! It was a good joke. It was a funny joke! If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t be in show business.

Amid all the turmoil over the last election and the threat to our democracy from voter suppression, Congress was unable to pass voting rights legislation, because one of our two parties finds democracy an impediment to holding power.

In my view, democracy is our chosen form of government, and preserving the vote is more important than any other of the Biden administration’s agenda items. The fact that we couldn’t get it done speaks volumes to me about our long-term future.

The Republican National Committee is sanctioning two Republican Representatives just for participating in the January 6 inquiry committee, claiming it was just “legitimate political discourse.” This is a stunning preference of insurrection over the rule of law for a major political party in a democracy.

Sudden thought: I suppose if we are a democracy, we can vote not to be one. But it would be necessary for everyone to be able to vote for it to be fair and free.

In retrospect, we should have known that inflation would follow what’s his name, the disgraced former president’s administration’s massive tax cuts that gave billions to the rich, and the Biden administration’s massive response to Covid and its infrastructure bill efforts. We were naïve to think inflation wouldn’t follow and we should have acted sooner to correct it.  

Worst state: All of the worst states acted abominably during this quarter, but Texas was easily the worst of them all. Absolutely every responsible state and federal official  disgraced him or herself, beginning with Governor Abbott and working all the way down. They get the cup and may they choke on it.

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