Thoughts on Events the Week of January 9

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Words, like elections, have consequences: President-elect Donald J. trump is nearing the time when his words will have weight and authority. I am eager for that time. I want him to speak, or tweet, officially so we will know what he really means, or may learn that he can’t say things he doesn’t mean, or speak off the top of his head, without consequences. He will be judged by his words and actions come January 20.

Meanwhile, his cabinet nominations are being rushed through the “advice and consent” process in the Senate at an unseemly pace. As I have written previously, I think a president, absent obvious disqualifications, should get to have the lieutenants he or she wants. For the Senate to do its duty, however, requires more effort than is being given to this responsibility. This is bad, but if conflicts, scandals or incompetence come out about Ponzi Don’s choices after a rush to confirm, he, and the Senate will share the shame, and deservedly so.

All that said, I’m pretty sure that, based on his campaign, his tweeting and his unofficial comments, our adversaries and allies already have a pretty clear, though unofficial idea of what they will be dealing with: egomaniac, misogynist, extremely thin skinned, pathologically venal, cannot resist taking the bait about anything, and capable of crude and vicious treatment of anyone or any criticism, however innocuous.

Comey:  Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, FBI Director James Comey was asked by Senator Angus King (I-ME) whether the FBI is investing possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. In his fumbling response, Comey said of the FBI, “We never confirm or deny a pending investigation.”

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, you could see on his face that Comey realized what he had said, how it was going to sound and what was going to happen next. Sure enough, King observed politely that is was ironic that Comey was saying that now, since he had commented publicly, and on three separate occasions, at least once with condemnation absent facts, on Hillary Clinton’s investigation, which, I believe, is what cost her the election. It shouldn’t have; she was absolved. But the media had so over-hyped the importance of Clinton’s innocuous emails, that rumor and speculation from the FBI was fatal.

Comey allies continue to say that Comey wasn’t trying to destroy Clinton, but only trying to protect his reputation. Well, that ship has sailed. Comey will go down with J. Edgar Hoover as smarmy FBI scum, deliberate destroyer of careers and lives. I doubt anyone much cared, though they should, what Russia is doing, but the FBI? That’s a whole different story. Comey screwed us all.

Ponzi Don wet his bed (or vice versa) Well, he wasn’t in bed with an 11 year boy and a goat, as I forecast, but I may have been close. Apparently, Ponzi Don has a bladder control problem in the presence of hookers, or the other way around, which may have been caught on tape by the Russians. If so, Putin will be able to swing Ponzi Don around by his short and curlies.

Football: For the last decade, it has been painful to be a Dallas Cowboy fan. When they were bad, they were horrid. When they were good, the best they could manage was one and done heartbreak. The biggest problem all along has been coaching. It happened again Sunday night. In what may have been the best game this NFL season, the one and done Cowboys, number one seed in the NFC and favored by five points, lost a thriller to Green Bay thanks to poor Cowboy’s coaching and some last second heroics by Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

It was a terrific game. The Cowboys players came to play; sadly, the coaching staff did too, and managed to lose the game in the first quarter with three disastrous coaching decisions that cost Dallas points and assisted Green Bay to some.

Admittedly, one of those three errors was a judgement call, but one that shouldn’t have been made in the circumstances. The Cowboys said their game plan was to run the ball to keep Rodgers off the field and wear down the Packers’ defensive line. However, with third and two at the Green Bay 30ish, having had success running the ball with Zeke Elliott, and opening up the defense for short passes, the Cowboys threw a long pass into the end zone that didn’t connect. Dallas should have run the ball for the first down, or at least thrown a short pass to keep the drive going. But with that long shot, the Cowboys had to settle for a field goal.

The other two errors are not debatable; they should never have happened. Rodgers caught Dallas with 12 men on the field during a substitution, which kept a Packers drive alive. Rodgers is famous for this. I know it, you know it. Dallas knows it. They talked about having changed their substitution strategy to avoid it. But they still let it happen. (I hate this coaching staff.)

Worse, after a 22 yard first down pass, Dallas was called for un-sportsman-like conduct when the coaches sent a player into the huddle and then called him back without his participating in a play. It was a 15 yard penalty, a total loss of 37 yards, and the end of a drive. I didn’t even know there was such an infraction, only a five yard illegal substitution rule, but the Cowboys coaching staff should have known. Jesus!

By early in the second quarter, the Cowboys were deep in a 21-3 hole, but managed to claw back to a 28-28 tie.

To be clear, after that first quarter, the Packers, thanks to Rodgers, won the game fair and square. Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league, better even than Tom Brady. Brady is great too, but the difference is that Brady has a great coach and a great organization behind him. Rodgers carries his whole team, coaching staff and organization on his shoulders. In fact, when things are falling apart, he is at his heartbreaking best.

So, congratulations to the Packers, and I say again, until the Cowboys fire Jason Garrett and get a better coach, they are going to be one and done.

Water: We have had rain and/or snow at least once a week all winter. Amazing and unprecedented.

Status of the States: I’m giving the cup to Kansas this week, because my baby sister lives there, and she calls me to rail about Kansas’, or the nation’s miserable governments. She called this week so upset about the president-elect that I found myself assuring her that things wouldn’t be as bad as she fears, something I don’t believe for an instant.

Coming Attractions: This Week – Year-end musings.

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  1. Bob Keller said, on January 19, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Happy New Year!

    I have come to enjoy Donald Trump’s Tweets and actually look forward to them. He has changed the way we communicate with our President forever. Good, bad, outrageous or inspired, this President knows how to use the bully pulpit.

    I expect no changes after he is inaugurated.

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