Thoughts on Events the Week of February 20

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National Security: President Donald J. Trump rails constantly about the great dangers threatening us and assures us that he is the only one who can keep us safe. This is a canard. First, he grossly overstates the level of our security risk, which is, objectively, quite small. Second, he deliberately misidentifies who our true security threats are, to stir up fear, apprehension and xenophobia.

Enemy of the People: I am not a fan of the American press these days, but it turns out that Ponzi Don’s calling the press the “enemy of the American people” may be Ponzi’s biggest and worst lie. His accusations of “fake news,” which are lies and he knows it, are unhelpful to our democracy.  This so called enemy of the American people is the best friend the American people have these days.

For the record, I know of only two reporters, at least in this country, ever exposed for creating genuinely fake news in a credible, mainstream news organization – Stephen Glass for The New Republic and Jason Blair for The New York Times.

Both reporters were fired on the spot when they were discovered, both events were considered serious scandals, and both publications suffered shame, embarrassment and personnel upheaval for letting it happen.

The scandal so impacted the discredited reporters’ lives that Glass, having gone to law school after he was fired from TNR, withdrew his application to the New York Bar because he knew he would not be accepted based on his journalistic malfeasance. He is now a paralegal. Blair is a personal life coach, whatever the hell that is.

Both of these odious transgressions occurred in the early 2000s, evidence that reputable reporters faking the news are about as rare as voter frauds. If reporters are faking news today, there would be a much larger squawk about it, and more people would be screaming about it than just Ponzi Don.

Apocalypse: The president’s senior strategist – Steve Bannon – is said to have an apocalyptic worldview. I know two things about apocalypse: those who predict it always try to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy, as Bannon is clearly doing with his advice to Ponzi Don, and yet the apocalypse never happens.

Nature may visit an apocalypse on humans one day, but humans are too puny to completely obliterate ourselves. Nature has already and often done more damage to Earth than what we might be capable of. But, remember this about Nature. Short of a cosmic demise, Nature is determined that life survive on Earth, but indifferent as to what species.

Human Resources: Pundits fret about the personnel shortage in the Executive Branch. In broad numbers, there are more than 500 senior positions that require Senate confirmation, and so far, only a few more than a dozen have been confirmed. Ponzi Don isn’t concerned about this, I believe, because he doesn’t intend to listen to any of them anyway. Remember his smart brain?

Darrell Issa: The Republican U.S. Representative from the 49th District of California stunned me when he called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from investigating the possible connections between Russia and the Trump administration, and to appoint a special prosecutor.

Issa is a very conservative representative from a very conservative district. Until now, he has never done a single thing with which I agree, and many things I abhor. I won’t second guess his motives, which probably have something to do with his constituents being no fans of Russia. I’ll just say Bravo, Representative Issa.

Sudden Thoughts: “Clothes” is the only plural noun I can think of right off hand that doesn’t have a singular. Cloth is not clothing, clothe is a verb. Clothing is also plural, unless you say “piece of clothing, in which case you are not using the word clothes. Can you think of another?

Also, “Negative Impact” is a double negative if you use the word “impact” correctly.

Status of the States: Alabama gets the cup for the second week in a row, because its smarmy erstwhile Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions refused to recuse himself from investigating possible contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign, even though he was a member of the campaign team at the time (see Darrell Issa, above). What a slime ball!

Coming Attractions: My thoughts on the Obama presidency, and thoughts on our divided nation.

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