Thoughts on Events the Week of Febrary 26

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on March 7, 2017

It was all Trump all week. Ponzi Don doesn’t just take up all the air. He is the air. Only, it’s like the air in Beijing: toxic, eye watering and impossible to avoid.

President Donald J. Trump’s Report Card:  Ponzi Don read a written speech to a joint session of Congress. In a self-assessment of his performance to date, he gave himself an A for Achievement and a C for Messaging. I give him an A for Messaging, an A for Consistency – his latest speech included the same disgusting themes as all his previous ones – and for Achievement, an Incomplete.

Among Ponzi’s achievements, the only two that stand out are approving two pipelines, one of which the Obama administration had also approved, and rounding up illegal immigrants with criminal records, something the Obama administration was doing so aggressively that they were criticized for it.

The change to Ponzi’s immigration order, and it is a vile one, is that he expanded the net, with the result many long time, hard-working, tax paying de facto residents (at least some of whom are parents of American citizens and Dreamers, are being deported and torn from their families. Heartless.

Ponzi’s other “achievements” have been embarrassments (political appointment firings, refusals and withdrawals), stayed (Muslim ban), aspirational only (tweets and letters of intent to do something in the future), and misdeeds (everything having to do with Russia and just about everything else).

So far, Ponzi has achieved very little, other than to learn that he shares power with the Judicial Branch. Someday, perhaps, he will learn about sharing power with the Legislative Branch, which is where actual governing occurs, and which he will find to be much more challenging. I will be interested to see how Ponzi grades himself, and how the voters grade him after he begins the actual work of governing.

Speaking of Failures: The Yemen misadventure certainly qualifies. No objective of importance was accomplished, an American soldier and a number of civilians were killed and a $75 million dollar plane was lost, i.e. a complete mission failure, for which Ponzi Don blames Obama and the “military.”

Sorry, Ponzi, it doesn’t work that way for you anymore, as I warned you in a recent blog. The mission occurred on your watch. You gave the Go order. This was your call, your responsibility and your failure. How does it feel to have the blood of an American soldier on your hands, you sociopath?

And I don’t think the “military” is going to appreciate your blaming them for a failed mission you OK’d over dinner without benefit of sufficient input.

And don’t think you can duck responsibility by passing future mission responsibility to the military without your Go order. In fact, I hope, and rather expect, that after the Yemen fiasco, they will refuse to undertake any mission without your express, written orders. Orders are sort of like the contracts and leases you sign and break, only non-negotiable.

Wake up and smell the responsibility, you narcissist.

Healthcare is hard. Who knew?: Ponzi Don said, in public, on tape, when discussing the “repeal and replacement” of Obamacare, that “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” As Stephen Colbert understated with a wry smile, “Some people knew.” In fact, everybody knew except, apparently, Ponzi.

And for my next acting out: Ponzi Don ended the week, perhaps thinking he is still campaigning and can say anything with impunity, claimed that President Barak Obama had wiretapped his phone in Trump Tower during the campaign. If this is untrue, which it is, Trump has libeled the former president. The statement is untrue. Trump knows it to be untrue, or made no reasonable effort to confirm it (falling back on a story n Breitbart news doesn’t count), plus Obama is no longer a public figure in the legal sense.

It’s doubtful that Obama, an actual serious grown up, will sue Ponzi for libel, even though many before him have done so successfully….Except that, if he should win, Obama might be able to  force Ponzi’s tax records into the public with which to establish damages. I’m sure sayin’.

Sudden Thought: I heard a medical professional characterize Ponzi Don as a “paranoid, sociopathic narcissist,” and it sounded about right.

The Oscars: Apparently, the Trump presidency’s incompetence has infected PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

February: We ran flat out of this month. It was in relatively short supply anyway, so we had to move on to March. It has been a wet, cold winter here in the high desert. We should have a very lush spring.

Status of the States: The worst state cup cannot be retired by winning it three weeks in a row, which is fortunate, because the antics of Alabama’s favorite son, Jefferson Beauregard “Segregationist” Sessions III have won Alabama the trophy yet again.

Sessions lied to a Senate committee about connections with Russians (are you starting to see a trend here?), and may have perjured himself in the process. Since he may become a target of an investigation about Russian connections, even he agrees he must recuse himself from the investigation. Good thinking, Beauregard.

As I understand it, after people testify before a Senate committee, they are given a written transcript of their testimony and an opportunity to correct or re-consider answers. Beauregard had the chance to undo his lies and didn’t.

Question: What is the difference between Benghazi and Russia?

Answer: Evidence.

That Ponzi! You’ve got to love this about the guy: he surrounds himself with such smarmy miscreants, whose misdeeds, and just disgusting behavior, tie up the news to the point Ponzi can’t get anything done. Since everything Ponzi Don wants to do I oppose, except for the fact we have so many unfit people at the top of our government, I find this both fortunate, even delicious.

Coming Attractions: My thoughts on the Obama presidency, and thoughts on our divided nation.

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  1. George Brose said, on March 8, 2017 at 7:45 am

    The scariest thought is that the two wackiest leaders in the world, Kim Jong Un and POTUS are moving toward a confrontation that could be absolutely devastating to anyone downwind of North Korea, firstly Japan, then Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Umbrella factories in Tokyo will need to step up production to ward off nuclear fallout.

    Is anyone charting the POTUS mood swings? It would be interesting to see the peaks and valleys correlated to phases of the moon. This guy is certifiable. How long can he continue on a couple hours sleep each night unless he is using stimulants? Didn’t the Nazis keep Hitler stuffed with drugs? News flash. Meth lab found in White House office vacated by CNN. Eloi, another option you have not mentioned is a military coup d’etat. If the soldier boys get hung out to dry too often, you never know.

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