Thoughts on Events the Week of April 10

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Bombs Away: President Trump got so excited firing missiles at Syria that he wanted to do it again. You can almost hear the conversation in the Situation Room.

Trump: Damn that was fun, dropping bombs on those guys.

General: Those were missiles, Mr. President.

Trump: And my approval rating went up.

General: This is America, Mr.  President.

Trump: Can I bomb somebody else?

General: Er, yes, Sir.

Trump: Can it be with real bombs this time?

General: Yes, Sir.

Trump: Can it be with a real big one? I want a real big one.

General: Yes, Mr. President.

Trump: I’ll leave the details to you.

General: Thank you, Mr. President.

“Gypsies, tramps and thieves:” The Trump family are as a band of Gypsies who have, trusting no one but their own family, swooped into town to steal everything they can get their hands on, and then move on.

One thing is certain, as one after another Trump joins the administration, any claim that Ponzi Don has separated his governmental responsibilities and his family business interests is nonsense. This is probably what will trip him up, ultimately.

Ryancare: A recent poll indicates that Ponzi Don’s base blames Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for the Repeal and Replace Obamacare disaster, and not the president. This is as it should be. Ryan crafted the dog’s dinner of a bill that everyone but him found disgusting. Ponzi never really bought into it, as that would take time and thought.

What Ponzi Don did do is promise his voters healthcare that would be cheaper, better and cover everybody (Ryan never promised that). So, we’re still waiting for Ponzi Don’s bill.

It would be delicious irony if Ponzi were to work with Democrats and reform Obamacare to evolve into Medicare or Medicaid for everyone (at least his base and he wouldn’t have to hear it called Obamacare anymore), or at least include a public option.

Trump’s Policies, Strategies, Priorities. You’ve got to be kidding: Everyone is trying to discern Ponzi Don’s thinking. There is none. A recent example of how little thought goes into Ponzi Don’s agenda, and how bereft it is actual thought: Ponzi created a commission (a Washington political euphemism meaning to push it to the back burner and hope everyone forgets about it) to study how to combat the opioid addiction epidemic. He even appointed a chairman – Chris Christie. All well and good, I suppose; I don’t know much about this issue.

However, the House healthcare bill, had it passed, would have gutted all the resources with which to deal with the epidemic. His budget proposal would do the same.  Ponzi is incapable of intellectual consistency, which requires a willingness and ability to juxtapose ideas. You can’t hope to juxtapose ideas if you have only impulses.

Pence: There is one very important lie floating around that I want to be sure doesn’t get lost in the myriad of distractions being thrown up about the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia. If Trump should fall over this, the next in line is Vice President Mike Pence, but he is into the Russian connection scandal up to his neck and lying through his teeth about it.

Ponzi gave the lame excuse for firing Michael Flynn that he misled Pence about having connections to foreign governments Russia and Turkey. This is a canard. Pence already knew about Flynn. He probably knew before anyone in the administration.

Pence was head of the transition committee when the intelligence community informed it about Flynn. The letter would have gone directly to Pence, or he sure as hell would have known about it. Yet he took no action about Flynn, just like Ponzi punted or stalled. But Pence knew, so he can’t claim to be surprised or disappointed by Flynn’s for lying to him.

Diary Entry: Rita Rudner performed here Saturday night, and she put on a delightful stand-up comedy act. We’ve seen her before, and she is always funny. She is especially good with running gags, which pop up throughout her performance.

Status of the States: I suspected last week that Alabama would win the cup this week, and I was right. It was an easy guess. Alabama’s Governor Bentley, already in deep, deep political and legal doo doo, pleaded guilty to using public resources to pursue an affair with a former aide then resigned to avoid being impeached. Have you seen this guy? Who would have sex with him if money weren’t involve?

 Coming Attractions: My thoughts on the Obama presidency, and thoughts on our divided nation.

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