Thoughts on Events the Week of May 8

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Sally Yates: Hurled some testimonial truth at the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, which scorched Michal Flynn and threw shade on just about everyone in the Trump administration. There was no contradicting her either; she has the tapes, and they know it. Instead, some Republican members tried to imply she is partisan and possibly a leaker. She shut that down emphatically.

Have you ever noticed how pasty white guy senators behave around competent, confident women? They’re terrified of them.

President Trump Fired James Comey: For what reason is still a question blowing in the wind, but gone he is. Comey deserved to be fired. He sabotaged a U.S. presidential election. Had he been fired on the spot when he should have been last July, we wouldn’t have to be going through all this.

It is academic why Ponzi Don fired Comey now; he has the authority; Comey deserved it. It’s odd, however, that Ponzi (first) cited reasons for firing Comey for which he had praised him in the past. Perhaps it dawned on Ponzi that if Comey could do that to Clinton, he could do it to him. I have my theory; everyone seems to have one. But, as I say, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that with Comey’s firing, all three of the investigations into the possible connection between Ponzi’s campaign and Russia are now compromised in some way. Even if one, or even all of the investigations were able to right themselves and investigate responsibility, there might never be the public acceptance necessary to bring the issue to closure.

We need an independent investigation with lots of resources, subpoena power, and a leader with a serious hard on for the truth. So, who’s going to step up? If no one else will, it will be up to the media, which has been working hard to redeem itself from its utter failure during the campaign. Given the Comey firing – he was popular with the FBI – and Ponzi’s lying early and often to everyone, including his own staff, I suspect the media will get a lot of help from leakers. As with Mother Nature, it’s not smart to screw with the FBI.

Sudden thought: Archibald Cox

Military Distractions: Leaders of many countries often try to distract attention from their ineptitude by doing something militarily, which appeals to public patriotism. Ponzi Don, who is always under fire, announced that he may send some 3,600 more troops to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a useless pile of rocks, if that’s not being redundant. This is an insane idea on a scale with, well, Ponzi’s other ideas.

On the other hand, Ponzi also said he is planning to give the Kurds military equipment so they can participate in the battle to retake Raqqa, the self-proclaimed capital of ISIL in Syria, which will piss off Turkey royally. This is actually the first thing that Ponzi’s administration has done that diverges from Obama administration policies, which makes some logical sense.

The Kurds are the only people in the region who are our friends, and they have been loyal to the U.S., even after their betrayal by George H.W. Bush. They are good fighters, and they are one of the parties who will ultimately end up with chunks of Syria and Iraq, and probably some of Turkey, to form their own country. Even more important, this requires no more of our troops.

South Korea: As expected, elected Moon Jae-in President. I think we should pay close attention to this. Moon is a reformer and serious social activist, a comparative liberal in a conservative country. He has been unimpressed with American policy since George W. Bush shut down diplomacy with North Korea. He favors improving relations with North Korea and creating some space between South Korea and America. Having watched Ponzi Don, who can blame him?

China is doubtless happy with the outcome of this election. While Ponzi is playing footsie with second rate Russia, and threatening our own allies, including South Korea, China is taking over the center stage Ponzi so much covets. Moon seems unlikely to be intimidated by Ponzi. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Status of the States: I was going to let all the states off the hook again this week, but Texas forced my hand. The two Texas U.S. Senators – Cornyn and Cruz, tried to discredit Sally Yates as a partisan hack and possible leaker, for which their state earned the cup. It was delicious, I must say, to watch how Yates slapped them around and sent them both home crying for their mamas. Speaking  of whom, Happy Mother’s Day.

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