Thoughts on Events the Week of July 31

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on August 11, 2017

President Trump: Ponzi Don has left Washington to spend 17 days at his golf resort in New Jersey. Having complained every time President Obama took a vacation, Ponzi claims this isn’t actually one. The man just can’t tell the truth even about the most innocuous subject. But what if he is actually telling the truth, and is undergoing social media rehab? Is there such a thing as Twitter withdrawal?

Congress: has recessed, sort of, but is staying in session technically to prevent Ponzi from making any recess appointments. What childishness, unheard of until McConnell declared total obstruction of President Obama in 2009.

Congress will be away for five weeks to avoid having to do any more failing. It is astounding how little these people work at our expense. All members and senators may not enjoy their vacations this fall, though. They’ve got some explaining to do to their constituents.

Given these absences from the national stage, I may become more casual about my own posting as well. There are, after all, things in life beyond criticizing our government. Though I don’t do it ordinarily, I may even watch some preseason NFL football.

Football: Some glimmers of light are shining over the dark ridge of the mountain of despair and longing that is football’s off-season. The Oklahoma Sooners have begun fall practice and the Dallas Cowboys have even played a preseason game, or which I watched about five minutes. ESPN said the Cowboys won, as if anyone familiar with professional football even keep score of preseason games.

Sudden Thought: In a perfect world, things can go perfectly wrong.

Status of the States: None of the worst states are not worth the powder to blow up, but let’s see how they each treats its congresspersons and senators during the recess. The one whose legislators get off easiest wins the cup. Meanwhile, I’m washing my hands of them all for a month.


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