Thoughts on Events the Week of August 7

Posted in Uncategorized by EloiSVM42 on August 19, 2017

North Korea: Two pouty little bully boys stood on either side of a line drawn in the dirt between them, threatening what they would do to the other if he dared cross over the line. For all the bluster and taunting, neither one of them would dare cross the line.

I’ve seen this scene in elementary school playgrounds countless times, and on a cable network news program last evening between presidents Un and Trump. The school yard antagonists looked more menacing and serious. The presidents looked absurd.

White Supremacist Rally: It was shocking, shocking to see a white racist march in the south get out of hand. Ponzi Don said nothing meaningful about it, and many have criticized him for not condemning the violence and urged him to do so. It doesn’t matter. Ponzi’s base doesn’t care when he is lying about anything, and they certainly wouldn’t care if he had condemned the violence, knowing that he would be lying if he did. Ponzi is that kind of a guy.

Diary Entry: Cynthia went to Phoenix for a day of medical tests on Wednesday and won’t be back home until Tuesday. The doctors read the results, threw her in the hospital on the spot, and cut open her skull to remove a marble-sized tumor from her brain the very next day. Unsettling stuff.

It’s gone now (the tumor, not her brain), and she is fine, but there are some hangover effects from having your brain rattled from the inside, and she will undergo various physical, occupational and speech therapies here at home for a few weeks.

Status of the States: Alabama gets the cup because of the three sorry candidates in the Republican primary to replace Senator, now Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. One of these un-worthies will doubtless win the seat eventually, and when he does, Alabama will win the cup again.

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