Thoughts on Events the Week of August 28

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Our Dreamers: I say our Dreamers, because these approximately 800,000 young men and women, boys and girls who were brought here by their parents, who entered the U.S. illegally, are about as American as it is possible to be. Like the children on the Mayflower, they arrived with their parents to our shores without citizenship so their parents could begin a new life, and they have lived here for years, peacefully.

President Obama, through executive order – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – has allowed Dreamers to stay, and since DACA came into force, Dreamers have also lived securely and productively. They have gone to school, gotten jobs, paid taxes, served in the military and otherwise improved themselves.  On the whole, they have become model citizens. (One Dreamer even perished saving others during Hurricane Harvey.)

President Donald J. Trump wants to send all the Dreamers home, though they are already living in the only home they have known, some for many years. He has been tormenting Dreamers, and titillating his xenophobic base, about this since during the campaign. He will announce his “decision” next week.

As of this writing, the reporting is that Ponzi will announce an end to DACA, with a six month delay to give Congress an opportunity to act. That way, he will be able to declare it a campaign promise fulfilled and stick Congress with the responsibility. This may work, but it leaves these DACA children dangling.

Sometimes I criticize Ponzi Don for his heartless or selfish or incompetent actions, and sometimes I just want to smack him upside the head. This is one of those times.

North Korea: North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jung Un keeps working on nuclear weapons capability and insulting Ponzi Don, while Ponzi keeps threatening to use our nuclear capability and insulting Un, like a couple of childish schoolyard bullies, each without the slightest intention of actually fighting. It’s ludicrous.

Think about it. We all know what is going to happen here. Out of the few really lousy choices, we are going to live with a nuclear armed North Korea, just as we live with a nuclear armed Pakistan, unless or until China can be persuaded to do something about it.

Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners looked stronger than a bear’s breath beating UTEP, an admittedly overmatched foe, in Norman. But the Sooners looked crisp in execution at least two deep, boding well for the future. New Sooner Head Coach Lincoln Riley played lots of people, which was really smart, in my view. The game against Ohio State in Columbus next weekend should be a dilly.

But there was arguably a better football story coming out of Dallas, regarding my also beloved Cowboys. The teams cancelled the scheduled game between Dallas and Houston so the Texans could return to Houston to be with their families during Hurricane Harvey.

Ever the marketing and promotion genius, Cowboy owner Jerry Jones turned Thursday evening into a telethon to raise money for Harvey relief, throwing in a million dollars from the Cowboy organization (a real million dollars, Ponzi Don, not a specious promise), and raised another $1.3 million in call-in contributions. (The Jones family had already thrown in a $100,000 on their own.)

This shows why Dallas is America’s team, why Jones is the best NFL owner, why Texas is Texas, and why Ponzi Don is such a failure. (I just threw that last one in gratuitously.)

On the downside of Big XII college football, the University of Texas Longhorns looked like a dog’s dinner losing to Maryland 51-41. (But who’s counting? Answer: Sooner fans!) It will be a somber week in Dallas and Austin, I expect.

Status of the States: Texas is the worst state for putting such a sorry football team on the field, but also the best state, along with all the other states, for how it, and we, are responding to Hurricane Harvey.

Coming Attractions: This week, a review of Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance.

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