Thoughts on Events the Week of September 4

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That’s our boy: President Trump pulled the Oval Office rug out from under Republican Congressional leadership not once but twice this week, begging questions, such as: what the hell he is thinking? Is he thinking? Does he even know how to think? To answer these questions, we must discern his motives.

First, as forecast, Ponzi pretended to repeal DACA, but delayed implementation for six months, giving Congress time to come up with a legislative solution. A not unreasonable approach, but one that allows him to claim to have done something, yet pushes all the responsibility somewhere else. Classic Ponzi.

You’ll notice, Ponzi Don didn’t even make the announcement himself. He sent Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to do the dirty work, which was also actually not a bad move. Sessions is the biggest xenophobe in Washington, so he probably had a boner behind the lectern while delivering the news. (Note: this is the same Ponzi who denied Catholic Sean Spicer from meeting the Pope, but let Sessions deliver the DACA bad news.)

Shortly thereafter, however, Ponzi pulled the rug out from Republicans in all branches by saying that if Congress wouldn’t fix DACA, he would, begging the question: what does that even mean?

Was there a motive? I don’t know. Maybe even Ponzi realized he had done something, finally, that didn’t sit well with pretty much anyone, even some reasonably sane members of his own base, so he had to backtrack.

Weirder yet, in a meeting with Congressional leaders of both parties to discuss the possibility of addressing three pressing issues – hurricane relief, a continuing resolution and debt ceiling increase – Ponzi stunned his fellow Republican leaders, and especially his Secretary of the Treasury, who he cut off in mid-sentence, and sided with the Democrats on all points. (The may have needed to clean the Oval Office rug after that one; surely more than one Republican present peed on it in surprise.)

In this case, there are a number of possible motives. Most likely, Ponzi had a tee-off time and didn’t want to miss it, so he took the quick out. Possibly, he was pissed at Republican Congressional leadership for being so incompetent; they are. Possibly, he decided he could work better with Democrats than Republicans because the Republicans are so divided they can’t agree on gravity. And just possibly, the meeting lasted so long that, with Ponzi’s short attention span, he lost track of which position was held by which Party and took a (wrong) guess.

Football: My beloved Oklahoma Sooners achieved a “quality win” against Ohio State in Columbus Saturday by score of 31-16.

“Quality win” in this case is a euphemism for OU opened up a big can of whup-ass on the Buckeyes in OSU’s stadium in front of 109,000 of their loyal fans. Well, there were 109,000 when the game started. By the end, there were only a couple dozen.

So, OU outscored Ohio State by more than two touchdowns, which covered the spread, since Ohio State was favored by seven and a half points!

I thought OU could win this game, but I also thought they could lose it. Make no mistake: these are two excellent teams from great programs. The hype obviously favored the #2 ranked Buckeyes over the #5 ranked Sooners, but the logic just didn’t add up.

OSU’s quarterback J.T. Barrett and OU’s quarterback Baker Mayfield had similar stats during their first games this season, over admittedly overmatched foes, but Mayfield only played for one half last week! Fine as Barrett is, the Sooners have the better quarterback, perhaps the best in college football, and OSU’s weak spot is their defensive secondary. It made sense Mayfield would light it up, and he did.

In Dallas Sunday night, my also beloved Cowboys beat the New York Giants, 19-3 in a mostly defensive battle, which is a good thing. Dallas’s defense has question marks, but they looked pretty good this night. Dak Prescott looked like he was experiencing some Sophomore Blues (Zeek Elliott did not), being frequently a little off target. Perhaps the game indicates Dallas can stay in them based on defense if the need should arrive.

Status of the States: When OU and Dallas win in the same weekend, I don’t pay much attention to states’ sorry governance. Besides, there was a hurricane to follow, again.

Coming Attractions: I wasn’t able to finish my review of Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance. Almost finished. This week for sure.

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